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Horoscope for Libra on January 2019 - what will be the love relationship


I, as an astrologer, know that Year of the Pig promises well-being to many. However, in the new year one cannot do without difficulties, especially for those people who were born under the sign of Libra. Fate prepared for them a test that will force them to reconsider their views on life and relationships.

The Libra horoscope for January 2019 indicates that the time has come to think about whether or not they really feel comfortable with people who are considered to be close. Perhaps it is time to change their environment and defend a position in life. Today I will tell you in detail what to expect from the first month of 2019 to the zodiac sign Libra.

General forecast for January

The coming year prepares many surprises for Libra. And not all of them will be pleasant. As you know, the most important representatives of this sign value relationships. They know how to sympathize, sincere to love and are distinguished by kindness. However, January will set them an important task, on the fulfillment of which their well-being depends.

Weights will need to learn to choose their own "comfortable" relationship and defend their position. And since people born under this sign are distinguished by their gentle nature, it will be difficult for them to fulfill this condition.

But it is precisely on this that their further well-being depends. After all, relationships for them, first of all, are an important source of energy. Feeling the love of others and their own need in society, Libra is capable of a real feat. However, if this feeling leaves them, the real depression begins. Appear laziness and apathy, which are gradually emotionally kill Libra.

Key recommendations:

  1. If for any reason a person began to feel uncomfortable with his partner or was tired of responding to all requests, it is time to think about changing the situation.
  2. It is necessary to say goodbye to the second half, which has ceased to devote time, and to a friend who believes that all his requests should be fulfilled.

Since the emotional resources of representatives of the mark in January will be at the lowest level, it may be difficult to build new relationships. After all, experiencing emotional discomfort, Libra is unable to truly enjoy life, empathize with loved ones or charge them with a positive attitude. That is why astrologers recommend already in the first days of January to try to solve all the problems in relations with friends and the second half. Only in this way will the scales be able to rectify the situation and regain the cheerfulness.

Intellectual growth

Although emotionally Libra will be depleted, their intellectual energy will increase significantly. There will be a strong desire to communicate with smart and educated people. In addition, Libra may want to learn. Therefore, the first decade of January is a good time to enroll in language courses or start preparing for entering a higher educational institution.

Astrologers also note that representatives of the sign may have a desire to engage in a more in-depth study of foreign culture. In this case, it is recommended to think not only about travel, but also read a few books, watch interesting documentaries.

New acquaintances

Habitual lifestyle means a lot to Libra. Therefore, they should not be allowed to meet new acquaintances and friends. And since this month promises Libra new acquaintances, they need to be especially careful. It is necessary to try to set the priorities correctly and not to get acquainted with people who cannot enrich Libra emotionally. For example, give them positive emotions.

A very difficult relationship in the new year is waiting for the air sign and with relatives. There may be serious conflicts. It is recommended for this:

  • to avoid sharp corners and once again not to provoke a quarrel;
  • It is extremely important to try to defend their interests. Of course, this should be done as gently as possible.

Love forecast

Since Libra with particular trepidation is related to relationships, they do not accept external relations too much. However, it cannot be ruled out that in the new year the representatives of the sign will still succumb to the temptation to go looking for love on the side. But at the same time, meetings with non-regular partners, even if they take place, will be episodic, no more.

Astrologers are confident that in January those representatives of the air sign who are in a relationship or are tied by marriage will face difficulties. The reason for this is the proximity to the Sun of the square of transit Saturn. This will negatively affect the emotional state of Libra, which can count all the obligations imposed on them, a burden. Because of this, they can begin to make spontaneous decisions, guided solely by their own desires. Such selfishness is unlikely to be overlooked. As a result, quarrels with the second half and immediate family can not be avoided.

To smooth out a difficult situation, astrologers recommend Libra in January:

  1. Refuse to share with the second half or relatives. Of course, no one talks about breaking up a relationship. Just need to think about how to go on a trip. The best option is a trip abroad.
  2. If this is not possible, you can simply enroll in training courses. There Libra will be able to make acquaintance with people who will respect their right to refuse. Consequently, at the expense of new acquaintances, representatives of the mark will succeed in significantly increasing their energy supply and not so sharply reacting to their responsibilities towards their partner, family.

Libra is one of the most conflict-free signs of the zodiac. However, this will change in January. After all, multiple conflicts will provoke it Libra. They will do it unconsciously, because the indignation of others will cause their irrepressible desire to find freedom. Escape from tough requirements and unrestrained communication with new acquaintances is what can provoke quarrels with a regular partner and relatives.

In January, Libra will cease to be too sensitive. They will be ruled by a sense of rationality. And therefore, they will try to create a joint business with a partner or even start repairs in the house, go on a trip. If Libra builds relationships with people who love traveling, do business, then their desire for rationality will be perceived well. Most often, such aspirations are appealing to Sagittarius. Therefore, lonely Libra should think about how to build relationships with representatives of this sign.

It is not recommended to develop relationships with Capricorn. This sign is famous for its power and consistency. But this is contrary to the views of Libra. In addition, in January they will want to completely get rid of any obligations. The pressure exerted by the Capricorn can make Libra headlong into communication with other people. As a result, their relationship will fall apart.

Building a relationship with the Virgin is not a good idea either. Since representatives of this sign will constantly strive to maintain distance with Libra due to their increased conflict in January. Frequent separation will also cause a breakup.

Horoscope for women

The coming year is preparing for lonely Libra a pleasant surprise. After all, they can start a relationship that will teach them a lot. In addition, relationships with travelers are possible. Since it is the year 2019 that is the most suitable for traveling abroad. Therefore, astrologers strongly recommend all Libra to plan trips in January. The result of these trips will be very unexpected, but very pleasant.

Astrologers predict that in January, single women born under the sign of Libra will be able to find a soul mate. They can meet a very authoritative and influential partner who will surround them with care. His patronage will reflect well on Libra’s emotional state. Most likely to meet with such a man for women who:

  • attend group yoga and other sports;
  • study at courses or in educational institutions;
  • are traveling.

January horoscope for men

The first half of the month may be very strange for Libra men. Since they can happen a lot of comical and ridiculous situations that will be perceived by them not too well. Participants of these events will be guaranteed women who love to play sports.

Astrologers recommend to refrain from trying to establish relationships with girls born under the sign of Aries or Capricorn. Since communication with them will be very difficult. In addition, their desire to witty poison will negatively affect Libra self-esteem. And therefore it is better for them to refrain from communicating with such people.

Support should be sought from friendly and democratic people, which are representatives of the signs Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces. Relationships with Libra women will also be good. However, partnership with Libra women is possible only if their personal qualities completely suit a man. It is better to look for a partner in a person who is absolutely not inclined to believe stereotypes or slander.


  1. The first decade of January will be very difficult for Libra. Since they have to completely reconsider their relationships with loved ones and clearly prioritize.
  2. The desire to get rid of the obligations guaranteed will cause conflicts with loved ones. Therefore, Libra is recommended to think about traveling or attending training courses.
  3. All trips planned for January will be extremely successful.
  4. This year, Libra women will be able to meet an influential patron and build relationships with him.
  5. Astrologers recommend to Libra men to build relationships exclusively with kind and friendly people.