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Powerful conspiracy against evil and evil eye


If you suspect that some foe with the help of magic is harming your health, a conspiracy against evil and evil eye will be useful. This rite, provided you perform it correctly, removes a bad evil eye or removes any other negative influence of the Higher Forces on your life.

When to apply a conspiracy

Before you read the plot of damage and the evil eye, make sure that you need it. To begin, try to determine whether there are traces of negative magical influence in your life.

The easiest way to do this is to remember if you have detractors. This may be a rival who clearly wants to lead your man away. Or subordinates with whom you were too strict. Or relatives who can not wait to inherit. All the negative emanating from such people is bad for your life.

But in order to be sure that damage has been imposed on you, pay attention to the following signs:

  1. You have never experienced a craving for alcohol and have consumed alcohol very rarely, and lately your hand has been reaching for a glass. At the same time you are not able to control this desire - the will is suppressed and weakened
  2. Sometimes you have auditory hallucinations. It seems to you that you hear unfamiliar voices or the call of deceased relatives who have gone into another world a long time ago.
  3. Your usual energy suddenly disappeared somewhere - you constantly feel yourself tired, you have no desire to do anything. Even your favorite hobbies and entertainment have lost their appeal.
  4. There is a sharp jump in weight. People, on whom damage is induced, can either lose weight drastically to a state of exhaustion, or suddenly gain a ton of extra pounds.
  5. Luck was gone from your life, and the black stripe began. Now and then you get into trouble and become a member of funny situations. In the affairs of the workers and love extremely unlucky
  6. If you are usually a cheerful and positive person, then with induced damage you can suddenly begin to feel constantly depressed, fall into depression, feel strong fear. Probably the appearance of phobias. You can become extremely irritable and angry towards everyone around you, including close people.
  7. One can only dream of a deep sleep. Now insomnia and nightmares are constant companions of your life.
  8. If you come to church to pray, you become physically ill, you are not able to stay in a sacred place for a long time. For a deeply religious person, the desire to go to the temple can go

If you have noticed some of the above signs, then with high probability it can be argued that there is damage to you. But to accurately verify this, conduct a ceremony to identify damage.

Rite to identify damage

You will need a glass of clear glass. Pour ordinary water into the container (the holy one will not work) and salt a little.

Light a wax candle and prepare six matches. Begin to read the “Our Father” prayer slowly and steadily, setting fire to two matches. This should be done as follows: connect them so that a cross forms, and hold them over a glass of water. After that, light a candle flame. After completing the prayer, throw matches into the water.

The ceremony is repeated three times (until you burn all six matches).

If the matches have surfaced, there is no damage to you, and a plot is not required. If they, like floats, hang on the surface, and the burnt head is pointing down, someone has jinxed you. But if they are completely drowned and were at the bottom, you have damage.

Two examples of conspiracy against the evil eye and damage

If you are convinced that the damage is on you for sure, you must perform a magical rite, read the plot and get rid of the extraneous interference of the Dark forces in your life.

Read the plot necessarily on a decreasing moon. At this time, the lunar energy is focused on taking all the bad and negative things out of a person’s life. Do not forget about the prayers - even the most elementary "Our Father", which you will say in the morning and in the evening, will repeatedly enhance the effectiveness of the conspiracy.

It is very important to believe that the sacred text will definitely work. Otherwise, the plot will be useless - so leave doubts, focusing on positive thoughts.

After reading the plot, the corruption usually returns to the person who brought it to you. Therefore, you can observe others - based on signs of damage you can determine who wishes you bad.

A conspiracy can be read not by the person who was jinxed, but by his close one.

Watch the video on how to conduct a magical rite to get rid of damage correctly:

On the water

You will need water to perform the magical rite. It is advisable not to use tap water. It is better to find the source of spring water. In extreme cases, buy mineral water.

Pour water into a clear glass and say the words of the plot:

After that, the water must be drunk. If you read the rite for a loved one who has damage, he should drink water.

On smoke

This method is suitable for those who live in a private village house with a Russian stove. It is necessary to melt it and wait until smoke starts to come out of the chimney.

Go out and say the words of the conspiracy three times:

Memorize the plot words in advance to pronounce them clearly and without hesitation. Be sure to look at the smoke when you read the text by heart.

Remember that after the corruption returns to the person who brought it, the ill-wisher will try with all his might to send the evil back. To protect yourself from negative magical influence, wear amulets and protective amulets. Within two weeks you can not take out and throw things out of the house, do not receive guests.