Dream interpretation

What dreams to get under the rain in a dream?


Water is a symbol of emotions in the esoteric tradition. When a person is upset, he cries - shed tears. And what dreams to get under the rain in a dream? The dream-books see in this plot a reflection of the emotional sphere of a person, the experience of daytime emotions and anxieties in a dream.

Interpretation of the national dream book

The image of rain in the night vision can foreshadow both happiness and misfortune. What is the reason? Interpretation depends on the emotional reaction of the dreamer to the events in the dream. The dream of rain expresses the spiritual experiences of man and is an echo of the day's events.

If a rain in a dream caused a pleasant feeling and filled the soul with happiness, this dream can be interpreted as positive. This story is especially important for a person who is under the pressure of emotions and has survived stress: relief will soon come, anxieties will give way to peace of mind and serenity:

  • cold drops of rain in a dream are a symbol of relaxation of tension;
  • warm streams of water wash away the accumulated negative and free from suffering.

If a streams of sky water caused discomfort, frost on the skin: for women, this plot heralds tears, and for men - unplanned spending.

Soak up the strings in the rain - to trouble and frustration. If a dream had to get wet together with a loved one, then, with a positive perception of this event, the dream foreshadows harmony and trust in the relationship.

Why dream heavy rain? Sleep has a twofold interpretation and depends on the emotions of the dreamer. If the vision of the flow of water caused joy, then favorable changes and fulfillment of all dreams and plans will come soon. If heavy rain caused fear, an unfavorable period and danger await the dreamer ahead.

Why dream rain or rain? Lightning, thunder and powerful streams of water express strong emotions. The dreamer expects aggravation of a conflict situation or a conflict is brewing. Rainfall with thunder can herald a noisy scandal. However, this interpretation of the plot takes place with a negative perception of the picture of the raging elements. If the dreamer has experienced happiness, then in reality it is not far off.

Watch the element from the window - to change in fate. They will be happy or unhappy, depending on the emotional response to the picture. To see the rain, to fall under the rain in a dream - always to important significant events in the life of the dreamer.

Other folk interpretations

What does walk in the rain in a dream? Walking under the warm trickles of water, causing pleasant emotions, - to good relationships with others.

To meet the rain - get ready to meet changes in life. For patients, this story foreshadows a speedy recovery, for prisoners - release from prison.

Run in the rain and try to find shelter - in reality you are afraid of responsibility and try to get away from solving important life issues. Fun to run under trickles of water - you know how to communicate with people, find a common language and are the soul of the team.

Open the umbrella during the rain - you have strong friendly support. The dreamer does not need to be afraid of difficulties - there is always someone to rely on in a difficult situation. Also, the umbrella symbolizes prudence and foresight of the dreamer - with your approach to life all the problems on the shoulder.

However, an umbrella can also have a negative meaning, if in a dream the sleeper was experiencing unpleasant emotions from the rain. Umbrella - an attempt to hide from the world, to protect themselves from communication, to withdraw into their own little world. Such an attitude towards life and people will inevitably lead to problems.

See unusual rain from meteorites - to surprise. If the dreamer has experienced rapturous emotions when seeing a fiery rain, a bright and unforgettable event will soon await him. To experience fear when seeing fire drops - to a natural anomaly or a catastrophe.

Interpretation of famous dream books

Dream for the whole family interprets the image of the rain as a foreshadowing of important events in the dreamer's life. Get under the rain, but stay dry - you will avoid responsibility for your actions or bad events.

  • See rain showers - to make responsible decisions, which can not be avoided.
  • Find shelter from the rain - to find a reliable patron in life.
  • Walking in the rain with an open umbrella - to prudent prudent actions.
  • If an acquaintance fell under a shower, he would have difficulty in life without help, he would not cope.
  • Mushroom rain dreams of happiness.
  • Rare large droplets of rain dream to meet with old acquaintances.
  • Feel cold drops of rain on your body and freeze to the disease.
  • Get under the rain, but stay dry - for quick healing.

See dirty raindrops - to slander behind the back. Get under the dirty rain - to avoid slander will not work. You will have to make an effort to launder your soiled name.

Dream Dream Meneghetti considers this plot a reflection of the inner world of the dreamer. The wall of rain - an attempt to escape from the world, to withdraw into themselves because of an inferiority complex. Man underestimates his importance to the world, considers himself an outsider in life.

Autumn dream interprets the image of the warm summer rain as a harbinger of good luck in life. Rain and thunderstorms - to danger.

Russian people's dream book thinks that summer rain with a rainbow dreams of fulfilling a cherished dream, and rainfall foreshadows trouble. Fall under the rain in a dream - to great trouble.

Erotic dream book interprets the warm mushroom rain as a foreshadowing of harmonious and warm relationships in the family. Autumn lingering rain foreshadows a cold snap in relations with loved ones: between you and your beloved there will be a wall of misunderstanding and alienation.

Dream Medea interprets the vision of a warm summer rain to good events in his personal life: love, joy, understanding and happiness. Get under the streams of heavenly water - to great delight. Autumn rainy weather - to obstacles in business.

Esoteric dream book interprets this dream as a purification of a person from negative energies. Get wet in the rain - get rid of bad.