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The magic of money: how it works, the secrets of numbers


Money, on the one hand, is just a peculiar form of energy, and on the other hand, it is an opportunity to realize your dreams and desires in the material world. When there is not enough money, it is hardly realistic to say that life is successful. After all, although it is said that “you cannot buy happiness for money,” but for them you can buy a lot of other things.

The magic of money - how it works, what to do so that you always have finances? Let's quickly find out.

How to lure money into your life?

The very first step to start with is to make sure that you know how to “be friends” with the egregore of money. Then I will tell you how to check it.

There are several rules for the treatment of monetary energy, which in fact constitute the very magic of wealth. It should be remembered that the latter is very picky and demanding, you need to be able to find the right approach to it.

Use the following simple rules and you will never know the needs:

  1. In order to increase capital, it is necessary that a certain amount of money, even small ones, be constantly present in the wallet. Do not leave it empty! In this case, the currency should be located facing you.
  2. Carefully monitor the appearance of bills - you can not keep them in a crumpled form or torn. If you lose money, be sure to pick it up, even if it is small.
  3. You can use special talismans, for example, three Chinese coins with a hole through which a red ribbon passes to enhance the magic of well-being.
  4. Do not lend your finances in cases where you probably know that they may not be returned to you.
  5. Paying for goods in stores, let us face up notes. And if they are folded, then the corners towards the seller.
  6. Do not skimp on the distribution of alms to those who need it. The main thing is not to do it with mercenary motives. If you have to help other people to the detriment of themselves, then say to yourself the phrase: "Do not be scanty of the hand of the giver."
  7. On major holidays, consecrate a large denomination banknote and store it, without exchanging and not spending, for a whole year. She will act as a magnet for attracting financial success into your life. After twelve months, spend for your own needs, enjoying yourself with a pleasant gift.
  8. Do not lend bread and salt to your neighbors - as a result of such actions, you risk transferring your wealth to another family.
  9. In order to always have denyushki in the dwelling, put a broom so that its handle is at the bottom.
  10. Are you dreaming to get a big salary? Ask about it during daytime wednesday.
  11. It is unacceptable to borrow money on the first day of the week and the second, as well as the fifth.
  12. If you have to borrow or, on the contrary, give a loan, do it in the morning. Performing similar actions in the evening will provoke a ruin.
  13. Every time, entering your home, recite such a conspiracy: "I go home, and the money comes after me!".
  14. In the apartment, scatter small coins in the corners, saying: "May finances always come to my abode!".
  15. Hidden in different parts of the money act as symbols of a wealthy person. But that's exactly what you want to become, isn't it?
  16. You need to put money on the surface of the mirror (you can do at night). Bills will be reflected on the glass surface, and their number will grow.
  17. When the salary comes, you can not rush to spend it on the same day. Leave the money "lie down" you have at least 24 hours and only then start to spend.
  18. Try to keep plenty of large bills in your wallet. But if you wish, you can make a whole assorted currency, which will please the eye.

Money magic and the power of numbers

There is a famous saying "income and expense." True, she can fend off with another expression “on expenses and income”.

If we consider both statements from the position of mystics, then both have the right to life. Finance attracts and forms new finance, so the saying “money to money” is very likely.

But the presence of round sums is still not a guarantee of a comfortable existence. Just as moderate income does not always indicate poverty. The art of earning money is known, but there is a whole science about how to properly manage them.

For some reason, as a rule, it is difficult for people to combine both methods at the same time, which often provokes problems in the financial sphere. But mastery of the successful combination of the first and second points can actually make a person the banker of his life!

How, speaking about money magic, not to touch numbers? After all, it is in them quantitatively expressed the financial value of money. Then I will reveal to you the characteristics of each of the numbers and you will find out in which amounts the money is best kept and in which they will quickly leave you.

Characteristic numbers in financial magic

Unit and zero

Magic makes zero with one and two equivalent and equivalent numbers. Because of this, the unit in welfare matters means nothing — it is the same as zero.


The number 2 is a symbol of duality, which signals poverty and economy. It is associated with the energy of shortage, and also it will tell about the sense of duty, the need to share and make material sacrifices.

It is not recommended to lend the sum of two hundred, two thousand, twenty thousand and so on. You are more likely to never see them again. It is more correct to add a unit to them (give twenty one, two hundred one, and so on).

