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What dreams of a wedding ring on the finger by the dream book


Let's try to figure out what dream of a wedding ring on a finger. Does such a dream mean that it is worth waiting for a proposal from your chosen one, or does the dream harbor some other meaning? Interpretations of dream books depend on what happened in the dream, how the plot developed, how you felt when you saw the symbol of marriage on your finger.

To make the interpretation as accurate as possible, remember the dream in great detail. It is best to record it immediately after waking up.

Why dream of a wedding ring?

To dream of a wedding ring on your finger - why do you dream such a dream? Here are the interpretations collected from many popular dream books:

  • Idiomatic dream book. An unmarried girl is dreaming of a wedding ring to the appearance in her life of a new sexual partner. It is possible that a serious relationship will be established with this man, because he is an extraordinary and interesting person.
  • But if the ring dreamed of a married lady, we can expect a surge of passion in the marital relationship. The husband will look at you in a new way, it feels like he fell in love with you again, just like at the very beginning of marriage
  • The authors of the old dream books thought a little differently: if an unmarried and very young girl saw a wedding ring in a dream, very soon she would receive a marriage proposal from a decent man. And marriage will be extremely successful - it is a relationship full of love and harmony
  • According to the French dream book, a wedding ring foreshadows a successful marriage, regardless of whether the man or woman had a dream. The union will be strong, indestructible, the couple will have several children
  • If you dream that you get a wedding ring as a gift, try to remember the face of the donor. Most likely it is a person secretly in love with you. It is worth paying attention to him in real life - this man is ready to move mountains for the sake of your favor
  • Miller’s dream book states that if a married woman dreams of a wedding ring, soon her husband will pay attention to another woman. It should be vigilant and do not let your opponent destroy the marriage
  • If the ring in a dream shines brightly and shimmers in the sun, you are under the reliable protection of the guardian angel. He protects you from evil tongues, does not allow enemies to harm you, and gossips - to ruin the reputation
  • They interpret a dream in a different way, in which you see a wedding ring not on your finger, but put on by an outsider with whom you are very familiar in real life. Such a dream foreshadows: your reputation will be ruined, you will lose credibility in the eyes of others. And the reason will be some kind of your rash act
  • In the Ukrainian dream book, a wedding ring, seen in a dream, is an unfavorable sign if the jewelry is made of white metal or silver. Then we should expect unpleasant events in the near future.
  • But if the gold decoration and dreamed of an unmarried girl, she would soon tie herself to marry a pleasant young man

These are the predictions made in the most popular dream books.

More interpretations

There are less well-known dream books, but their predictions can also be trusted. Remember your dream and look for matches in the following list:

  • Silver wedding ring dreams of financial difficulties. Your financial situation will falter. It is necessary to treat work more responsibly, and in relationships with colleagues and partners to become more attentive, then you will avoid trouble
  • A ring of silver metal, dreamed of a girl, foreshadows a quarrel with a loved one. Try not to provoke conflicts, and then you can get around them
  • If a wedding ring on a finger occurs in a dream after the marriage ceremony, you need to be wary of new acquaintances. Such a dream promises a young girl acquaintance with a conman who, under the guise of love, will try to use her for her own selfish interests.
  • If a dream with a wedding ring dreamed in the winter - this is to parting or a long separation from your loved one. It is also possible a series of serious conflicts with parents or other very close people.

Do not be upset if the dream prediction promises adverse events. You can easily avoid them if you act correctly in a conflict situation.

Lose ring in a dream

What foreshadows a dream in which you see a wedding ring, but then lose the decoration:

  • The loss of the ring dreams of an unmarried girl. Be careful and behave with dignity, otherwise your reputation will be under serious threat. You are surrounded by enviers, who are just waiting for the opportunity to put you in a bad light before others
  • Do you see in your sleep how the decoration slowly slides off your finger and then falls to the floor with a loud bang? Expect serious conflicts with relatives or with a loved one. In order not to provoke a quarrel, try to behave as correctly as possible.
  • Is it a dream that your jewelry is stolen? If you are a married woman, such a dream foreshadows adultery spouse. But he will quickly cool down to his rival and will want to return to the family, and you will have to decide whether to forgive the traitor or not.
  • If a wedding ring, which then disappears, the man dreams, it is the opposite, a favorable sign. Such a dream promises dizzying success in business. You make a good bargain, get a promotion at work or unexpectedly win a large amount of money.
  • If you dream that you are removing the decoration from your finger with your own hands, wait for a strong quarrel with a close friend. He will be guilty - will commit a serious offense that you can not forgive

Listen to the predictions of dream books - they can indicate a solution to problems, point in the right direction. And look in the video, what else can a ring dream about: