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Orthodox prayer and ritual from the fright of the child for the mother - the words of grandmother-whisperers


According to many who are engaged in healing, the fright of a person occurs not just like that, but under the influence of certain forces. Often it may appear if someone really wants evil, sends damage. In such a difficult situation will help the prayer of fear, to which the person suffering from this disease or the parents, if it is a baby, should resort. From my own experience I will say that I once wore my little screamer to a grandmother who read a special prayer over him, and that then it was surprising for me, after two times my son stopped crying at night and began to sleep better.

Who is very frightened?

More often than others, little children are frightened with certain negative consequences. And all because they still have a weak energy, fear quickly and without obstacles falls on them. It can be caused by outsiders, and sometimes by their own mother, against their will. Unreasonable fear appears for various reasons:

  • the world is misunderstood;
  • unexplained phenomena occur;
  • there are some terrible assumptions;
  • with the evil eye (according to the magicians).

What can a child get scared

First of all, we need to pay more attention to our children. Their health in adulthood is fully dependent on the current energy state. Strong fear in childhood can make a destructive imprint on the whole subsequent life of a person.

So, the baby suddenly starts screaming at night, at night, he cries, does not want to eat, does not sleep well. It is possible that he fell ill, but it also happens that damage and the evil eye are attached to him. The reason may be such domestic moments, such as adult home quarrels, shouts, harsh unexpected sounds associated with appliances. Sometimes a pet may scare you, who has made a sharp movement in the direction of the child or has shrilly whined.

You can relieve your baby from the state of fright in different ways: Orthodox prayer, washes with a special heaped-up water, pouring it on the wax.

Fear of prayer

To make the baby's aura clean and save him from the problem of fright, read special prayers. Of course, if there are all the symptoms of fear without a cause, you can not ignore medicine, you should definitely visit a doctor. The gracious prayer of fear, read over the child with all the trembling of the soul, will help to supplement the therapy recommended by him.

Prayer from the evil eye and damage Matronushka

It is considered a very effective prayer, which is used to get rid of the fright of the kids. Especially, if the child is not only in itself suspicious, but also frightened by someone's real threats, when someone strongly threatened him.

For starters, visiting the temple will not hurt. There, having prayed, you should submit a note about the health of the person about whom you are troubling before God. At the icon of Matrona of Moscow 3 candles are set with the words of prayer. Returning to her, it is advisable to melt the candles and pray.

Prayer from scaring a child to the Lord Jesus Christ

A little preparation is needed for the ritual. It will take 3 candles and 3 icons. Candles necessarily church, and the image of Christ, of sv. Panteleimon and Matronushka. The icon of the Lord should be in the center and slightly above the rest. This is if the ritual will be held at home. If in the temple, then it is necessary to face the face of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this, the word of God is read, then the person leaves. At the exit, 12 candles, holy water, icons (3) are purchased.

Being at home, you have to retire, light a candle under the images, set the holy water next to it. Having waited for the wax to melt, one must repeatedly read the prayer from children's fear. Pray until the candles burn through. Then the icons are hidden, the water is divided into two parts. The melted mass of wax, not showing anyone, is thrown away from the house.

How effective is the power of prayer against fear

Many who have experienced the action of divine words on themselves claim that the prayers of fright help babies. And an adult understands, after reading, that relief and peace of mind have come to him. Termination of phobias in turn helped in the fight against other diseases.

Some doctors indicate that bedwetting in children may be due to the fact that the child was very scared by something. If medical assistance turns out to be useless, resort to prayers, and sometimes plots of whispered grandmothers.

Prayer for the older child

To cope with the problem of fright with the help of an Orthodox prayer is easier if the child can speak. He can tell what he sees, what he is afraid of. Unfortunately, it is believed that the above prayer helps only the baptized. Otherwise, everything is very simple. The main thing is to have faith in God's power and the power of prayer words.

The child over whom the rite is being performed is seated in the center of the room on a chair. The one who intends to read the sacred text is standing behind him from behind. Everyone should be calm. First of all, the ward himself. Then the words are read.

All week, without passes, these simple manipulations are carried out. It is believed that the best time for them is before lunch. Some grandmother-whispers spend on the morning dawn. The prayer itself is said once a day, after the child should be washed with water.

Prayer for the very young

These words are advised to use when you are afraid of quite a kid who can not speak. There is a lot of power in the text. It is necessary to read three times three times, i.e. 3 days at dawn, at lunchtime and at sunset. In this case, the child is raised in his arms, saying the following:

It is accepted that healing words should be spoken by someone from the child’s family through the female line, although it is not excluded that another, knowledgeable woman will say them. It is advised not to wait for fear, but as soon as the baby is brought into the house. So read over it, as a preventive measure. Then he will sleep better, be calmer. Thereby, it relieves from destructive feeling of uncertainty for many years.

Such a universal and beloved prayer, like “Our Father”, is perfect for destroying fear. Read three times.

Conspiracies or what grandmothers-whispers read from the fright of children

If everything is allowed to take its course and hope that the child will grow up and everything will pass, you can only hurt this baby or teenager. There are many wonderful phrases and words that are often used in such cases, depending on the age of the frightened.

Water plot for teens

To avoid an increase in fear, which even an adult child can embrace, one must begin to treat fear. For this water is taken, flow. A certain text is made of it. As a result, the fluid acquires properties that help children become calmer and overcome their fears.

What actions need to be taken? To begin with, candles (13) and water are taken in the church. Houses on the phase of the waning moon, as soon as 24.00 is past. Lit candles are put on the table, and with them water in the tank. Looking at the fire, you must ask the higher forces for your child. As soon as something eknet in the heart, this person feels right away, it's time to read the words:

They are pronounced many times. Candles to extinguish, or wait until they themselves go out, but that remained candle ends. Collect them and take them somewhere to the crossroads of several roads. The water that was on the table during the ritual is watered by the child and wash their face.


With the fright of the child can and should be fought. One of the ways that has been tested for centuries is the Orthodox prayer from the fear of children. For a successful outcome, it is important: