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Very powerful Mantras for every day


Everyone has heard of mantras that help a person in solving life problems. But few people know about the origin of mantras - combinations of sounds in a certain sequence. It is believed that these sounds were heard by enlightened yogis during meditations. Each sound has its own frequency of vibration, this is the strength of the mantra. Consider a very powerful mantra for every day.

Main mantra Om

The sound of OM corresponds to the vibration of the universe: it is at this frequency that our world sounds. Singing the Om mantra soothes the soul, harmonizes the inner world of a person and brings it into harmony with the universe. The sound Om multiplies the effect of other sacred sounds used in mantras. Many mantras begin and end with the sound of Om (Aum).

Om sound actively affects the physical body of a person, namely, the brain, nervous system and metabolic processes in the body. Chanting the Om (Aum) mantra is very useful for the spiritual and physical health of a person. Repeated repetition of Om develops intuition, makes a person more sensitive to the invisible world of energies.

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Other powerful mantras for every day

So, you have learned that it is necessary to begin and end the chanting of mantras with the sound of Om. Now consider the useful magic formulas for solving different situations in life.

a) Mantra of reconciliation and joy

This mantra Om Sarva Mangalam helps to resolve personal conflicts, creates conditions for harmonious communication with others, fills the atmosphere with peace and mutual understanding.

"Bhumi Mangalam
Udaka Mangalam
Agni Mangalam
Vayu Mangalam
Gagana Mangalam
Surya Mangalam
Chandra Mangalam
Jagat Mangalam
Jiva Mangalam
Deha Mangalam
Mano Mangalam
Atma Mangalam
Sarva mangalam. ”

The meaning of the mantra is as follows. The word "mangalam" is translated as "bringing happiness." What brings us happiness? Happiness brings earth (bhumi), sacred water (udak), sacrificial fire (agni), wind (vayu), sky (gagana), sun (surya), moon (chandra), universe (jagat), soul (jiva), our appearance (deha), mind (mana), breath (atma), everything (sarva).

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b) Everyday mantra for social success

"Om Khrim
Shrim (7 times)
Lakshmi Mom Grahe
Puraye (2 times) Chinta
Duraye (2 times) Matchmaker "

This formula must be pronounced 108 times. To achieve career success, sing the mantra 108 times for three days in a row. This is a real magic wand for businessmen, which opens the way to the successful signing of contracts and cooperation with profitable companions.

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c) Mantra Ganesha to remove obstacles

"Ganesh Sharanam Sharanam Sanesh (4 times)
Gum Gum Ganapati Sharanam Ganesh (4 times)
Jai Ganesha Jaya Jaya Gananata (4 times) "

Mantra is pronounced 108 times. Application: removal of obstacles in any case. This magic formula, like the green light of a traffic light, opens the way to success in any activity. Suitable for students to pass the session, to attract customers or customers to search for work. Universal mantra for all occasions.

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d) Mantra green Tara for the fulfillment of desires

"Om Tara Tuttare Toure Soha."

This short magic formula contains a tremendous amount of energy to fulfill your desires. The formula must be pronounced 108 times, keeping in mind the image of the desired. Green Tara is a very positive goddess of Hinduism, helping to fulfill innermost desires in love, work, and the social sphere.

However, your desire must be clearly defined, be positive (not destructive). You can not ask for help from Tara to punish enemies or eliminate competitors.

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d) Protective mantra

If you need protection from enemies, it is recommended to sing the Vajrapani mantra:

Om Vajrapani Hum.

This short formula covers a person with a protective covering, and it becomes inaccessible to evil spirits and entities. Also, the mantra protects against diseases and ailments. It is advisable to have an image of Vajrapani in front of you — the wrathful deity of Judaism. You can say this mantra every day.

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How to sing and listen to the mantra

Proper mantra chanting should cause light vibrations throughout the body. If this does not happen, the mantra will turn into an empty sound. How to achieve the desired state when singing? You have to focus your feelings on the body, pay attention inside yourself - then you will feel light vibrations through the body, and the mantra will reach its destination.

The vibration of a certain sound has its sacred meaning, it is this meaning that will open the mysteries of the universe to achieve certain goals through the mantra. The sequence of your actions when pronouncing the mantra should have a strict focus:

  • sounds should be pronounced distinctly and clearly;
  • all the words of the mantra must be learned by heart in advance;
  • you can not hurry while singing;
  • the text of the mantra should be consistent with your intended goal.

Important! When singing a mantra, it is better to close your eyes and direct all your attention inside the body.

How many times do you need to say a mantra? The repetition of the magic formula must be a multiple of nine: 9, 18, 27, 108, 1008 times. But this is not the limit. Some mantras should be pronounced a large number of times so that they bring the desired effect. There is only one condition: the multiplicity of nine.

For the convenience of counting a sequence of sacred words, special rosaries made of wood or stone are used. On the rosary there are beads in the amount of 54 or 108 pieces. Fingering beads with your fingers allows you to keep up the count. You can sing the mantra at any time.