Dream interpretation

Sign: to lose a wedding ring


Any loss is an unpleasant event. You chose this thing, acquired it, got used to it - and suddenly it does not exist. Outrageous And sad. But to lose a wedding ring - a sign and the need to interpret it inevitably arise.

Why loss?

The very first thing that comes to mind: it is to marriage problems. Here you don’t even need to know that the heart will skip when the disappearance is revealed. It's not about the cost of the ring (although they are usually valuable), and in the associations.

Everything that symbolizes a relationship is surrounded by a special aura. When humanity invented rituals, it immediately endowed the magical properties of objects that participate in them. Wedding ritual is important even for a modern free man. If something went wrong at the wedding or after it, the dress broke, the ring was lost - is this a sign that marriage is a problem?

Before plunging into a variety of interpretations, we must remind ourselves that the ring, like other wedding accessories, although it symbolizes marriage, does not equal it. If the ring is scratched, cracked - this is in most cases the usual stage of the life of the jewelry (all things deteriorate), and not the projection of future family disasters.

With this in mind and calming down a bit, you should listen to yourself. Anyway something gnawing? Then you have to figure it out.

A wedding ring is at the same time a symbol of a new, family life, and a sign of communication between the newlyweds, and a gift from a loved one or older relatives. Therefore, people quickly become attached to it, endow it with symbolic meaning, and therefore, everything that happens to it is not just an event, but a hint from the Universe.

According to the experience of generations, what does the loss of a wedding ring mean?

Unhappy luck

Loss leads to all sorts of thoughts, except rainbow. Naturally, the lost ring is often perceived as a sign of an ambulance. separation of spouses. Options differ in the degree of gloominess:

  • Divorce. It is unpleasant to think that a marriage entered into with such hopes will soon collapse.
  • Treason. And most likely, the one who has the ring left on the finger, and the spouse whose ring is lost is a victim of infidelity, is changing.
  • Speedy widowhood. The darkest of scenarios: you can fix something alive, you can’t do anything dead.
  • Also a lost engagement ring can mean serious discord between spouses. It is as difficult to survive a spiritual separation as the physical division of property.
  • Parting It can happen with a great relationship: the circumstances divorced spouses in different cities or houses. Moving, travel, housing difficulties - unpleasant, but solvable.
  • If the ring that once belonged to the parents or grandmother (grandfather) of one of the spouses is lost, this is a possible sign that the former owner does not approve of marriage. To take his opinion into account or not is up to the young, but negatively-minded relatives - certainly the whalers spoil the nerves.

Good sign

A less common interpretation of ring loss is a positive one. About him periodically heard, and it was born not from scratch. Maybe this is your case?

  • Together with the lost wedding ring everything goes wrong from marriage. Jealousy, bad thoughts, doubts - have sunk into oblivion. That is why it is not recommended to keep the found rings in your home; it is better to return it to the owner or to get rid somehow in another way: why do you need other people's misfortunes?
  • The family is entering a new phase. It is known that marriage, while lasting, experiences several deaths and births, people grow and change, relationships too. Lost the ring - will soon wear a new one, and love will be renewed next.
  • A little trouble removes more trouble. The loss of the ring, especially soon after the wedding, is a sign that then everything will be fine. In fact, let such a trifle (although it is a pity who argues) will be the only thing that will spoil family life.

And even unkind interpretations of omens can be considered as successful. Why is divorce a bad thing? How many people find happiness immediately, in their first marriage? For those who are unhappy with their spouse (this is life, sometimes it happens), losing a ring as a hint of the Universe for a speedy divorce is quite good news.

Listen to yourself. If, having lost the ring, you immediately thought about treason - maybe you already suspect a spouse? If a sign tells you about a quick divorce, and you imagine it and feel relief in the depths of your soul - suddenly a lost ring gave you good advice?

Most of the losses of this kind are found quickly: in the gym dressing room, shower drain, on the floor under the bed (later in the vacuum cleaner bag), in the pocket, taken during work. Or on the street - fell with the glove removed. Someone manages to negotiate with the brownie to return, or announcements of the loss give the result.

In other cases it is worth:

  1. Second spouse - remove the "orphaned" ring and both order a new pair. Maybe the old one was bought with bad thoughts or people who did not want the happiness of the young.
  2. The remaining ring donate to the temple. For non-religious people - hide somewhere. It is better not to wear it, but if you really want it, it is not on your hand, but in the form of a pendant on your neck or just in your pocket. This finally nullifies the negative value of the loss.
  3. While there are no rings on your finger, wear some other happy piece of jewelry. or a good luck item with you. A wedding ring is a powerful amulet, for peace of mind it is better to temporarily replace it with something.
  4. Found by someone you don’t trust, do not wear the ring immediately, but hold it in the house. All right - you can wear. No - do the cleansing ritual that you are used to using: someone washes a suspicious object with salt, someone sprinkles holy water, someone substitutes rain ...

The loss of a wedding ring and the acquisition of a new couple is an excellent opportunity to renew the marriage vows. Why do you love your spouse, why did you agree to connect life with him? In some countries, it is customary to recall this periodically, playing the wedding party once more to say love out loud again.