Dream interpretation

How to attract a man into your life - conspiracies at home


All girls (and sometimes women) dream of great and pure love, such as shown in films. But, unfortunately, very often in life the situation develops in such a way that the girl can not meet her soul mate, but instead she constantly suffers and is disappointed when she encounters "not the right people."

If you recognize yourself in this description - it means that you need to urgently address the problem. Pay enough attention to your appearance, inner development, and also bring to your attention strong conspiracies about how to attract a man into your life.

You need to imagine a guy or a man whom you would like to see next to you. It is important to visualize in the smallest details - imagine all the details of the appearance of your future spouse, and also think about the inner qualities of men that you like.

When the image of the desired narrowed will be fully compiled, you will need to write him a love message. Express in a letter how much you admire his inner qualities, what vivid feelings and emotions they evoke in you, and how happy you feel, because you have got such a man.

Also be sure to write about what you are willing to do for him in this relationship. When the message is written, fold it three times and kiss.

Then ignite the fireplace (if you do not have it, you can use the stove or barbecue). In the extreme case, if all of the above is missing, take a candle and develop the ashes in the wind.

The kindling is carried out using cedar or apple poleny (you can buy logs with the right flavor in special stores that sell fireplaces, barbecues, grills and similar equipment).

When the flame burns bright, you need to throw a love message into it. You can be assured that the Higher Forces will hear your request and help you fulfill it.

Next, we present several proven plots that will help you attract a worthy representative of the stronger sex into your life.

Rite of passage to attract a man into your life

You will need to stock up on two new circles and your neckcloth. Before starting the ritual, lips are painted with red lipstick.

A handkerchief is placed on the table. Light a white candle. Mugs must be placed on the table, fill each with a small amount of water. The candle is taken in hand, encircled around the mugs in the clockwise direction and say these words:

Then they take one and drink it from her. After this, the mugs must be hidden in the buffet; it is important that your lipstick remains on your mark. Leave them standing next to each other.

Then a handkerchief is taken and one of the table legs is tied to them. It can only be removed on the last lunar day of the month!

The time of the ritual - new moon, it is best to do it on women's days (that is, on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday).

Rite of passage to attract full moon love

You can not fix your personal life? Ask your ancestors for help!

At night, when the full moon appeared in the sky, Kutya is brewed and cakes are baked (there can be any filling). Then everything cooked is folded into a scarf and tied with a knot. Then you will need to go to the bridge, taking with you the prepared bundle and a closed pack of salt.

Stand at the end of the bridge, the knot must be hung on the elbow on the left hand, and in the right - to collect salt and begin to disperse it in front of you, while you back gently back to the beginning of the bridge.

At the same time such words are pronounced:

All you need to read the plot nine times. Then two patties are taken out of the knot, and the rest are left on the bridge. Leave without looking back.

The two remaining patties should lie the whole night at the head of your bed. Today you may well have a dream. In the morning, you should distribute pies to people on the street and ask them to remember their ancestors.

Spell to attract a man into your life

If you know firsthand what loneliness is, the following rite can do this for you:

  1. Take a shower, then go to your room, spread out on the floor a piece of red velvet fabric.
  2. Arrange the twelve pink candles in a circle and light them.
  3. Fill a glass with holy water, light incense.
  4. Throw off all your clothes, barefoot stand on a piece of velvet, raise your hands to the sky and say the following plot:

Then start to turn around on your axis, mentally count off fifty-five turns. Then kneel down and drink the holy water.

Then immediately go to sleep, it is important not to say a single word until the morning. And the next morning they give out alms, repeating to themselves:

"This is my mercy for being fulfilled."

At the mercy is not worth skimping. And keep the velvet fabric under your pillow until you get married.

Ritual to attract rich husband

This ritual will help you if you are trying to find a wealthy spouse.

For its holding purchased two wedding rings and a beautiful casket. For yourself, you visualize the image of your husband (you can use a photo from a magazine or from a newspaper for this purpose).

Sit at the table on which a white tablecloth is spread, light a red candle and concentrate on the image of your betrothed (you can put a cut photo from a magazine on the table), then hold the rings with your right hand and pronounce the plot:

Then the candle blows out. The rings are firmly tied to each other with a white wool thread and put into the box. There is also put down the remains of a candle. All this is hidden in a secluded place, and you are waiting for the result of the ceremony.

When you use any conspiracy to attract men, you need to sincerely believe in its power and not for a moment to doubt its effectiveness. Then you can achieve impressive results.

We suggest you also listen to the mantra to attract men into your life.