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Conspiracy against the evil eye: rituals for all occasions


Almost every person has heard about the evil eye, and of course, no one would like to be his victim. However, unfortunately, no one is insured against negative types of energy impact. If the influence of evil charms has already touched you, or someone from your family, try to apply a plot against the evil eye - a tool whose effectiveness was verified by our distant ancestors.

What is the evil eye and damage?

The evil eye is the direct impact of negative energy on a person, which occurs at the informational level and leads to a violation of his energy protection. In contrast to another kind of negative sorcery effect - damage, the evil eye has a weaker effect on the victim.

The evil eye, most often, arises unconsciously - when a stream of information containing a negative message is sent to a person: it can be praise, a compliment made with bad thoughts, with envy.

The result of this negative impact are bad luck and failure - they literally begin to pursue the victim on the heels. It also quite often causes serious damage to health, in which drug treatment is useless.

Not always the evil eye feels the victim immediately. If a person is overwhelmed with positive energy, his body is in good shape, at first he can resist negative effects. But over time, the disease breaks a gap in the victim’s biofield through which his (her) life energy begins to flow.

The plot against the evil eye is a simple but very powerful tool capable of overcoming an alien negative. There are a great many kinds of this magical ritual, but it is necessary to carry it out only with firm confidence in the presence of the evil eye on oneself, or on a close person.

Signs of the evil eye

How to diagnose the presence of the evil eye? This negative impact manifests itself through a number of signs. They are:

  • sudden deterioration of health and health. A person may experience general malaise, weakness, frequent headaches and dizziness, the nature of which defies medical explanation.
  • depression, apathy and indifference to everything;
  • insomnia, nightmares with increased realism, awakening in cold sweat;
  • troubles and setbacks covering all areas of the victim’s life;
  • sudden and unreasonable disruption of all plans;
  • deep guilt.

The presence of one or more of the above symptoms is likely to be evidence of the evil eye, but not always. You can determine for sure that a person has been adversely affected by using special magical rituals.

Rite to identify the evil eye

There are many techniques to help identify the evil eye on the person. I will describe the most simple and accurate.

Candle Ritual

The rite is fast and efficient, but it requires help from others (it is better to trust a loved one or a loved one who does not want you to be evil). You also need to prepare a candle - preferably a church one, but, as a last resort, you can get by with the usual one. The essence of the ceremony:

  1. Actions of a potential victim: sit on a chair, keep your back and head straight.
  2. Helper actions: bring the lit candle to the victim's head and drive it clockwise, follow the result.
  3. Score results: from the candle comes black smoke - obvious presence of the evil eye; melting wax (paraffin) is a black sign of spoilage.

This ritual can also perform the functions of a conspiracy against the evil eye and be used instead. To remove the disease, the candle that was used for the diagnosis, you need burn in open fire (stove, fireplace), or melt it completely and discard the leftovers.

Independent matchstick ritual

This independent ritual, used to diagnose the evil eye, also serves simultaneously as a means to eliminate the negative impact.

  1. Preparing for the ceremony: to sit at sunset at the table, put in front of you a glass of pure waterput next Matchbox, 9 matches Take out of the box and set aside.
  2. The content of the ceremony: take one pending match, ignite, holding it in front of your face and looking at its burning, to pronounce a plot from the evil eye: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Clean Heavenly Blood, Save and Preserve God's Slave (God's Slave) (his name) from every unkind eye, from a bad hour, from masculine and feminine, from childish and joyful, from slander and hated, from negotiation and evil. Amen (3 times)! ” After waiting for the flame of the match to reach the performer’s fingers, lower the match into the water. Do the same actions with all 9 matches (in the end, the plot is whispered 9 times).
  3. Evaluation of the results. Count the number of sunken matches: no drowned - there is no evil eye; sank 1-4 matches - light formwhich managed to be removed with the help of the performed ritual; 5-9 matches under water - strong evil eyerequiring the repetition of this rite on another day. If after the repetition of the ritual the sunken matches did not become less, it means that it is necessary to perform a more powerful ritual against the evil eye, or to turn to a professional magician for help.
  4. Completion of the rite. Without removing the matches from the glass, drink one sip of water from 4 sides of the glass with the words: “God help me, God forbid. Amen". The remains of water with matches together splash out into the street - through the threshold of the house, or out of the window.

The best rituals and plots to remove the evil eye

The old way “Grandma Salomonis”

This is an ancient powerful rite that even applies to eliminate damage. The character of the conspiracy — Grandma Salomonida — was the strongest ancient healer, able to heal people from any kind of negative witch influence. For the first time the text of the spell was published in the XV century, with success it is used in modern magic practice.

