Dream interpretation

We pray to St. Trifon for help in work and in searching for work.


I always advise people to turn to God before any activity. It is especially important to offer a prayer before searching for a new job. Today I will tell you why you need to turn to the martyr Trifon in case of any difficulties with your work, how to pray to him correctly.

Difficulties in finding employment

Successful employment is the dream of every person. Because only in this way can he receive guarantees of a comfortable life and old age. However, at present, finding a job is quite difficult. It is not a secret to anyone that the unemployment rate has increased greatly in recent years. The number of jobs due to the closure of companies and factories is rapidly decreasing. And this becomes the cause of increasing competition. In addition, the main problem is the bribery of persons responsible for the employment of citizens.

The realities are such that only people who have connections or money to pay for it can apply for a job. But believers know that this situation is not hopeless. Since you can always ask for help heaven.

In most cases, the Orthodox address their prayers to the Most High. But specifically in this case it is possible to offer a prayer to Saint Trifon. The prayer to the martyr Trifon is considered very effective and strong. Although much depends on how much a person believes that prayer will help him.

Veneration of martyrs in Orthodoxy: the tradition

Many people associate the word "martyr" with something bad. However, Orthodox Christians greatly respect the martyrs who lived in a time when religion was forbidden. This can be explained with a fairly simple example. If you think about it, then it is much easier to deal with an allowed matter than with something that is prohibited, for example, by the government. Of course, we are not talking about disagreeable things.

If you turn to religion, it becomes clear that for many years the Orthodox Church experienced serious difficulties:

  • the number of parishioners was negligible;
  • believers were constantly harassed;
  • religious literature was actually forbidden.

The rulers did everything possible to completely eradicate unwanted faith. Because with the help of pagan idolatry, they could force the people to fully obey. Then one idea was actively promoted: the ruler is a messenger of the gods. And this messenger was strictly forbidden in any way to try to dislodge.

Disobedience to his laws was also a betrayal of faith. At the same time, it was completely unimportant what kind of horrors, allegedly, the chosen one of heavens worked. He needed to forgive everything. It was this thought that was instilled in people's minds.

Great Martyrs Activities

Here are just Christians preaching completely different ideas. They knew that they believed in the true God, so they tried to bring other people to insight. Of course, this was taken categorically. The authorities went to great lengths to completely eradicate the Orthodox faith. First and foremost, those who dedicated their lives to serving the Lord suffered.

They were tortured and tried to make publicly admit the fact that their faith is fake, like the Lord himself. The weak in spirit broke under the yoke of torture and threats. However, true believers were not at all afraid of death. After all, they understood that they were dying for their God.

It is noteworthy that many worshipers of the Lord considered death to be deliverance, not punishment. The righteous believed that life in this mortal world is the most terrible ordeal to which the Most High exposes the souls of their slaves. After all, with the help of temptations, he can check whether the soul of man is pure.

And since Christians have always believed and continue to believe in the existence of Hell and Paradise, they did not fear death at all. After all, they knew for sure that they would fall into the kingdom of the Lord. Of course, on the condition that they lived a righteous life, not a sinful one. Since sinners who did not even repent of their sins, awaited severe punishment. And to serve this punishment was necessary in the most terrible place - in Hell.

Only the strong in spirit, those who did not break, ultimately, in the opinion of Christians, acquired an eternal kingdom. It was believed that the martyrs also gained strength. That is why they began to read. It is worth noting that few know that the martyrs are not just honored. Prayers are also offered to them, since they are believed to be close to the Lord. Therefore, the martyrs may ask for the one who prays and pray for his forgiveness from the Most High. And the most powerful and influential of all martyrs is considered to be Trifon, whom they pray for help in their work.

Day of the Martyr Tryphon

Now, February 14 for many is only a holiday of love. Few people know that on this day it is customary in Orthodoxy to read the martyr named Trifon. After all, he is one of the few miracle workers and martyrs to whom you can apply with a request for material well-being.

