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Consequences of love for the victim and the customer


Love spells in my practice occupy one of the key positions. Clients who ask me to make this kind of magical effect are almost always interested in whether the spell will have any consequences, and how they will affect the relationship of the actors in the ritual. Therefore, this we will highlight the consequences of a love spell for the customer and the victim.

Why the consequences of the love spell?

Any love spell presupposes an impact on the energy and consciousness of the bewitched person. In most cases, this impact goes against the will of the object. The emotions and feelings that are alien to him are imposed on the pretentious one, they are forced to perform acts unusual for him - in a word, there is a complete suppression of his personality.

This fact causes the internal opposition of the victim, the constant struggle, which takes a lot of energy and strength. The result of the internal conflict is the so-called consequences of a love ritual.

What is dangerous white spell for the customer and the victim

It is considered that love spells from the arsenal of white magic do not cause any negative effects. In fact, this opinion is a bit erroneous. The white love spell differs from black in that it has a softer effect on the spellbinder: he seems to be pushing him towards the manifestation of reciprocal feelings and actions.

After performing a white love spell, the object of the ritual will feel some changes in the feelings. For his part, the power of love attraction to the customer spell will increase, but no more. Charmed, if desired, will be able to control new emotions and suppress them.

White love spell is most often carried out when the victim already has feelings for the customer, but their reinforcement is required, which is achieved thanks to the ceremony. The consequences of its commission are still there, but they do not differ much in strength, are mild, therefore both the customer and the victim may not notice them, taking it as a banal life circumstance.

How does a black love spell affect a man?

Another thing - black love spells. Their main feature is the presence of a violent component. Black rite is compulsory. He forces the bewitched, regardless of his desire, to submit to new emotions, love and sexual attraction. As a result, a struggle begins between the magical rite and the psyche of the victim.

A love spell every second influences the consciousness and subconsciousness of an object, causes internal opposition to the constant desire to be near the customer of the ritual, to yearn for it. There is a certain obsession, which is obvious to the family and friends of the bewitched, but he himself categorically denies.

As a result, the violent pressure experienced by the victim’s psyche results from the strongest nervous experiences and shocks that adversely affect the state of the whole organism. Immunity weakens, chronic diseases declare themselves and new ones can develop on nerves.

Black love spell is sometimes regarded as damage, because the “side effects” that it causes are in many ways similar to similar phenomena resulting from damage. And some black love rituals (with menstrual blood, a voodoo doll, to a cemetery) are characterized by such a destructive effect that the slightest mistake in their execution causes a powerful rollback, which will certainly affect all participants in the magic rite and will lead to very dismal, and sometimes even tragic consequences. .

Therefore, I categorically do not advise you to engage in such rituals yourself, if you do not want all the negatives to fall on you, in the complete set. Many people, turning to black spells, simply do not represent what they are associated with and what danger they expose themselves to. And in the end - they pay for their whole life.

Watch the video about how to survive the consequences of the love spell:

Consequences of love spell for bewitched

The impact of any love spell applies most to the sacrifice of the ritual. Love spell can be dangerous in the following ways:

  • deterioration of health: exhaustion, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, problems with childbearing function;
  • psychological problems: bad mood, depression, dissatisfaction with yourself and your life, depression;
  • character changes: nervousness, irritability, aggression, touchiness, scandals for any minor reason.

If the bewitched is under the influence of a black spell, his condition may be aggravated yet:

  • serious illnesses (oncology, infertility, impotence),
  • severe depression (with thoughts of suicide),
  • loss of mind (madness)
  • addiction to alcohol or drugs,
  • complete collapse of social life.

Consequences for the ritual customer

Even if the love spell is performed by a professional magician, the bewitched and customer of the ritual himself acts as its direct participants. A competent magician, to protect himself, always puts protection when performing a love spell.

But the customer of the rite does not bypass the consequences of a love spell and can manifest itself as psychological fatigue and breakdown.

Much more severe damage causes black spell. It can cause total energy depletionas the customer becomes a kind of donor of energy for the bewitched. Also have a bewitching can start trouble sleeping (nightmares) and psyche (depression, paranoia). One of the frequent consequences is serious diseases, up to a lethal outcome.