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Divination for the Christmas holidays


Christmas at our ancestors was always revered as a significant event. But before him, people were engaged not only in drawing up a festive menu and cleaning their homes - divination for the Christmas holidays was very popular. I suggest in this article you familiarize yourself with the history of the appearance and many interesting details of divination for Christmas.

Historical excursion to Christmas fortune telling

Although clergymen always talked about the dangers of divination for the soul of man, various methods of finding out what fate prepared you for this did not become less popular.

When Christmas in the 10th century began to be celebrated in Russia, many Slavic-pagan rituals and superstitions were closely intertwined with it, which were relevant for a long period before this time.

It was for this reason that a long preparation followed before Christmas. This is generally not surprising - the time of the Soviet Union, Christmas, just as Easter was the most important solemn event of the year. But the New Year in those days was paid not so much attention as it is now.

Traditionally, the date of celebration of Christmas is considered to be seventh of January (among Catholics this number is the twenty-fifth of December). Behind him come Svyatki (Yule-days).

If you consider Christmas time as a day of simple Russian folk entertainment, then you are deeply mistaken. In fact, they are church-set holidays. But due to the passage of time, the original meaning of Yuletide days has been somewhat lost.

The duration of the Svyatok is 2 weeks, until Baptism, which falls on January 19th. Our ancestors were convinced that this is such a specific period of time when everything in life turns upside down, therefore it is legal to do what is usually forbidden. In Russia, on the days of Svyatochnyi, people on the streets could easily meet the mummers, young people performing carols, and it was precisely these days that it was thought that it was best to lift the curtain of the future.

The ideal time for divination was considered to be midnight and night. And the most popular topics were: love, children, material well-being and harvest.

Features of Christmas divination

Our ancestors adhered to certain rules when they resorted to fortune-telling after Christmas. What were they like?

  • before divination, girls had to get rid of any talismans (rings, earrings, belts, and so on);
  • it was necessary to dissolve the hair - because they believed that women's curls attract evil forces due to their mystical properties;
  • also often in the process of predictions they used special attributes, in which they believed, there is mystical power: thimbles, mirrors, needles, ring, shoe, skirt, belt, stocking, comb and, of course, candles;
  • and wanting to protect themselves from the negative influence of evil spirits during fortune-telling, it was necessary to outline a circle around itself with the help of a candle, a poker, or an arched circle;
  • if group divination was performed, the girls would stand in a circle, holding their little fingers.

What are some ways to predict the future of our ancestors most often? In reality, there were a great many options. And further in this material I will introduce you to the most popular ones.

Taking into account the information that throwing felt boots behind the gates, or scatter grains in front of the rooster, or pacing with your back to the trough-kvashna is not very relevant today (after all, few people have a chicken coop or real felt boots). Versions in which real attributes accessible to the majority are used.

Varieties of fortune telling with a description of their performance

Divination by water

To hold it, cover the table with a white towel on which you place a mirror of small parameters. From above - install a transparent glass filled with water, and lower the ring into it.

Now your task is to carefully study the state of the water, who knows, maybe you’re lucky and the face of a contented person will appear in it (if, of course, a similar problem is relevant for you now).

Divination with wax

Venue - dark room. You need to melt the candle in cold water. Water is poured into any capacity container - it can be a cup, saucer or glass. Wait until the wax hardens, and then study the figures obtained on the surface of the water:

  • flower - indicates marriage;
  • the beast - symbolizes some kind of pathology;
  • stripes - indicate a long road
  • housing - such a figure tells about the acquisition in the near future, new real estate. But if a young girl guesses, then her house will foretell a quick wedding soon;
  • the appearance of shapeless ruins on the water is not a very positive sign, which is intended to tell about various adverse events in the future;
  • pit, cave or grotto - is the most undesirable figure, as it is associated with the grave and is designed to foreshadow prolonged pathology or even death of a person;
  • trees - can be interpreted in different ways: so, if their branches are directed upwards - they will become a sign of happy events, and if, on the contrary, they descend downwards - they will act as a symbol of sadness, longing and boredom;
  • ring or candle - these symbols unconditionally refer to the signs indicating a speedy marriage;
  • pancake, located at the bottom - in contrast to the previous figure tells about the long stay of the female person "in the girls".

Divination by the mirror and the month

This version of divination is not originally Russian, since it was brought from abroad together with mirrors. And for a long time it was believed that the mirror is a window to other worlds. He was used in various magical rituals - to cause a "dead man" to talk or to find out information about his future.

To perform a Christmas divination with a mirror, you need to take a reflecting object on any Yuletide night, go to the window and direct it so that you can observe the face of the month in it. The more moons you see in the mirror, the more you will get a large family and offspring in the future.

Divination at the crossroads

A crossroads from ancient times was a place of accumulation of evil forces and therefore enjoyed notoriety. It was believed that in such a place it was really possible to hear the voice of fate, since the intersection is the line of intersection of the boundaries of two worlds.

Those who wanted to tell fortunes on the Svyatochnyi days, at the approach of midnight, went to the intersection and listened to what was happening around:

  • if you heard the sounds of merry laughter or singing - you could expect to get married soon or just have a fun time;
  • and if crying sounded - they were preparing for parting or not very positive news.

Fortune telling with the king

For this method, you need to stock up on a card deck, from which 4 kings are extracted and with the words "Suicide-mumbled, dream about me in a dream!" put under the pillow. According to the statements of experienced fortune-tellers, after such actions you will surely see your future beloved in a dream, and he will look like a king!

Divination by name

In this case, the girl should go out in the late evening, go to the first man she met and find out what his name is. According to the old belief, that will be the name of your future husband.

It is interesting that not only the representatives of the weaker sex were guessing in this way - the guys were also very interested in finding out how their future soul mate would be called.


