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Prayer to Cyprian and Ustinje from witchcraft, evil eye and damage


Damage and the evil eye is afraid of everyone, even the one who is skeptical about witchcraft. These magical influences are characterized by a strong negative energy message towards the victim and have a destructive effect on her life program, and sometimes end in death. A powerful means of protection against negative witchcraft, damage and the evil eye is the Orthodox prayer to Cyprian and Ustinje (Justine).

What are the signs to recognize damage and the evil eye

Under the influence of damage or the evil eye in the life of the victim abruptly begin bad changes. First of all, they affect the state of health, health and character of a person, then the general state of affairs begins to deteriorate, and troubles follow one after another. It is very important not to miss this moment and to recognize in a timely manner the victim’s symptoms of a negative spellcasting effect. Damage and often manifest themselves in the form of the following symptoms:

  • regular and non-passing headaches and weakness;
  • feeling tired and powerless;
  • regular diseases that are not amenable to traditional medical treatment;
  • constant anxiety, insecurity;
  • voices in the head, calling for the commission of terrible deeds;
  • sudden and gratuitous attacks of aggression, anger, inadequacy;
  • loss of interest in life;
  • a depressive state when the world around us begins to be seen only in gloomy tones;
  • conflicts and quarrels with relatives and relatives. The victim moves away from his friends, begins to see enemies in them, and reaches for his enemies;
  • the development of addictions (addiction to alcohol, drugs, promiscuous sex);
  • as from a horn of plenty, troubles begin to fall on a person.

The evil eye and damage can be very strong - under the influence of some of these rites, the victim can even die out in a matter of seconds, sharply and unexpectedly for all those around him. The prayer of Cyprian and Justine, which protects against all kinds of dark sorcery, will help to avoid this.

Protective prayer for Cyprian and Justine

The prayer, directed to Cyprian and Justine, helps the prayer to receive the support of higher powers and to protect himself from the influence of black magic. It is both a reliable invisible shield and a powerful weapon that mercilessly combats any witchcraft. The prayer text also has a good healing effect on a person who has already become a victim of damage or the evil eye. The proof of the effectiveness of the prayer to Cyprian and Justine is the numerous testimonies of those who have tried its effect on themselves and their loved ones.

With the help of protection from evil spells, one can turn both to the most holy martyr Cyprian, and to Cyprian and Justin together.

Cyprian's prayer against evil and the evil eye

Prayer can be read by people with a rich magical experience, as well as beginners. The text should be pronounced 40 times:

The protective forces of this prayer will increase at times if, after its utterance, the performer turns to visualization and presents in the most colorful and detailed way the dark forces leave it.

Prayer to Cyprian and Justine for protection from witchcraft

A prayer text addressed to the holy martyr Cyprian and the martyr Justina is pronounced in the morning dawn, when the sun begins to rise from the horizon. The performer must repeat the words 7 times, facing the day-star:

After reading the prayer for seven times, the person praying must wash in running water and say:

“I wash away with the eye the evil eye, damage and dark witchcraft. As the water goes from the face, and then everything is bad. Amen!"

Such a ritual can be performed in a few weeks - until relief. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to say a prayer. "Our Father" - in the morning and in the evening, several times a few weeks in a row.

Ancient prayer for protection from the dark forces of Cyprianus and Justine

Appeal to Justin and Cyprian with a request to protect against dark witchcraft can be another prayer. This text, characterized by a special power, came to us from deep antiquity. It is necessary to read it, with your face turned to the east, at least 12 times a day, for several weeks. The greatest effect will be achieved when reading in the predawn hours. Words of prayer:

In this video, you can listen to another prayer from the evil forces of these saints:

If a child suffers from the evil eye

Unfortunately, negative sorcery effects, unfortunately, can affect not only a person’s adult - children often suffer from it, especially up to the age of 7 years (in the first 7 years of their lives, little children are most vulnerable).

Most often, the child may suffer from the evil eye, and in most cases it occurs unintentionally. Protect the baby will help protect the prayer, directed to Cyprian. She should be pronounced by a female relative (mother, grandmother, aunt or sister). In the process of uttering a prayer, the child should sit on the hands of the performer of the rite. You need to read the text three times:

For better results, the protective prayer text should be read once a week, for several weeks in a row. The same words can be used as a prayer from the evil eye of the child, if there is a suspicion of its presence. In this case, the rite is performed daily until the crumb recovers.

From the life of Cyprian and Justina

Why is it customary to turn to the martyrs Cyprian and Justin with a prayer for protection from envy, damage, the evil eye and any negative witchcraft? The answer to this question is the biography of St. Cyprian and Justina.

Cyprian, the future great martyr and saint, was educated in the company of pagan warriors from the age of 7, acquainted with the basics of dark sorcery (witchcraft). As a result, by the age of 30 he became a master of black magic, a skilled sorcerer. Cyprian served the forces of evil, taught the same to all who wished, received the glory of a soul-killer. People turned to him with requests for magical effects and were ready to pay any amount of money for his work.

In the same city lived the righteous Christian Justina. She was pure and innocent, regularly attended the temple, observed all the canons of the Church, and called herself the bride of Christ. Something rich looked at her somehow, but Justina was adamant. The rich man turned to Cyprian for help, asked to bewitch her. The sorcerer did his best, sent demons and even the devil himself to Justin, subjected his relatives to the terrible suffering and dangers, but his attempts failed. The girl continued to pray to God and ask for His protection, and the Lord protected the righteous Christian.

When Cyprian realized that Justin would not deny the Almighty, he broke off all his ties with the master of darkness, burned all the magic books and turned into the Christian faith, prayed earnestly, asked the Creator for forgiveness for all his sins. He wrote many Christian works, praised the Lord for the rest of his life.

The saints refused to worship a pagan idol, because of which they were forced to face persecution and endure a lot of suffering and suffering for their faith. In the end, they were executed, and then their bodies were thrown into the street. The dead Cyprian and Justin were secretly taken to Rome and there they were buried. On the graves of Cyprian and Justina, miracles still continue to be performed.