As is known, the church does not too much like these prayers, in which a prayer asks the Lord to help him improve his material condition. But such prayers still can not be called forbidden. Because if a person asks correctly, then he does not violate God's commandments.

The Orthodox believe that prayers for material well-being and employment should be offered up to the martyr Trifon. After all, it is one of the most powerful and effective. Let us try to understand why believers consider this prayer to be so effective. Immediately it is necessary to note the fact that the study of the biography of this martyr played a huge role in this matter.

The story of Tryphon

Trifon was born in the city of Campsada, which later received another name - Frisia. It is not known for certain in which year this martyr was born. Since there are several documents that contain different dates. According to the original source, he was born in 232. However, there are also such documents that indicate that the martyr's birth year was 250. And since today it was not possible to find out the exact date, it was decided to indicate these two dates.

The family of Tryphon was a true believer. From infancy, they instilled in him a love of faith. Parents tried to raise him a worthy Christian. And they succeeded. After all, from a young age Trifon became known as a healer and miracle worker. According to the tributes, he even saved the whole city from destruction. After reading the prayer, he was able to expel all the creeping reptiles that flooded the city. And thus he saved the inhabitants from starving and painful death.

When it became known about the miraculous power of the young man, people from all over the world began to gather in his village. They wanted with their own eyes to look at a child with a divine gift. In addition, they also begged him for help.

How Trifon helped all people:

  1. All requests addressed to Saint Trifon were fulfilled.
  2. Trifon did not refuse anyone, he helped everyone and at the same time glorified the Lord, and not himself.
  3. Even those who were obsessed with demonic creatures, the young man helped. It was he who was able to guide the true hundreds of the suffering, who began to lose faith in the Savior.

The rumor about him spread so far that it soon reached the ears of the ruler. In those years, the country was ruled by Emperor Traian. He was widely known for his cruelty and stupid thirst for blood. The governor executed ordinary peasants for the slightest offense and was famous for fiercely hated all Christians. Moreover, he wanted to completely destroy Christianity as a faith. Therefore, when he became aware of the existence of Trifon, who glorifies the true God, he decided to deal with him immediately.

As soon as Trifon was brought to the palace, they began to torture him cruelly. Some sources tell you how terrible the torture was. These sources contain information that unfortunate Tryphon was beaten many days in a row, hammered nails into his legs and even hung him naked in a tree.

However, contrary to their expectations, this did not happen. Trifon continued to offer prayers to the Lord until death. In the end, the ruler had to surrender, because he understood that no amount of torture could force the unfortunate to renounce the faith. Therefore, the emperor ordered his head cut off.

It is noteworthy that at present the truncated head of the martyr Trifon is in Montenegro, and parts of his relics have been transported to cathedrals, which are located in Ukraine and Russia. The icons of Tryphon are depicted as a young youth who wears a shepherd’s clothing. In his hands he holds a vine. In believers, he is associated with a young and hard-working man who is not used to sitting idle. And therefore it is believed that he is the patron of all those people who are in search of work.

Prayer text

When compared with other prayer texts, the prayer to the martyr Trifon, which must be read all alone, is a little different. And the difference is that there is only one version of the text of the prayer, which must be read, referring to this martyr.

Only people who are in search of work can read a prayer. Also, it is suitable for those people who have already got a job, but at the same time are experiencing some difficulties. For example, they can not get along with the team or leader.


  1. Honoring the martyrs is an ancient tradition that all Christians honor.
  2. It is believed that martyrs can also be patrons. And for this reason, some Orthodox prefer to offer them prayers.
  3. One of the most powerful and close to God is the martyr Trifon.
  4. All people who dream of finding a good job can offer prayers to this martyr. The text of the prayer is unchanged.
  5. Trifon does not refuse to help those who have certain difficulties in their work. Therefore, those believers who were able to find jobs on their own can safely turn to him for help. In addition, entrepreneurs may even turn to this prayer.