If the plot against the evil eye is applied for itself, then its text should be read in absolute solitude and darkness, if for a person of another, then in his presence. Plot text:

“There is a great sea in the east, a deep sea, a wide sea. There is a great island among that sea, on it is a stone church. The holy throne of pure gold stands in the church, the grandmother Salomonida sits on it. God's servant (name) will come to the island in the middle of the blue sea, come up to the golden throne and grandmother Salomonida, who swaddled Jesus Christ himself, wrapped Him in a silk belt, and threw an imperishable robe on His body. Grandma Salomonida, remove from God's servant (name) all evil eyes and troubles, all damages night and day, morning and evening, midnight and mid-peasant. How not to keep water in one fist, and the evil eye on God's servant (name) cannot hold on. As the gray goose swims in the water and floats up, shakes off the drops and remains dry, so the evil eye and the commotion from God's servant (name) will shrink and go. As the dew dries on the morning grass, so the eyes and the commotion will dry on God's servant (name). As the fire goes out from the water, so the power of the evil eye will go out and go out. Evil eyes and commotions, you go for the dark forests, in the black mud, where no man goes, the horse passes, where the dogs do not run, where the birds do not fly. Go to the quicksand, green moss - stay there and stay forever. That said, it will come true. Amen (3 times)! ”

On milk

One of the effective rituals to eliminate the evil eye. To perform the need: cow's milk, red candle, glass container, metal dishes, ordinary sponge. A rite is being done after the sunset of the daylight, alone. The order of the performer:

  1. Pour the milk into a glass container, put it on a table, place a lit red candle next to it.
  2. Take a sponge and moisten it in milk, wipe her face and neck with the words: “White milk cleans me. I am cleared of evil. White milk skin revives. I am reborn in the light. Amen!" Repeat all actions 2 more times (you get only 3 repetitions).
  3. After the third repetition in a metal dish you need to kindle a fire and burn a sponge in it with the words: “As black dirt from my skin burns in fire, so evil black burns in it, the lock doesn't hang on me”.
  4. You can blot your face and neck with a napkin, which then also needs to be burned. Also need to burn and candle ends. The remains of milk must be poured under any tree.

After the ritual, do not wash for 2-3 hours.

Plot from the evil eye to the water for washing

The person who has suffered from the negative should be washed with water. The text sounds like this:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen! Earthly king, sea king, heavenly king, have mercy and save God's servant (the name of the victim) from the eyes of a wicked and dashing man. Amen!"

To holy water

This conspiracy against the evil eye is whispered on the holy water taken in the temple. Sagged water is used daily for washing - morning and evening. Text:

“Lord God, bless the people of the whole Orthodox and me. Holy Mother of God, take you this water and wash away all the lessons and lessons from me. May this holy water be washed away from me with all enviable eyes and all hating glances, glances of women and men. Possessed, thought, repented, forged, stuck, whispered, let the holy water in itself take the envy of everything from God's servant (name of the victim). What is said will come true. Amen (3 times)! ”

In addition to washing with water, one must spray the clothes and bed of a person who has suffered from the evil eye, with all the corners and walls in his home, his working place.

Another way to look in the video:


In addition to the usual evil eye, induced by strangers, there is also a phenomenon that is called self-glazed For example, it can arise if a person is happy with some successful accomplishment, is cured of ailment, or simply praises himself for something.

To eliminate the self-eyes there is a special plot, which is pronounced in front of the mirror. The performer must look at his reflection while holding a lighted candle in his hands. The words are spoken three times:

"Take the mirror world, the damned evil eye, take it with you, hold it tightly, do not let it go anywhere and do not return it back."

After three times spelling the conspiracy the candle should be put on the window sill, let it burn to the end. Cinder need to throw or bury.

If jinxed child

Often young children fall prey to the evil eye. Baby biofield (especially in children under 7 years of age) is more vulnerable and easily exposed to negative effects. The most vulnerable to the influence of the evil eye are newborn babies. Therefore, parents immediately after the birth of a new family member must comply with certain measures that will help protect the child:

  • try not to show anyone the newborn child before baptism. The baptized child receives his personal Guardian Angel, which will protect him from all evil and evil influence;
  • you cannot admire and gaze at the sleeping baby for a long time - the restriction also applies to the parents themselves;
  • preferably over the sleeping baby to pronounce the prayers “Our Father” and “The Virgin Mary, Rejoice,” and also baptize him more often;
  • no one should be allowed to praise the baby. If, after all, this happened, you should force the compliant to immediately spit.

If the baby still could not be protected from the evil eye, special conspiracies will help the parents. It is better to read them from their own mother or mother of the cross.

On the water

It is necessary to wash the child and pour this water on the ground or on the floor, saying:

“Water from the candlestick, grief from the baby. Where did it come from, it merged there. Who on child with malice, ago with a writhing. Amen!"

On water and salt

Pour 3 pinches of salt into the water, saying in a whisper:

“Light-sir, yes, Mother of God, you help me, with God's servant (with God's baby - for children under 7 years old) (name of the child) remove the evil eye. Amen!"

It is necessary to wash this child with water. The towel can not be used - the water itself should dry on the skin.

Smoke plot on pin

This plot removes the evil eye and also performs a protective function. For the ritual, you need to prepare a new pin and needles (preferably from juniper) - it must be pre-washed and dried. Pine needles in metal dishes, set fire to a match, wait until heavy smoke goes. In this smoke you have to keep a pin and utter a conspiracy:

“Black smoke, protect, protect from trouble, drive away the anger, the guard (baby's name) stand up. ”

A smoke-pinched pin should be attached to the inside of the child’s clothing — opposite the heart area.