Dream interpretation

What dreams of a broken leg?


In dreams, legs symbolize the path chosen by man. Any objects or things related to the legs are associated with the road or the path traveled. This applies to shoes, clothing and other accessories. What dreams of a broken leg? The dream has a twofold interpretation - positive and negative. How to consider this issue of dream books?

Crucial moment

A broken limb prevents movement, and in a dream a broken leg also denotes difficulties in life's journey. This may concern health, financial well-being, or career progression.

Damaged limb - symbol of a turning point in life. However, the tipping point can be positive and negative. The hint in the dream will be clear to the person himself, because life situations are different for everyone. For one person, a tipping point can bring victory or relief from difficulties, while another subconscious points to the wrong direction of the path.

Sometimes the subconscious mind tries to point a person to a mistake - uncompromising behavior can break a friendship, as a result of which the dreamer loses good and good friends. Do I need to defend their principles to the detriment of good relations with others?

Fracture site

The accuracy of the interpretation will depend on the location of the damage to the leg bone:

  • knee-joint;
  • feet, thigh, fingers;
  • right / left leg.

Knee fracture, according to Miller, reflects the dreamer's fears. A dream can be a dream before a crucial event in a person's life - by making a fateful decision or public speaking. Also, a dream can warn about the beginning of a new life phase.

Hip injury may predict a temporary cessation of activity. During this period, a person will need the help of loved ones: both moral and material. Foot fracture may predict lower pay or lower pay.

Interestingly, the meaning of the interpretation of sleep may vary, depending on which foot was damaged. Right leg injury warns to be prudent and not to take responsibility for others; also, sleep does not advise taking responsibility for all matters at once. Fracture of the left leg advises to listen to your own intuition - she will point the right way.

Broken toes indicate the following:

  • Dream interpretation of the 21st century - the dreamer is in for trouble, tears due to a mistake made in the past;
  • Dream interpretation Ivanova predicts the negative impact of a bad person;
  • Dream Interpretation of Winter warns to refrain from advice when they are not asked for;
  • Dream Miller promises trouble and material need;
  • Dream Interpretation Longo offers a break from business, wait out the black bar of life.

Damaged toenail warns to be careful in financial matters so as not to lose their funds.

Other interpretations

If a man sees slender female legs, it foreshadows the fulfillment of the cherished dream. If the legs instantly deteriorate, break or explode - the dream did not come true.

Sleep about the accident with the participation of the dreamer is prophetic. If in the story the person had his legs broken due to the fault of the dreamer driving the vehicle, then for drivers it is a dream warning.

To see a dream with an accident on the eve of signing the contract - warning of danger. Carefully re-read the documents before putting your signature. Sleep on the eve of the trip advises her to cancel. If an accident occurred through the fault of another person, the dreamer will suffer because of someone's stupid mistakes.

Help a person with broken legs. - in reality, it will be possible to emerge unscathed from a difficult life situation, thanks to resourcefulness and intelligence. Dirty blood while helping out - reputation will be smeared. Wash off the blood from yourself - you can restore the good name.

Fall from a ladder in a dream on the eve of an important matter. - to failure. It is better to postpone the deal until better times, this moment is unfavorable to start any project. Seeing friends come to the rescue after a fall — in real life, you can count on their support.

If a no one came to the rescue after the fall, and strangers whisper and look at the dreamer with condemnation - in real life you are surrounded by ill-wishers who wish you harm.

Interpreters on fracture of the leg

Dream Miller thinks the dreamer is going the wrong way. The subconscious mind warns about the wrong direction, which will lead to a dead end. Perhaps the dreamer needs to change his place of work or occupation.

A married man dreams of a big unpleasant conversation with the second half. Sometimes a dream can warn of trouble in the long haul. If you had a dream on the eve of your trip, you should take care of your own safety. However, this does not apply to business trips - the trip is completed successfully and will bring profit.

Modern dream bookbelieves that the injured limb of another person warns of serious disagreements with people who may damage the reputation or negatively affect family well-being. Be careful and do not trust everyone.

Fracture in a close person also promises trouble: the dreamer will be tried to be dragged into a scam that ends in a big scandal. To avoid trouble, you should refuse a dubious offer. To see your own leg in a cast - to the disease.

English dream book believes that the dreamer will face trouble if he sees his own leg in a cast. This may concern the financial sector, business projects or personal life. If a close friend breaks a leg, the relationship with him will soon be tested for strength. If the friendship is strong, no negative events can break it.

Break a leg to a colleague in a dream - to compete. The dreamer will have to defend his position by any available methods.