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Moonstone: photo, magical properties, who will suit


The moonstone is a translucent feldspar with a bluish-silver tint. The name "moon" this mineral gets for the presence of blue or silver-white overflows generated by a thin-lamellar structure.

But you can also find other variations of the names of the stone of the moon - "adular" and "selenite." The inhabitants of India moonstone is known under the name "jandarakand", which translates as "the shine of the moon." No wonder fans of Earth satellite highly appreciate the stone with the same name. Then you can learn about the basic magical properties of the moonstone, and also get acquainted with his photo.

Moonstone Healing Properties

Esoterics in many countries around the world believe that the moonstone is inherent in the ability to protect people from the negative effects of the lunar disk. Litotetapevates (people involved in non-traditional practices of treating various diseases with stones) are sure that products with moon stones (or even just pieces of crystal) should be used in such cases:

  • to relieve epileptic seizures;
  • reduce aggressiveness;
  • get rid of fear;
  • normalize sleep;
  • improve the condition of the genitourinary system;
  • normalize digestion, lymph flow;
  • establish the work of the pituitary gland;
  • facilitate the process of childbirth.

Also, the moonstone has an impact on the work of the heart chakra (anahata).

Interesting fact. In nature, you can find varieties of moonstone milky-white, purple, golden color. Also there are options with pictures in the form of stars and having the effect of "cat's eye" - but these are very rare specimens.

Talismans and amulets with the moon stone

Moonstone protects creative individuals: writers, musicians, painters. He will contribute to the discovery of talent, give creative inspiration and cause exalted impulses.

It is also accepted that the stone of the moon gives happiness, it is an ideal gift for lovers, because it helps to awaken tender feelings in people,

The moonstone manifests its particular strength when the moon enters a full phase. Thanks to his magical glow, people get rid of tension, aggression, excessive self-confidence, become tender, soft, begin to look at the world with a more positive look.

Moonstone properties to suit

For the inhabitants of India, the moonstone has a sacred significance. Indian legends tell that this mineral is a piece of frozen moon light.

From the servants of the temples, you can hear amazing stories that if you leave the moonstone in a dark room, then after some time it will begin to emit moisture, which is called "moon dew" and has impressive magical powers.

Next, we consider what the main properties of a stone in different areas of life and who is recommended to use it.

Selenite in love magic

It is not for nothing that this mineral is also known as the “stone of love” - people who use jewelry with it never suffer from non-mutual feelings.

In addition, adulyar will help give each of your love date a hot passion and deep sensuality, tightly binding lovers to each other.

But in order for the stone to start helping you, you need to wear it regularly. Therefore, it is worth buying jewelry with selenite, which must always be on the body.

Interesting fact. If adular has lost its bright color, this is a warning from the Higher Power that your relationship with a partner is not harmonious and will not be able to give you happiness.

Moonstone in the field of creativity

Selenite activates creative impulses in people. A person who constantly carries the stone of the moon feels that he is one with the reality surrounding him and begins to understand the true essence of things.

And for a more complete disclosure of your creative abilities, wear an adlar in rings, and at home you can keep it next to your photos.

The moonstone contributes to the discovery not only of creative abilities, but also will render its assistance to speakers who constantly speak to the public.

Moonstone for business

Adular is also a reliable assistant for businessmen. The stone has a very soft, unobtrusive energy, which brings the mind and soul into a state of harmony. Using the moonstone in the process of business negotiations will help to arouse sympathy among business partners and force them to accept your point of view.

To successfully run your business, you need to use products with a moonstone on your right hand (in the form of a ring or bracelet). Also a very powerful talisman is a pendant with selenite, which depicts your zodiac constellation.

The magical properties of the aduler contribute to business success in any field, as well as to obtaining a good financial return.

Interesting fact. To enhance the magic of the moon's stone, it is recommended to start new affairs in the growing phase of the moon.

Selenite in extrasensory

Adular is very popular with magicians in the process of conducting various rites. Talismans with moonstones help to clean the energy field of a person, as well as strengthen the aura.

A rather interesting way is when magicians hold a piece of moonstone in their mouths and predict future events. You can also take advantage of this meditation. The effect of it will be even stronger if you do it while your zodiac sign is active.

Even the moonstone successfully copes with nightmares, protects from astral entities, and if you put it under your pillow, it will help you to see the prophetic dream.

Interesting information about the moonstone

In India, selenite since ancient times is revered as a sacred stone that brings good luck. He was presented as a gift for the beloved for the awakening of tender passion.

In the mythology of the Greeks, this pearl-colored spar was associated with the legendary Hyperborea. After all, it was from this North Region that the first moonstones with the revelations about the future contained in them were delivered to the world.

People practicing magic always respected the moonstones, but used them very carefully, as they feared to annoy their enormous power.

The people of Ceylon also revered selenite as a stone of happiness.

He has not ceased to be in demand in medieval Europe. Here selenite acquired the name "stone of the beloved" and was actively used by girls who believed and hoped that he would give them happiness in love.

There was also a common belief that a snow-white mineral begins to cry on moon nights, and its “tears” can heal from a fever.

In the old legends there is information that the stone of the moon is an excellent natural psychotherapist: it relieves melancholy, depressions, feelings of fear, helps to cope with difficult emotional situations.

And many representatives of the stronger sex firmly believe that selenite relieves their women from hysterical seizures, and also helps to cool the passionate lust of nymphomaniac women.

You can find a large number of legends associated with the moonstone. For example, it is believed that a white speck appears on top of it, increasing with the growth of the moon shining, until a full moon comes (and then the stone will regain its magical power).

After Wilkie Collins published his Moonstone novel in 1868, the image of this mysterious crystal exerting its influence on human destinies never ceases to excite the mystics and all those who simply love precious stones.

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