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Protection against damage and against the evil eye - effective rites


Is it possible to protect against damage and from the evil eye, how to protect yourself and your family from the negative impact? From ancient times, rituals have come down to us that can protect envious people and sorcerers from the black energy. Our great-grandmothers were able to independently make charms from natural materials, which had protective properties. These charms absorbed the black impact or set it aside. Consider a few effective coastal rituals in case of an energetic attack of detractors.

Negative effects

The energy of all people is different - some immediately react to a negative message, others cannot break through any damage. Why it happens? It depends on the human psyche and the strength of his biofield.

On whom it is impossible to impose damage and the evil eye? To deeply religious people who have dedicated their lives to the service of the true faith. It is impossible to impose damage on those who are more interested in human problems, rather than their own. These are politicians, public figures and fighters for universal ideals.

Damage affects, above all, people with weakened energy:

  • elderly pensioners;
  • Small children;
  • chronic patients;
  • emotionally unbalanced personality.

The last category of people can induce self-corruption, succumbing to panic. Self-corruption and self-eyes are a common phenomenon in the modern world. There is no protection against this negative, since the source of influence is the person himself. However, a change in the way of thinking and spiritual practices will help get rid of such a misfortune.

Consider a few rituals to protect against damage and the evil eye, which induce a person intentionally - with the help of magical actions.

Protective belt from damage

This belt must be tied with his own hand from natural cotton threads to make a mesh. The network dissipates negative energy and does not allow it to spoil a person. The baby’s cradle is covered with a net for the same reason, and at the wedding the bride’s veil performs the role of the net. The curtains on the windows are from the same protection series.

So, crochet or knit a belt for yourself or a loved one who needs to be protected from exposure. While working, read the plot, pronouncing your own or another name.

The belt should be worn on the naked body under clothes. After washing, you should re-read the words of the conspiracy 12 times. While the belt is on the body, the damage will not stick.

Protective herbs from spoilage

Effective protection from damage and the evil eye - conspiratorial herbs. Some field and forest plants have protective properties, diverting dark energy from humans. To make a charm against damage for half a year, prepare the following plants:

  • sagebrush;
  • St. John's wort;
  • clover;
  • thistle;
  • tansy;
  • sage.

It is advisable to collect herbs with his own hands. If this is not possible, then herbs are purchased from herbalists or from the pharmacy in the market.

To protect it, sew a small bag of red natural material with your own hands. Mix herbs in a ceramic / glass bowl with your hands in equal proportions and place in a bag.

Bend over the bag so that the breath touches the grass and say three times:

Sew the bag so that the herbs do not fall out and hang it in red. Such a protective bag can be made for each family member. Charm should be worn on the body, for example, as a bottle. After six months, the grass should be burned with gratitude and fill the bag with a new composition, having the same steps.

Garlic and onion protection

Spices not only help to adjust the digestion and relieve colds, but also perfectly protect against spoilage. If you have been warned that they will take revenge with the help of a magical effect, do not waste time on empty experiences - act.

At bedtime, cut a regular onion (2 pieces) into two halves and place in each corner of the room where you sleep. In the morning, take a bow with a plastic bag and discard it in a street bin or bury it deep in the ground.

During the night, the bow will absorb any negatives that come from outside and will not allow its penetration into the thin human body. The same can be done with garlic - scatter the slices around the room, and in the morning collect and remove from the room. Do this as long as you are threatened with magic punishment.

Protect photos from damage

In the modern world, the majority of negative impacts are made on a photograph. To protect yourself and loved ones from targeting damage to the photo, do the following.

When the sun rises, light a church candle, take a photo and baptize it with a candle with a prayer. Then turn the picture over and write down the following words on the reverse side:

Read the plot words out loud three times and hide the picture in the Bible or another place. A year later, repeat the rite. The defense needs to be updated constantly, otherwise the magic effect weakens.

Protective circle of fire

If you are targeted magical effects, you need to put fire protection for six months. It is necessary to prepare for the ritual in advance - to clean the magic negative in any way. Then, at full moon after sunset, lock the room and place three candles on the floor in the shape of an equilateral triangle with the apex to the west.

In the center, put a cut of white material and stand on it barefoot facing west. Your clothes should be made of natural fabric without a belt and buckles. Light a candle with a match, close your eyes and say a conspiracy 5 times:

Stay in a circle with your eyes closed and imagine how there is a wall of flame around you, in which any evil burns. The wall gradually turns into a sphere and surrounds you from all sides. You are surrounded by a flame, and are now fully protected from any impact.

Open your eyes and put out the candles with your fingers - you can not blow. Wrap the cinder in white linen and put it under the pillow. Go to bed immediately, do not go around the apartment. After six months, repeat the ritual with the same candles.

Protection against the evil eye of luck and money

Protection from the evil eye should be in every person. There is a lot of envy and unfriendliness in the world, and with energetically strong people envy easily turns into an evil eye. Perform an uncomplicated ritual on the growing moon that will reliably protect you from any appearance of negative energy.

Cut your fingernails and toenails with the words:

Fold nails with hair and dust from shoes in a sheet of white paper and bury in the ground near the house or close to it. Pit cross with three crosses. This charm is long lasting.

Preserved prayer from the evil eye

This charm should always be with you. You can talk a pin, earrings, ring, brooch - any thing. You can talk home / car keys or a key ring.

Conduct a ritual with a lit church candle, which should be completely burned. Before the conspiracy, say the prayers in front of the icons of the listed saints and archangels - it is possible for one icon.

You can also speak any thing of your loved one, which he will carry with him constantly. Only instead of your name, say the name of the person being spoken. He needs to explain that the charm must be worn constantly.

To prevent damage from coming back

Sometimes taken damage can come back to the person. The reasons may be changes in the phases of the moon or the activity of the sun. Celestial objects influence the human psyche and his subconscious - it is with these categories that sorcerers work.

Wait for the last lunar day - the 29th day of the lunar calendar. In the evening, boil water and throw two flowers into boiling water - full-blown and unblown. Flowers can be bought in a store or ripped on the street, the variety does not matter, and the color should be yellow.

Then throw a locked lock into the water and read the plot over the steam three times:

Let the water cool. Remove the lock and pour water at the intersection. The castle should be attributed to the cemetery gate and leave there. When returning home, do not turn around and do not talk with anyone. At home you need to take a shower.

Expel evil and put protection at home

If evil has been sent to the house with you, you need to do an exile rite, and then put up a defense. Wear the following magical items for the rite:

  • sprigs or chips of aspen;
  • a candle from a church holiday;
  • Juniper branches or Hypericum grass / wormwood.

Put aspen shavings in a frying pan or sheet of metal and set it on fire from four sides. Every time you set fire, read the prayer to the Honest Cross. When branches break out, read the conspiracy words on fire 9 times:

Then take the church candle with your left hand, and hold the cross in your right hand (if you don’t have a large one, take a body candle) and go around the house around the perimeter with a plot:

Then light the branches of juniper / wormwood / St. John's wort and fumigate the whole room. Then sprinkle the house with holy water, splashing crosswise in a bunch of parsley / dill. During the sprinkling and fumigation, read the Our Father prayer.

Then hang the plant thistle above the entrance door, and scatter poppy seeds before entering. On poppy read:

Now your house is protected from damage through demons for a long time. A year later, repeat the rite, update the twigs of the thistle. Poppy need to scatter a thin line, so that he was always at the threshold.