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Mantra of universal peace of happiness and harmony


A person may face the fact that he lacks his own energy to cope with the surrounding reality, but something remains unchanged - we all dream of achieving complete harmony with ourselves and with the world around us.

It is sad to realize that reality often does not correspond to a balanced perfection, we have to spend huge amounts of energy to solve everyday problems - to provide ourselves with material goods and all the necessary things, work, communicate with other people and so on. In this case, you are shown the mantra of peace, happiness and harmony, which will help you to tune in to the right wave of good mood, getting rid of worries and anxieties.

We bring to your attention examples of effective mantras, with the help of which you can calm your mind and be filled with positive energy of joy, peace, relaxation.

Mantra of calm

Repeat the words of the following holy text throughout the day.

"Aum shri saatcha maaha prahabhu ki jay paaraam tma kii jay aum shaanti shaanti shaanti aum".

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Mantra of peace of happiness and harmony

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that every person who turned to the sacred text for help will receive exactly what he currently lacks in order to find spiritual balance, peace and supreme grace.

Regularly listening and reading the mantra, you will get rid of any worries, vain fears, doubts and anxieties will leave you once and for all. From the inside, you will be filled with extraordinarily positive life-giving energy.

The mantra of universal calm helps to restore the disturbed energy balance, heals from various physical pathologies. She also has a cleansing effect on the energy of the person and the surrounding space.

The following is the text of the magic mantra


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It is recommended to read or listen to the divine song in the morning, as well as before going to bed, when your consciousness is the most pure and devoid of negative surrounding information.

It is important to follow certain rules to maximize the power of sacred texts:

  1. The process of reading mantra is a kind of meditation. It is necessary to concentrate as precisely as possible on the sound of the mantra, turning away from unnecessary thoughts and problems of the reality around us.
  2. The important point - the mantra is read in the original, without sound distortion. But it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the literary translation of the divine song. Find out what deity is being addressed in this mantra, what qualities it has.
  3. The total number of repetitions of the divine song should reach one hundred and eight in one cycle. The number one hundred and eight is taken not by chance - it has a deep sacred meaning. So the unit is the personification of a single deity, a manifestation of divine energy. Zero is the perfection of divine creation, and the eight is the personification of eternity.

To facilitate the process of reading help rosary. When you go through them, you automatically calm down even more and can concentrate on your problem. In addition, the rosaries used to read mantras are filled with strong positive energy and can subsequently act as a talisman.

  1. Regularity. If you want to achieve a good result - repeat the mantra regularly with the same frequency. It is worth choosing for yourself the most suitable practice, which does not take too much time and will allow you to get the desired effect. It is better to repeat the mantra in one cycle per day, but strictly constantly.
  2. Suitable and listening to mantras, for example, while traveling in public transport. It also has the necessary effect.

The word "mantra", if translated from Sanskrit, is a combination of two words - "manas" - means sanity, and "traya" means purification or liberation. In the literal sense of the word, mantra is the cleansing of our mind.

You have to realize that mantra is not just a combination of certain sounds, the sound vibrations they cause contribute to the purification of our consciousness. Recently, it has been scientifically established that sound has a tremendous force on the human body and mind.

Therefore, mantras have a huge impact on us and on how we perceive the surrounding reality. In the process of their creation, the main laws of the Universe were taken into account. Different mantras are formed by syllables, separate sounds that have a deep meaning - you can use the magic Om sound as a sample, most often used in mantras.

For this reason, it is important to pronounce the mantra very accurately and deliberately. Today, you may be confronted by the fact that people are beginning to “invent” their own variations of mantras. Do not be like them and make the same mistake. Time-tested mantras do not violate the Universal Laws and allow you to fill with the necessary kind of energy without negative consequences.

With their help, you release your mind from anxiety, become more positive, peaceful, filled with harmony and love.

Regular practice of the mantras of universal peace, happiness and harmony will allow you to get rid of any negative information that litters your subconscious, as well as give you the joy of life, the necessary harmony and a sense of inner happiness. Your life will begin to change rapidly in a positive way!