This version of divination is suitable for girls who are constantly debating about who will first wear a wedding dress. A thread will help them understand the dispute.

Stock up with threads of the same length, and then each girl should take one of the threads with her left hand, and set her on fire with her right hand. Then everything is simple - whose thread will burn the very first, and that was destined to be the first to get married. With the rapid extinction of the thread or the combustion of less than half - this year the wedding is not expected.

Divination with notes

Before you go to bed, prepare 2 leaves. On one write the word "happiness", and on the second - "misfortune." Twist them, mix and hide behind the image.

The next morning, remove the first leaf that came to hand, which will tell about your future for the year ahead.

Tip! If you wish, you can use more leaves with more words.

Divination by shadow

For the next method, stock up on a sheet of newspaper and wring it up as it should (but you don’t need to roll up to the state of a dense ball). After that, the crumpled paper is put on the dish and set on fire.

When the paper is all burnt, put a candle to the dish and consider the shadow, which is cast by the burnt newspaper on the wall.

At the same time, the value of the resulting figures will be similar to the guessing with wax.

Divination "The bridge with a well"

Take an ordinary home broom and remove a couple of twigs from it. Of them, build a bridge and put it under the bed before the morning dawn. When you put, then sentence the following words: "Who is my betrothed, who is my disguise, he will take me across the bridge."

It is believed that now you have to contemplate this night in the dream of your future spouse.

If desired, twigs can be replaced by ordinary matches. Everything else in fortune telling remains unchanged: you just put the bridge under the bed, just now say a few other words:

"Suicide, ryazheny, come and drink some water"

Divination by the book

At the time of our ancestors, the Bible traditionally became a predictive book. Today, you can, of course, somewhat modify the prediction of the future and use any other edition of the free theme.

So, if you want to get an answer on a question that troubles your soul, formulate it clearly in your thoughts, then think about the line number, whether it will be the bottom or top line and open the publication at random. Being engaged in the interpretation of the response received, pay attention not only to the very intended line, but also to the whole page as a whole and to the semantic composition.

In case the received answer cannot be interpreted logically, repeated conducting of divination is allowed.

Divination for Christmas with a mirror

The method of predicting things to come on Christmas days with the use of a mirror at the same time is highly accurate, but at the same time fraught with a certain danger. According to some stories, girls and women performing it sometimes faint in the process. Therefore, it is worth once again to think before embarking on such a risky event.

The danger of fortune telling is due to the fact that, according to ancient beliefs, a mirror is a kind of boundary that separates reality from the other world. Various signs and customs are woven here.

  1. For example, one of the beliefs says that a broken mirror is a harbinger of unhappy events.
  2. It is also believed that you can not look at yourself in the mirror when there is a thunderstorm on the street.
  3. It is noteworthy that basically all the bad signs relate precisely to reflections in the mirror surface. So, a woman should not look in the mirror when she risked violating the boundaries of our and that world — that is, during pregnancy, when the baby was just born and during the entire postnatal period. People thought she was unclean now.

Of course, there have been many changes today - first of all, they are using a different technology for manufacturing mirror objects. Today the silver coating of mirrors has long been replaced by lead, and the shorter “memory” is inherent in the latter - respectively, modern mirrors are not as dangerous as those in which our grandmothers looked.

But even in spite of this, it is still not advised to show the newborn a mirror, as they fear that his weak soul risks dividing into two parts and the child will be filled with negative energy.

Although we have now paid more attention to the negative side of the mirrors, in fact they also have protective abilities. So, for example, if an impure entity is reflected in a mirror, then it immediately loses its magical abilities and can no longer harm anyone.

But back to the Christmas fortune-telling through the mirror. It is performed according to the following instruction:

  1. The ideal place for fortune telling is any “unclean”, best of all, if it is a bath. By the time - of course, night, or rather midnight - the time of maximum permeability of the boundary, which the mirror denotes.
  2. It is important that the girl was in the room all alone. Hair loose, you need to remove the belt.
  3. On the table are two cutlery with a mirror and a candle.
  4. After that, the girl sits down next to the mirror and pronounces the following words: "Suiched, disguised, come to dine with me."
  5. Then her task is to sit and wait until a man appears in the mirror, who will look over her shoulder.
  6. When you look at his face, you need to immediately say the protective words: "Chur this place!". Then the image disappears immediately, and nothing threatens the girl anymore.

Note! It is dangerous to stare at the potential "spouse" for a long time, as this is fraught with unpredictable consequences. All the same, before you is not a real person, but an unclean person.

Exists another variation of this fortune telling - it uses two mirrors, placed one opposite the other in such a way that they reflect each other. One mirror is placed on the table, on which two candles are placed on the sides.

When the clock strikes twelve nights, the fortuneteller should take off her clothes, sit in a chair in the middle of the mirror objects and start peering at her face in the mirror. With the correct placement of mirrors by their reflections, a long gallery is created - a kind of mirrored corridor. It is in him that the image of the future husband of the girl should appear.

As in the previous version of fortune telling with mirrors, you should definitely remember about your security and use protective words in time.

At the end of the topic

You can summarize that:

  • In Russia, divination has long been very popular, despite any ecclesiastical bans and superstitions associated with them.
  • The traditional time of divination for the Christmas holidays is the week after Christmas and before Baptism. This is the time interval between the 7th and 19th of January - the so-called Svyatochnye days or Svyatochnaya week.
  • It is believed that the boundary between worlds is being erased at Svyatki and therefore it is realistic to get information from "that world."
  • There are so many Christmas divinations, you can choose any that you like most. The main thing in the process is always remember about personal security and adhere to all the rules specified in the divination.

We wish you a pleasant fortune-telling in the Christmas evening, which will tell only about the good!

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