You need to try to keep your salary from overlapping with the number 2, if possible avoid the above numeric expressions. Let them add at least a ruble.


Troika is dynamic and open. In all cases, will tell about the large financial potential and finding a source of additional income.

On the other hand, the number 3 is more related to the movement of cash flow, that is, to the item of expenditure, rather than savings. It is because of this that the following amounts are hardly deposited: three hundred, three thousand, thirty thousand, and so on.


The embodiment of the stability of the material status, the average level of wealth, wages, pensions, savings for the "black day". Four carries energy of predictability in money, reliability, and therefore, can act as a guarantee of a good future. Which, however, earned through their own efforts.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to carry out savings with the number four (four hundred, four thousand, forty thousand and in the same spirit). You can actually collect something decent from them and you will not part with the money before the deadline.
Wages associated with the number 4 are paid on time, although its increase is not expected very soon.

Are you dreaming to achieve full financial well-being? Then it's just perfect if finances come to you from 4 sources.


In that case, as the number 3 is suitable to take up new financial ventures, 4 - to save the currency, 5 will indicate that it is time to invest your hard earned money on what you need. The five, at the same time, motivates to spend, buy, but promises that in the future the capital will increase.

For example, the fact that production in the Russian Federation has developed over five years, which is not fiction, but is an economically typical world practice.

Therefore, it becomes clear that you will not be able to keep a sum of five hundred, five thousand, fifty thousand and so on for a long time. Do not delay such numerical values. But they will with great pleasure be wasted on entertainment. And they are also allowed to take risks, because sometimes you can get rich in total.


The number 6 is responsible for common sense and in general for the calculation of denezhek. Therefore, as soon as it appears on the financial horizon - get ready to tighten the belt more tightly. As a rule, money in such amounts is spent on everyday expenses, for example, on food, repairs, credit payments and in the same trends.

Six is ​​associated with the concepts of service, work from morning till night, stable monthly wages. Six people will work together and earn money, but it is through their work, and not by receiving manna from heaven.


Pay particular attention to this number. Part of the mystics gives him a bad description, and even refers to the category of dangerous numbers. Seven is a figure of good luck and help from above. But, alas, the material sphere of life prefers a tendency of stability, and not just gifts of Fortune.

And with the number 7 it is impossible to build a stable and reliable financial life. What can we say about the energy of wealth?

On this basis, it is not advisable to deposit money in amounts: seven hundred, seven thousand, seventy thousand, and so on. They will disappear very quickly and will not make you happy. The only exception to this rule is easy money, which goes to the casino. But do not forget that "777" will bring profit only to the owners of such an institution, and not to the players.


The number 8 is constantly in a state of movement: finance, property, economic situation ... It symbolizes cash receipts from several sources, which may differ even in their idea.
Eight is not for nothing called the number of luxury, but also moderate spending, and more - constant financial changes.

In the case when the material side of your life is controlled by a given number, the situation will develop in two ways:

  1. You will become a real financial guru.
  2. You will find, but also lose a lot.

However, never forget that our life is just a collective game. Yes, it involves bets and works according to certain rules. In it, the loser replaces the winner, although the situation can change drastically extremely quickly. But the main meaning of life is still concluded in spiritual development, rather than the desire to become a millionaire.


Speaking about the number 9, I would like to note that it is not very connected with money. And even more than that, he will point out their lack, the loss of interest in the material. It is distinguished by the energy of the outcome, achievements, situations in which we are not talking about wealth in principle. Gives people wisdom, teaching not to think only about wealth.

Its main goal is to push the person to go to a new level of his development. And if he shows rancor, he will receive the same answer from the Universe just as long as he does not change his own thinking.

It is unlikely that you will be able to collect a sum of nine hundred, nine, or ninety thousand. If they operate in business life, the initiative and desire to earn money will be lost. Take this into account if you are worried about your material well-being.

In conclusion

Finally I want to add a few words:

  • Remember that money loves those who love them and that is true!
  • Be attentive and careful in financial matters.
  • Money egregor works by its own laws and does not tolerate dismissive attitude to itself.
  • Therefore, if you want to get rich - follow the recommendations listed above.

If you have your own secrets of increasing the level of income - share them in the comments!

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