Dream interpretation

Charm Alatyr


Alatyr is a sacred stone on which the laws of the universe were carved by the god Svarog. According to legend, the place where the stone is located is considered a paradise - the gods rested there. The word "altar" originated from the word "alatyr". And today, alatyr-charm has a great power to protect the home and family. The article discusses options for creating a talisman and the activation of characters.

Charm for the whole family

Alatyr is a solar (solar) symbol and carries a positive charge of energy. The shape of the amulet is an eight-pointed star in a circle. Alatyr amulet - the value of the symbol lies in the development and movement. In ancient Russia, alatyr was considered the main talisman and was depicted on utensils and clothes.

Using the amulet implies certain goals:

  • protect the family from negativity and witchcraft;
  • to awaken spirituality in man;
  • attract harmonizing energy;
  • increase the energy of man.

The owner of the ward gets strength for the fulfillment of desires, health and well-being. However, the properties of the symbol can not be used to harm others, otherwise it will lose power. A person who wears alatyr-charm should keep the purity of thoughts and intentions.

Amulet helps in spiritual development and formation, protects against negative thoughts and intentions. In terms of health - strengthens the immune system. If a person is sick, the amulet helps to quickly deal with the disease by activating the vital resources of the body.

The symbol gives heavenly grace to its master, fills it with solar energy and saves it from any evil. Charm can be worn to women and men, the elderly and young children. Also, the symbol protects the dead in the afterlife.

Protecting women keeps them from diseases and aging, helps in pregnancy and childbirth. Men amulet gives strength and confidence, the elderly - longevity and health. Alatyr keeps little children from evil views and injuries, helps students in their studies.

Types of amulet

There are several coastal forms with the symbolism of Alatyr:

  • proper guardian;
  • Atyr-shield;
  • altyr-star.

In the coastal symbol, the sun's rays diverge evenly in different directions, the shield is up / down and right / left beams. It is considered that the coastal symbol of Alatyr is suitable for use by any person, as it reflects the universal laws of the universe.

The star is a tandem of two crosses - straight and oblique. The straight cross symbolizes the masculine principle, and the oblique symbolizes the feminine. This is reminiscent of the Chinese combination of yin-yang, the unity of opposites, harmony in general.

The central point of connection of all the rays of the star symbolizes the actual stone alatyr. As a result of the combination of eight rays and a central point, a sacred number nine is obtained, which, according to the ideas of the ancient Slavs, personifies the essence of the Supreme Family.

The number nine consists of three pairs of triples, which symbolizes the essence of God's creation, the center of creative power. The number eight reflects the cycle of the main annual holidays of the Slavs - the circle of swozhi. Also, the eight symbolizes the continuity and infinity of rebirth, the immutability of the universe.

Since the Atyr amber is a combination of basic symbols, the remaining Slavic amulets and amulets are considered to be its partial manifestation.

The main symbols of Alatyr are as follows:

  • count;
  • eight colors;
  • cross;
  • triglav

According to ancient beliefs, Alytir keeps all the knowledge and wisdomtherefore, this symbol is especially revered and honored by warlocks and magicians. The symbol combines the consciousness and subconsciousness of a person, being the cornerstone of finding the truth.

It is believed that the owner of Alatyr opens secret knowledge and prophecies, he finds the true meaning of life and world wisdom.

Use of amulet

What to do with amulet, how to wear? The symbol of Alatyr can be engraved on a tree of similar sex (for men - ash, maple and others; for women - birch, alder and others). Before working on the charm, you need to be well prepared: clean the room, steam the body in the bath.

It is necessary to make the amulet on the east side - turn to the east face. After the artifact is created, it is necessary to hold it under the sunlight to charge - from sunrise to sunset.. If the day is overcast, the rite should be postponed until favorable sunny weather. Every six months, the artifact is recharged by sunlight.

If you purchased a store charm, it must be cleaned.. For this, the artifact is placed under running water for several hours. The ideal option is to clean the creek or natural source. After cleansing, the artifact is charged with sunlight. In the process of using metal products are contaminated. The charm is subjected to a cleaning procedure using sand as the metal is contaminated.

Other options for the use of the charm

In the old solar symbol embroidered on clothes, decorated with bedding sets and cut them on a wooden dish. If you want to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse for a long time, you can embroider a symbol on bed linen. However, it is necessary to wash such a set with your hands and with the help of natural products - laundry soap.

If the artifact is deformed or broken, it is necessary to get rid of it. Any breakage speaks of an energy strike that the charm took upon itself. A wooden product is given to the fire with words of gratitude, the metal amulet must be melted.

If you do not know how to work on wood, You can create a paper charm and wax it. To do this, draw the symbols on a thick cardboard or sheet, and then dip them into the melted wax. However, it is inconvenient to wear such an artifact on the body - it can be put in a purse or a compartment in a bag. If the plate is deformed, it is burned on fire with words of gratitude.

What does the loss of a talisman mean? This is a sign that Alatyr served his time. In this case, you need to mentally address the words of gratitude to the Gd for the protection, then acquire a new amulet.