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Christmas mood: how to create it


The New Year is the most long-awaited holiday for all people, especially for children. It symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in life, more favorable and joyful. On this day, arrange a loud celebration, gathering at the table relatives and loved ones. But what to do if, because of the daily routine and working life, the desire to celebrate the New Year is completely absent, and one wants to relive that tremulous feeling of waiting for a magical night? There are several effective ways to help create a festive mood, and I will discuss them in this article.

The reasons for the lack of New Year's mood

As people grow older, people have more responsibilities, worries and difficulties that absorb them completely. As a result, they cease to emphasize the New Year holidays, because now it is just a few extra weekends. In addition, often thoughts about the upcoming holidays arise at the last moment. Someone decides to spend December 31, as a normal day, and someone "gritting his teeth" goes shopping to make some traditional New Year's dishes for the family.

A fairly common reason for the lack of New Year's mood is dissatisfaction with yourself. Remembering the past 12 months, people often concentrate on their failures or unrealized plans, and mentally tune in a negative way. Naturally, in a depressed psychological state, I don’t want to think about any holidays, much less prepare for them.

To tune in a positive way, you need to remember all the good events that happened this year. It is also worth enjoying the fact that all bad things will be left in the past. It is important to remember that the black stripe in life is always replaced by the white one, and it can be started from the celebration dedicated to the new year.

Ways to create a New Year's mood

It’s not difficult to create a New Year mood for yourself and your family, you just need to make some effort. Even if you are too lazy to do something, you just need to start, and then enthusiasm will connect and you will be hard to stop. Surrounding yourself with festive attributes that will help fill the surrounding atmosphere with magic, you involuntarily plunge into a state familiar from childhood, and will look forward to the New Year holidays.

We decorate the space

To create a New Year's mood, you need to decorate the surrounding space, namely, your home. The main attribute of this holiday is the Christmas tree, so be sure to install it at home, and decorate it with beautiful toys, tinsel and garlands. It is not necessary to purchase a live Christmas tree; an artificial tree or small branches of a real spruce will do well. The whole family should be included in this process. If there are children in the family, then with them you can learn how to cut snowflakes and then decorate the rooms with them.

You can feel the New Year mood more deeply with the help of smells. Since this holiday has been associated with tangerines and chocolate since childhood, it is recommended to purchase scented candles, citrus fruits, sweets and other delicacies, loved since childhood.

It is best to decorate the house and decorate the Christmas tree a week before the New Year, and this can be done with a family tradition. For Christmas decorations, tinsel and garlands, it is necessary to prepare a box in which they will be stored. Every year it is worth replenishing your "stocks" with new decorations, and passing them on from generation to generation.

To constantly maintain the festive spirit, the workplace should also be decorated with Christmas attributes. These can be garlands, lanterns, live or artificial branches of spruce, various toys, such as Santa Claus, a snowman, Santa Claus, deer and others. Office workers are invited to change the screen saver on the desktop or purchase a festive computer mouse pad. It would be nice for the whole team to decorate the office for the New Year so that the holiday spirit settles in the heart of each employee.

Gifts for everyone

On New Year's holidays, it is customary to give gifts to relatives and friends. Let it be small souvenirs, but they definitely cheer up, and both the recipient and the donor. To buy gifts, you should specifically highlight the day when no one and nothing will distract you from such a pleasant process. But you need to think in advance what to give to whom and not at random to acquire unnecessary trifles. A gift should have meaning and significance for the person to whom it is intended.

If there is no money for the purchase of gifts, then you can make small souvenirs with your own hands, for example:

  • postcards with beautiful or comic greetings;
  • sweets packed in an original box;
  • embroidered paintings or pillows;
  • articles woven from beads;
  • knitted toys, plaids, scarves, etc.

Self-made products are much more valuable than the purchased ones, because the love and soul of the donor is invested in them. Of course, this will take more time, but the result is worth it.

Choosing gifts for loved ones, do not forget about yourself. Please yourself with something special, for example, an ornament that has long attracted you, a new gadget or an expensive perfume. A new purchase will definitely lift your spirits, and make you feel the holiday.

Festive atmosphere

Nothing helps to create New Year's mood in the same way as films about New Year and Christmas. Even the House Alone, revised a hundred times, plunges into a magical atmosphere and reminds of childhood. A week before the holiday, you can arrange evening movie marathon, and it is better to gather the whole family. Such a pleasant pastime will help to tune in morally for the upcoming holiday and keep you waiting for it with impatience. In addition, the time spent in a circle of loved ones, will contribute to the emotional discharge, and allow you to escape from difficulties at work and domestic problems.

Speaking about the festive atmosphere, in addition to the films should be remembered about the music. There is something magical in Christmas melodies, they are uplifting, and are charged with a positive. Listen to them at any time - playing with children, preparing dinner, doing cleaning or just walking through the snow-covered streets.

Independent organization of the holiday

It is customary to celebrate New Year's Eve with a chic feast with traditional Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat, sandwiches with red caviar and champagne. To create a festive mood, it is recommended to start planning the menu, and instead of the usual and bored dishes it is better to look for new recipes, for example:

  • originally decorated snacks;
  • salads with a non-standard combination of ingredients;
  • expensive delicacies that have long wanted to try;
  • awesome desserts and pastries.

If time allows and finances, you can arrange a New Year's party for relatives and friends. The desire to please loved ones will add enthusiasm, and help create a New Year's mood. But in this case, the treats alone will not do, because the holiday should be fun, which means you need to come up with an entertainment program. The ideal choice would be collective games like "Crocodile" or "Who am I?". It should be noted that intellectual entertainment, requiring concentration of attention and the manifestation of their knowledge is not worth choosing.

Choosing a holiday outfit

In childhood, preparing for a New Year's matinee was not only in the study of poems and songs, but also in the choice of costume. The boys, wanting to show their coolness, reincarnated into superheroes, and the girls wanted to emphasize their beauty, and therefore they dressed up in fairy princesses. The quivering expectation of the holiday and the desire to sooner show everyone the prepared outfit charged with enthusiasm, and created a festive mood. Why not take advantage of this method in adult life?

To celebrate the New Year, it is recommended to choose something special, for example, a beautiful evening dress and a stylish suit. And if you plan to have a party with friends or a corporate party at work, then you can buy or rent an original outfit that personifies the fairytale character, the hero of the film, a funny animal, etc. Ordinary clothes that can be worn in the future are quite suitable for home celebrations. Astrologers advise to meet the New Year in new things, so on the eve it is worth going shopping.

Switching devices to "holiday mode"

In the modern world, people cannot imagine their life without gadgets and ultramodern technology. They are always in sight, and indirectly affect the mood and emotional state of a person. To feel the spirit of the New Year and Christmas, you need to decorate their devices, and not only externally but also internally. The first is to change the screen saver on your desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Every time, looking at the Christmas pictures, the mood will unwittingly rise, and a sense of celebration will arise.

It is recommended to establish a cheerful and encouraging status in social networks. Also, if possible, it is worth changing the theme of the site, the cover, the main photo or publish New Year pictures. Mobile gadgets, i.e. smartphones and tablets, you can dress in a new case, symbolizing the holiday, so it will become a constant reminder of the upcoming celebration.

Create a New Year's mood under the force of each person, you only need to have the desire. This does not require much effort, a lot of time and tangible financial costs. The above methods will certainly help to revive the desire to celebrate the New Year, and will give a magical sense of expectation of the onset of a bright and fantastic period.