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Which saint to pray for love and personal life


I was lonely for several years. At first, it didn’t hurt anything - she studied, built a career, met with her friends ... Then they suddenly promoted marriage, and even in the movie there was no one to go with. For the first time I felt an injection of loneliness, I wanted a close soul nearby.

But unfortunately, none of the surrounding guys seemed like a couple to me - there was sympathy, a feeling of friendship and respect was there, but I did not feel love for anyone.

I used to ask the Lord to help me get a diploma, to look for work - now I began to ask one thing: teach my soul to love a man, and that this love was mutual. And He heard my requests ...

How to pray

There are many strong prayers that have helped thousands of Orthodox. However, you can turn to the Higher Forces in your own words. The main thing is that they go from the heart.

The structure of such a prayer is:

  • first thank the Lord for all that He has already given you;
  • then repent of sins committed after the last confession or prayer;
  • and finally, speak your wish - a request for finding love, marriage or marriage, a happy family life, reconciliation with your soulmate.

And all your thoughts should be in prayer. You can not read her words, and at the same time with one eye to watch TV or bake pies. Stay alone, light a church candle, cross, discard all doubts - and only after that, with all respect, turn to the Creator.

If you are overwhelmed by feelings, calm down if possible. You can cry, if you really can not stand loneliness - but you should not wring hands and make a tantrum. From such artistry prayer will not be stronger. On the contrary, nerves and emotions will only distract from the most important - from communication with the Creator or saints.

Some mystical sites recommend praying on certain days of the week, only in clean clothes - but these are already rituals that bring faith in God to magic. Orthodox people do not need to follow them.

What can not ask?

  • About carnal pleasures. For a Christian, a prayer for love is a request primarily for spiritual intimacy. Relationships to which you aspire should have a logical ending - marriage and the birth of children, not “meeting”, “walking together in clubs”, and then searching for the next “beloved” / “beloved”.
  • About the love of a man / woman connected by other relations, or even by marriage. You cannot ask the Lord to destroy some relationships (even those that seem to you to be shaky and not strong) for the sake of building others. It is especially sinful to ask God to dissolve a married couple or a couple with a child (children).

And if a person says openly that he does not love - is it possible to pray that the Lord will send love to you into his soul? In this video, the holy father reads a parishioner's letter in which she tells the difficult story of her life and asks for advice. This can be useful to you:

Who and how to pray for love

As a rule, love requests are addressed to the saints, whose lives serve as an example of happy relationships. Also, love is addressed to the martyrs who chose Heavenly Groom and who were not afraid to give their lives for Him.

Mother of God

Virgin Mary is addressed not only because she is the intercessor and assistant of all women. The Queen of Heaven was happy in marriage - as we know, having learned of her pregnancy and not quite believing that Mary carries the Lord’s son, Joseph the Betrotron did not refuse to marry her, but raised Jesus as his own son.

The strongest prayer is, of course, the "Fadeless Color":

Icons of the Mother of God, who most often pray for marriage

  • "Kozelshchanskaya". According to legend, the lady who brought this image to the court of Elizabeth the First, immediately received a marriage proposal. Therefore, among other things, the icon is considered "marriage".

  • "Fadeless color". Above, I have already said that a special prayer to this icon is considered to be the strongest for single people.

  • Inexhaustible Bowl. Near this icon they pray for people who fall into the habit of bad habits - at first only for drunkards, now for drug addicts and even gamers. Contact her if your relationship is affected by vodka or drugs.

St. martyr Catherine

She is a beautiful and learned girl who gave her heart to Jesus. For this, the pagans tortured her in every possible way, and then they cut off her head, but until the end of her days she remained faithful to her heavenly chosen one, rejoicing in death, that she would soon appear before Him.

Great Martyr Paraskeva Friday

This saint during her lifetime gave a vow of chastity. Therefore, in the first place, girls who renounce carnal relationships before marriage pray to her.

Our ancestors called Paraskeva “the holy woman's saint”, believing that she helps all women and protects the household. So even married people can turn to her, asking that order and mutual love should reign in their home.

Blessed Xenia of Petersburg

This saint is known for her feat of foolishness. When her husband, Andrei Petrov, passed away, the woman longed for him. Even put on his things and walked around them in the city, telling everyone that Xenia had died long ago, and Andrew incarnated in her body. They say that with the feat of foolishness she redeemed the husband’s guilt before God — he died before he could confess.

Murom Saints Peter and Fevronia, Russian patrons of the family

The life of these people is a true example of loyalty. The prince did not leave his wife, although his boyars were against her (the girl was from a poor, simple family), and went into voluntary exile so as not to part with her. These people lived a long godly life, they had healthy children. God made them even die in one day.

Saint Matrona of Moscow

This saint during her life was blind (such she was born), and then her legs were also taken away from her. But the woman constantly received people who came to her with different requests. She comforted them and prayed to the Lord for them. The fame of Matron quickly spread around the country, it was even considered one of the "pillars of Russia".

Who else pray for love or happy family life

  • First of all, you can turn to the Lord. To Him we can send any prayers of ours, for He is omnipotent.
  • To your guardian angel. He can also be addressed with any request - for this he is Lord and set to help us with everything.
  • To the patron saint, whose name was given at birth.
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker. There is a legend about a father who could not give daughters a dowry and marry them. He decided to give them to fornication, but St. Nicholas threw three bags of gold into their house at night. The girls happily married, and their father repented.
  • Apostle Andrew the First-Called. Among the miracles of this apostle, accomplished during the enlightenment journey through the lands entrusted to him by Christ, he resurrected the wife of a good woman.
  • To martyrs Adrian and Natalia. Adrian was honored with martyrdom for his faith. His wife, Natalia, took care of him in prison before his execution, and after that she was faithful to her death.
  • Righteous Joachim and Anna. These are the parents of the Blessed Virgin. The life of this couple was happy and rich, but they had no children. They prayed for posterity for a long time, and finally the Lord sent them a daughter.

And what prayers does the priest recommend for a person who has firmly decided that he does not want to go into monasticism, wants to start a family, but has not yet found his half? Father answers:

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