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Plots against rats and mice: we get rid of rodents with the help of magic


If for rodents the human dwelling is food and shelter, then for the person himself the life next to the rodents is an unpleasant and undesirable neighborhood, from which he hurries to get rid as soon as possible. For this purpose, various poisoning preparations and expensive devices that scare rats and mice are often used, and not always, unfortunately, they prove to be effective. Magic offers a more humane and safer method of dealing with these household pests - plots against rats and mice.

Features conspiracy against rodents

Plot from rats and mice - This is a ritual from the field of white household magic, conducted with the aim of expelling pests from a squad of rodents from a human dwelling. Rites of this nature were used in the old days, so their effectiveness is proven in practice.

According to their main purpose, conspiracies against rats and mice are divided into:

  • universal rituals;
  • rituals specific orientation.

Universal rites promote the expulsion from the house or apartment of a person of any kind of unwanted living creatures. The second group of conspiracies operates in relation to any one particular type of rodent - only mice or only rats.

The maximum result from the use of conspiracies against rats and mice depends on several components:

  • strong and conscious desire of the performer to expel pests from their homes;
  • perfect adherence to all actions and conditions listed in the instructions for the ceremony;
  • a clear view of the conspiracy. In the process of ritual it is useful to visualize, imagining in your mind the relief and comfort that will come in the house after the disappearance of annoying rodents.

Like all witchcraft rituals to eliminate something, conspiracies against rats and mice should be carried out in moon decay phase. You should not be afraid to use them - these rituals are completely safe, as they relate to the arsenal of bright everyday magic and pursue a good goal for the performer. In addition, conspiracies against mice and rats can significantly save on the purchase of expensive pest control, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the ritual performer's wallet.

The most powerful conspiracy against rats and mice

Universal rite of household rodents

This conspiracy in a short time helps to expel any harmful rodents from a person’s home. From the performer will need to find on the street stone the size of a fist of an adult and bring him home. Found cobblestone need to put on a plate (chopped or cracked is better), then put this plate in the house in the room where there is the greatest concentration of mice and rats. An important condition is to enter this room backwards. As soon as the plate with the stone takes its place, the performer utters a conspiracy:

“I brought (la) I, God's servant (s) (my name), a stone for a gnawing tribe. Let the tribe gnaw at this stone, but do not touch my house and my goodness ”.

Conspiracy words can be repeated several times in a row - listen to your intuition. The cobblestone plate should remain in the room until the rodents have left the human dwelling.

Universal prayer to remove rodents from the house

This prayer, which helps to get rid of unwanted living creatures in the form of rats and mice, should be pronounced by the performer when the light is off - at sunset, on Thursday, in the phase of the waning moon. It will also require a lit candle (the church’s best) - they put it on the table, and then the text of the prayer is pronounced:

“I will pray, God's servant (s) (his name) to the Lord God and all the saints. Good God, help me, save my house from this day to the holy Sabbath. King Pahanin had as many as 12 wives, but from 12 eleven became, and from 11 - ten. With 10 wives, they were nine, with 9 wives - eight, with 8 wives - seven, with 7 wives - six, with 6 wives - five, with 5 wives - four, with 4 wives - three, from 3 wives - two, from 2 wives - one, and from one wife - not one. All the wives of the king were transferred, all the wives were gone. In the same way, with me, the slave (s) of God (my name), by the grace of the Lord God, all mice and rats will disappear from the house, they will leave. But whoever does not leave, he will find his death. That said, it will come true. Amen (3 times)! ”

If you comply with all requirements, this prayer will permanently remove harmful rodents from your home.

A strong conspiracy against mice - on the thing of the deceased person

The magical power of this rite from mice lies in the fact that he uses the energy of the afterlife. The source of this energy - some a thing that belonged to a dead person (it is not necessary that the deceased be a relative of the conspirator). Requirement: this thing after the death of its rightful owner no one should use (otherwise, its energy will not be the same). To perform the ritual will also need to specifically buy one church candle.

After the daylight has entered, the performer must remain in the room alone, light a candle, and put a thing of another person in the world next to her and say a word to her:

“As the servant (s) of God (s) (deceased or deceased's name) has left (left) his home, just as he (a) never returns to his home, even if the mice leave the home of God (s) slave (s) (your name) and never return. Let them run fast, let their legs go away. But whoever does not leave them, does not leave my house - death will await him. I close my words with the key and throw the key into the earth damp. The key is of pure steel - do not grind off the worms, do not chew rodents. Amen!"

After the end of the ceremony, the plotted object, which belonged to the dead, must be taken out of the room and put in that part of the dwelling where the traces of the activity of mice are most noticeable. This thing should not be touched by anyone until the rodents have left the performer’s house. When this happens, the plotted object should be carried away from its yard and buried in the ground (for example, in the nearest forest) - it is impossible that someone from living people would use this thing in the future.

Plot against rats on Easter candle

For the ritual will need candlebought on the eve of Easter. It should be burned exactly in half, and put the candle in the room, which was chosen by the rats, with the words:

“Candles priests sanctified, forgive my sins and let go. So I let go of rats and mice from myself. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen!"

It is important that the performer of the ritual enter into this room backwards and in the same way leave it.

Rite against rats and mice on stones and church candles

Preparation for the ritual:

  1. Count number of entrances in your home (this includes all windows, doors, chimneys, etc. - all where there is access to the street).
  2. Go to the temple and buy there candles - Exactly in the number of entries.
  3. Walk to the nearest reservoir (river, stream) and find the same number there washed with water, flat stones.

Rite process:

  1. Attach one pebble to each candle.
  2. Place candles with stones next to each of the entrances.
  3. Light every candle by saying:

    “The witch walked in the black night, pasyuk grazed, lost in my home, and now be therefore: what she wants to gnaw rats, break her teeth about that. As soon as the church candle burns down, the word witch burns right there ”.

  4. Give candles completely burn out. Cross each stone and knock it on the floor 4 times.

Completion of the ritual: get up the next day before dawn, immediately remove all the stones from your house and leave them at the crossroads.

A conspiracy against mice on junk and trash

A strong ritual is held on Pure Thursday. To perform the need fabric bag. The content of the ceremony:

  1. Clean up the garbage from all corners of the dwelling, collect all the old and unnecessary things, especially those affected by the teeth and the vital activity of rodents.
  2. Fold everything in a fabric bag, tie it tightly and carry it to the crossroads of 4 roads.
  3. Bury the bag of junk and garbage in a small pit (it is better to dig it at the intersection in advance). In the process of reading the plot:

“As iron sinks in water, so will you, the reptiles, go to hell, to complete hell, to boiling resin. In the world of white you do not live, do not trample grass-ants, do not see copper dew, do not eat white wheat. I implore you, mice, with a conspiracy! ”

From the intersection should go without turning around.