Dream interpretation

Sign: smoke pillar


Signs about the weather checked for centuries and operate flawlessly. In the old days there were no meteorological stations: people guessed the weather changes by observing the stars, the behavior of animals, the accumulation of clouds in the sky, or the behavior of smoke from a chimney and thrust. Why sign: smoke pillar? Consider all the values.

Value will take

In the old days, signs were given special importance, because a lot depended on them - both the weather forecast and the time of sowing / harvest. In winter evenings, households gathered at the splinter, and the elders would tell the children the meaning of all to take about the weather. To make the signs better remembered, they rhymed into poems or folded proverbs.

Signs were divided into two categories - short-term and long-term. Short-term gave a forecast for a day or two ahead, long-term allowed to know the weather for the season ahead. Signs were important for hunters - they knew exactly whether to go to the forest to the beast or not. Omens could predict a snowstorm or sudden thaw, heavy rain or fair weather.

Sunsets, the behavior of wood in the stove, animal habits, clouds and stars could tell about the change in the weather. In the fall and winter, the weather was learned by the direction of smoke from a chimney, the nature of smoldering coal, or the noise of a flame.

Folk omens about smoke

Smoke determined the force of frost in winter, the forthcoming storm or snowfall. These natural phenomena could suddenly catch the traveler on the way or spoil the hunt for the beast - you can never return to the storm from the forest.

The weather was also important for anglers - predicted the melting of ice on the river or the onset of floods not in time. Peasants carefully watched the smoke and passed on knowledge to descendants:

  • smoke stands like a pillar of pipe — in summer, in fair weather, in winter, in cold weather;
  • smoke deviates slightly to one side in calm weather - to snowfall;
  • smoke from the pipe spreads down - expect a thaw.

Previously, the mistress on the nature of burning wood and the movement of smoke could accurately determine the weather for tomorrow or a few days in advance. You could also tell by the smoke whether the winter would be warm or harsh. This the forecast was made on a certain day - October 1:

  • smoke stretches to the west - to the harsh winter;
  • smoke stretches to the east side - to a mild snowy winter;
  • smoke tends to the south - to the cold winter;
  • smoke tends to the north — to a warm winter;
  • smoke scatters in different directions - to an unpredictable winter.

October 3rd, on Astafiev day, determined the weather forecast for several days in advance:

  • smoke stretches to the south - to cold days;
  • smoke stretches to the north - to warming;
  • smoke stretches to the east - to slush;
  • smoke stretches to the west - to sunny weather.

In the harsh conditions of the Russian winter, the forecast of cold weather was essential. There were nine indigenous frosts: December 4 (introduction), December 19 (Nikolsky), January 7 (Christmas), January 7-13 (Vasilievsky), January 19 (Epiphany), January 31 (Afanasyevsky), February 15 (Sretensky), April 7 (Annunciation) .

However, in addition to these frosts, unplanned cold could happen, for which it was necessary to prepare. A harsh winter requires additional firewood, because the house was heated twice a day, and at Baptism - almost all day. The peasants performed the rite of the frost through the Russian stove.

There is another interpretation of the direction of smoke from the chimney. People believed - if smoke goes against the windThe witch lives in this house. They tried to avoid such a house, and did not communicate with the residents of the house.

What portends smoke by the pillar

In the absence of wind, the weather in the direction of smoke can be determined quite accurately. It turns out that smoke can foreshadow sunny weather or rain, wind or calm. This is due to a simple physical phenomenon - smoke (or gaseous matter) in conditions of cold air flow moves strictly in the upward direction - it goes in a column.

People have noticed that this position of smoke always foreshadows clear good weather. However, it is summer time, in the winter a smoke column foreshadows a frost and clear weather. But if in calm weather smoke spreads on the ground, in the summer it portends rain, and in the winter - snowfall.

Sometimes smoke from the chimney can go rocker. What does this sign mean? It always foreshadows bad weather.

Signs in the modern world

Residents of cities are not available old signs associated with the smoke from the chimney or glowing coal. However, with full confidence you can predict the weather in which to start the engine of the car will be problematic.

Moving by car through the streets of the city, notice the CHP pipes. If the smoke from the pipes comes in a pillar, the moon has a pale shade, and the stars wink at each other - put the car in a warm garage for the night. Otherwise, the motor will freeze and the car will not be easy to start.