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Torsion field: where it is formed, how to use its influence on a person


Throughout the history of mankind, our consciousness has improved thanks to the knowledge and achievements of science. However, some layers of information from the general public deliberately concealed, for example, the presence and properties of torsion fields. I had to meet this term in the scientific literature, but their role in the life of people was not completely understood. Therefore, let's understand together.

Torsion fields - what is it

The world around us consists of living and inanimate matter, which is in visible or invisible movement. The man himself is a complex system, covered by the frequency torsion field, which is generated by the torsion of space. Matter around us, together with our sensations, exists in 5 states - a solid, a liquid and a gaseous state, elementary particles, a physical vacuum.

In the course of studying the properties of vacuum, a hypothesis was put forward about physically existing fields of a new type, called torsion fields. Intangible structures arise as a result of rotation or torsion (eng. Torsion) of any kind of matter, which leads to the formation of microvortices. Their source is recognized as the spin, which is a variant of the angular rotation moment.

Due to the influence of elementary particles, nature is penetrated by fields, and all objects, living and non-living, generate fields, among them there is a torsion one:

  • a particle having a charge becomes a source of electromagnetic field;
  • a particle possessing a mass surrounds itself with a gravitational field;
  • a particle endowed with torque (spin) creates torsion fields.

The hypothesis about the existing physical field generated by the rotation of space was first put forward by mathematician Elie Cartan back in 1913. The theoretical rationale for the scientist guess was obtained in 1993, based on the existence of the elusive Higgs boson, which causes gravity.

The unique properties of torsion fields

Since living matter consists of electrons and atoms prone to rotation, the human body turns into a generator of its own torsion field, which has become an information map of external and internal aspects. In each of our cells are stored data on his mental and physical activity, perfect under the influence of field radiation.

A person is penetrated by torsion fields, the centers of their invisible energy centers correspond to the chakras. The higher the chakra is located in the body, the more the energy frequency of the rotational radiation increases. According to scientists, the torsion field of a reasonable living object forms the environment, spreading information about the individual, which allows them to be classified as information structures.

There is an assumption that torsion fields are of two directions:

  • positively oriented structure is associated with good thoughts and words;
  • the structure of the negative direction has traces of evil thoughts and swearing.

It has been scientifically established that right-hand rotation is characteristic of a torsion field of a person. Isolated cases of rotation to the left are not excluded, but people have the ability to change torsion radiation. For example, variations in the rhythm of breathing can change the polarity of the field radiation, while holding the breath to increase the field intensity. The process of thinking also changes the structure of the torsion field emitted by the brain, which in turn is subject to the influence of external spin structures.

What is the uniqueness of the vortex flows:

  • able to pass through any objects without losing their energy or carrying it;
  • have a tendency to self-generating, but in the presence of an electromagnetic field;
  • always present in the electromagnetic fields generated by the devices;
  • possessing memory, able to polarize the vacuum, stabilizing it;
  • The magnitude of the potential of a torsion wave is not related to the distance to its source of radiation.

It has been established that hypothetical fields of the right-sided type contribute to the improvement of people's well-being by enhancing the metabolic processes in the body. Left-handed eddies that contribute to the deterioration of health are present in the territory of geopathic zones.

For home appliances and electronics, left-sided radiation is typical. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a distance, placing the devices in the space of their housing.

Man at the center of the influence of torsion whirls

From the middle of the 20th century, Soviet theoretical physicists G.I. were engaged in studying eddy flows. Shipov and A.E. Akimov, but their conclusions did not recognize the scientific community, calling the arguments a pseudo-theory. According to Akimov, a person is not deprived of the possibility of physical contact with the Absolute directly with the help of a unique tool - prayer. One of the prayers composed by the Optina elders is recognized to be the most powerful address to God, possessing a special power of energy influence through vortex flows:

In the modern sense, a torsion wave generated by a living object is its biofield containing all information about an individual. Unlike an inanimate object that also has an aura, people are able to change the direction of their biofield with their own thoughts and words. Why use the help of torsion technologies:

  • to lift the veil of the future;
  • predict the fate of a person from his photo;
  • find happiness, understand the meaning of life;
  • get access to communication with the Higher Forces;
  • get rid of disease, get protection.

The unique property of the vortex flows of not only positive but also negative plan against the background of the highest penetrating power allowed to erase the line between images of consciousness and material objects. Under the influence of the theory of information vortices that change space, a fantastic opportunity has emerged to merge the human mind, armed with the achievements of science, with faith in God, with the help of Higher Forces.

For Tibetan monks familiar with the methods of interaction at the energy level, it was not difficult to cure many diseases, including madness. Thanks to spiritual practices and the technique of meditation, as well as the theory of energy centers (chakras), the lamas repeatedly enhanced the potential of their own energy for the correction of the patient's biofield.

Possession of exceptional skills, available mainly to psychics and clairvoyants, was used behind the scenes in our country. At the end of the last century, such a practice of using torsion fields to help people was occupied by Juna Davitashvili, whose services were used by top government officials.

The history of civilization keeps the memory of unique people, torsion whirlwinds which rotated in unison with the flows of the Higher Forces. At all times they were called messengers of God, among them are Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha, Abraham, Mohammed. Sacred personalities of different nations had the ability to receive direct information on a subconscious level through the flow of torsion fields to put it in words in a form acceptable to the people of that time.

If the frequency of the torsion field decreases, there is a dissonance with a similar structure of the Higher Mind. This leads to the appearance of biological and body problems in a biological object. A person falls into alcoholism or drug addiction, suffers from a variety of diseases, fanaticism, not excluding anger and hatred. Subjects that have become governed without their own opinion become slaves or biorobots.

At all times there were people with high skill in various areas of life. This is the result of the use of pervasive energy flows. Correction of the torsion field in order to obtain a gift or healing is a dangerous procedure, available only to a real psychic or healer endowed with a divine gift. The lack of knowledge about the secrets of possession of high energies leads to serious consequences (karmic) for a person, into whose aura an unqualified invasion has been made.

The process of twisting the vortexes of the Subtle World that store information, our consciousness associates with the category of Good, the fact of erasing information (unwinding) is perceived in the form of Evil. The opposition of good and evil manifests the belonging of a person not only to the physical, but also to the Subtle World, the dwelling place of the Spirits.

Let's sum up

The idea of ​​rotating streams permeating matter contributes to solving problems of consciousness and ways of thinking to create a general picture of the perception of the world. The influence of torsion fields can be explained by the magic of everyday life events. For example, the deja vu effect is the result of anticipating a situation due to the energy vortices you generate. They supply you with the right information at a certain point in time.

Learn to organize your thoughts and attitudes so that life does not overshadow the materialization of your fears. The psychics know about the materiality of thought, scientists already agree with them, and the commonwealth of science with the esoteric will help to create a reality favorable for you by means of the influence of torsion fields.