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Horoscope for Gemini for March 2019: what will be the first month of spring


Horoscopes are an interesting and fairly reliable way to find out what awaits you in the future. Before the upcoming New Year 2019, the subject of horoscopes becomes more urgent than ever. This article proposes a horoscope for Gemini for March 2019, affecting various areas of life.

Characteristic March 2019 for the beautiful Twins

Astrologers emphasize that now you are required to display sufficient flexibility, democracy and, probably, the rejection of some of its principles.

Use your natural charm in order to establish contacts with those with whom you will have to interact in March. With the help of new acquaintances most of your creative ideas can now be successfully realized in life.

Perform a thorough review of the information you will receive from the 20th to the 27th of March. You should not trust only the words of even the closest circle now: you can be misled. Take care of your relative or friend - he most likely found himself embroiled in a precarious situation.

Another warning from the stars reads as follows: after the 28th, you may face a rather difficult choice. You should listen only to your intuition, not focusing on the voice of logic to make the right decision.

What the stars promise in March 2019 to the Twins men

The month of March will require maximum consistency and concentration from the strong half of the constellation. Remember that now mistakes will cost you too much. Therefore, it is worth once again to double-check the information received, perhaps even more than once.

If a difficult situation arises - it is better to consult with a specialist. And do not overload yourself with business tasks.

The first half of March for more Gemini will be the time when the fruits of past efforts are reaping. You will be able to get the result of the lesson that you spent a lot of time.

Since March 19, the time of business trips begins. Even if you don’t really want to go there, try to negotiate with yourself, because their results will be very successful. The situation in the sky at this time calls not to be afraid to declare to yourself, engaging in advertising your own knowledge and skills.

The last weeks of March 2019 will also be pretty lucky: Gemini will be able to cope with all their tasks. It is characterized by an incredibly fast solution, even controversial issues.

The basic advice for you: take life a little less seriously and do not strain too much.

Characteristics of the love sphere of life

From February to March 2019, the Gemini people concentrate too much on working moments. Owing to such permanent employment, their personal relationships suffer.

Try to show more restraint and correctness in love. Yes, you have sufficient pressure with which you achieve professional success, but in the amorous sphere of life it is completely inappropriate.

The manifestation of aggression, unwillingness to compromise will be fraught with a negative response from a loved one. Remember that in the last decade of March your traditional leader Mercury becomes stronger, which can lead to separation.

For family or in a Gemini relationship, it is recommended “not to quarrel from the hut”. Simply put - less spread to others about the features of his personal life. Many people tend to envy and thus can destroy your happiness.

If you are only looking for love, then March 2019 will be the right time to “clean the feathers” after the winter season. You will need a sufficient display of initiative, the creation of new plans, the opening of new horizons and the realization of everything that was planned.

Stars promise an interesting meeting to Gemini in the first month of spring. How it will end is not known for certain, but in any case, you should show maximum effort to improve your appearance and self-improvement.

Health Overview

Gemini people, in principle, have not too good health by nature, and after the winter cold and vitamin starvation, they should be especially attentive to their bodies.

In addition, the leader of the sign Mercury in March 2019 begins its retrograde motion, which will make Gemini restless, fussy and nervous. To reduce these symptoms, the stars advise you enough to sleep and more often take walks in the fresh air.

Do not strive now to overwhelm yourself with work on the plot and do not risk overestimating your abilities - otherwise energy holes may arise that will bring many bad consequences (insomnia, apathy and chronic fatigue).

Therefore, in March, Gemini highly recommended physical training, taking a short vacation and various exciting trips. If possible, go abroad to soak up the white sand under the hot tropical sun.

It is also mandatory to reduce to a minimum the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. And even better - discard them in principle.

What awaits the Twins in March in finance and career?

The twins will be forced to fight for their finances. They will require considerable efforts to defend the money they have earned from outside encroachment. But do not rush to panic - everything should be completed successfully, although minor financial losses are possible.

In general, throughout the entire month of March, Gemini will have to fight. So entrepreneurs and managers will face serious conflicts with their business partners. Perhaps you will revise common goals, and perhaps begin to divide the business.

The confrontation promises to be difficult, Gemini needs to act in order to keep their positions. You can slightly run forward and report that conflicts are unlikely to be resolved in March, it is more likely that they will drag on until April.

In such trends promises to pass March 2019 for Gemini.

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