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Ficus Benjamin - Signs and Superstitions


Ficus Benjamin got its name in honor of the English botanist, it is a popular wild-growing or houseplant, which is often used in phytodesign, in which its thin twigs with a lot of green leaves attached to the original form - a variety of floral arrangements are created. From ancient times, Benjamin has been walking around Ficus with many signs and superstitions that connect him with a happy married life or, on the contrary, with many troubles.

Significantly different attitudes in omens to this plant of the Eastern and Slavic peoples. If the former considered the ficus of symbols of happiness in family life, the latter called it a sorcerous tree, which brings trouble. Let's take a closer look at the attitude to the ficus of various nationalities:

  • Chinese perceived ficus as a family plant, which was presented as a gift for weddings, birthdays, and also passed on to descendants. According to beliefs, it helped clean the room of negative energy, gave people vigor and physical activity, which made it an ideal option for the elderly.
  • Thais They also considered the ficus a sacred plant and were confident that it was able to ward off evil spirits. It is Ficus Benjamin is a tree-symbol of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. And another kind of it became the personification of the island country of Barbados and was depicted on the emblem of the state.
  • Slavic peoples attributed to the wax leaves of the Benjamin Ficus magical properties, endowed the plant with the ability to bring discord to the family, provoke conflicts and lead to parting. Ficus Benjamin also acted as a muzhegon - such properties he acquired in the post-war period, when most of the families where the tree grew, lost men who died at the front.
  • Favorably talks about ficus bible. So one of his varieties served as the first attire for Eve and Adam, and the fruits of another type (namely figs) were made their first food after the latter were expelled from Paradise.

With the proper use of ficus Benjamin, he will certainly benefit all family members. Further in the article we will consider the positive influence of a plant on different spheres of human life.

To improve mood

So ficus leaves emit special phytoncides and ethers that purify the air and eliminate pathogens. In addition, these substances contribute to the normalization of the state of the nervous system, improve mood, effectively cope with fatigue and eliminate depression.

For eloquence

In the people it is believed that this ficus is able to give a person the ability to more clearly articulate thoughts, as well as a better conviction of the interlocutor. On the other hand, this plant allows you to get rid of excessive talkativeness and a propensity to lie, helps to control their speech.

For financial well-being

As a rule, trees with fleshy green leaves are considered cash. But it is also programmed to attract money to a house, as well as to welfare. To do this, you will need to regularly ask him for help and adhere to proper care, while not allowing a massive loss of leaves.

It is also recommended to transplant the tree in a green pot and paste it on top with special materials. Also at the same time in the ground you need to bury a few coins - to attract their own kind.

To attract love

Also Benjamin's ficus contributes to happiness in his personal life and to strengthening relationships with his beloved person To this end, it must be planted (or transplanted) in a pink pot, preferably ceramic, and not of plastic. An additional advantage is the presence of hearts on the pot, which, by the way, can be drawn independently. In the process, several hearts are also added to the roots of the trees, it is important to talk with them about your problem and ask for help in love affairs.

For pregnancy

The plant also provides help to childless couples. In order for the long-awaited pregnancy to come, he must be placed in the matrimonial bedroom near the head of the bed and he should be provided with such thorough care as his baby - to water in a timely manner, wipe from dust accumulations, stroke the leaves, talk, use fertilizers.

Such actions extremely positively affect the hormonal background of a woman and lead to conception. New shoots appearing on the tree are also a very good sign.

It is important to attend to the choice of the right place for this plant, in which it will be able to maximize their abilities:

  1. Ancient teaching Feng Shui suggests that it will best manifest itself while being in the southeast side of the room. It is there that it will provide peace in the family and help you make the right decisions.
  2. When placing in the living room The tree will balance energy and attract only the right people to your home, and also contribute to the harmonization of relations between family members.
  3. Planted on the kitchen Ficus will attract financial well-being to the house, save from unforeseen expenses.
  4. In the bedroom The plant will provide you with a full night's sleep, relieve from nightmares and insomnia.
  5. Located at work the location of the plant will streamline the work process, accelerate the exit from conflict situations, and also reduce the level of conflict.
  6. It is not recommended to place the plant in the north-eastern or central parts of the room. - it is here that it will be the minimum effective impact on the energy of the room.