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Proven runes for weight loss: how to find a slim figure


Runes for weight loss - a great help in the fight against obesity. Let's talk about the principles of working with runic symbols and what combinations will help to get closer to the figure of your dreams.

What are the runes and why are they needed?

Runes - a powerful magic tool, the ancient symbols of the alphabet, which concluded a great sacred meaning. It is believed that the runic writing was transferred from ancestors to descendants in order to preserve the ancient magical knowledge.

The appearance, inner meaning and symbolism of the runes have changed over the centuries. Our ancestors used the runes for such purposes:

  • Rituals were performed on newborns and departed. In the first case, to protect the baby, in the second - so that the soul of the deceased finds peace
  • As letters, to preserve and accumulate knowledge
  • As charms that defended the soldiers during battles and battles

But if before the secrets of the runes were kept in a strict secret, now knowledge of ancient magic is available to everyone. With the help of ancient symbols you can achieve the following results:

  • Open energy channels, give energy to freely flow through the body
  • Close the flow of energy - this property is used in negative magic rituals
  • Protect a person or an object from negative interference
  • Put on the magic ritual protection
  • Restore energy circulation throughout the chakras and energy meridians of the human body
  • Restore the aura of a person, get rid of energy clips
  • Uncover the secrets of the future, work through the past, correct all stages of life and channel energy into a positive direction.

Overweight and other health problems are always the result of improper circulation of energy in the subtle body. Runes help to work out this problem thoroughly.

How to work with runes for weight loss?

It is important to observe all the subtleties and nuances of runic rituals in order to get the desired result. It is necessary to know the properties and meanings of symbols and the features of their use.

Here are a few rules that you must adhere to:

  • Refrain from taking alcohol and other toxic substances while working with runes.
  • Observe fasting or diet, refuse food of animal origin.
  • Develop awareness, learn to visualize the result you are aiming for, formulate your desires correctly
  • To enhance the effect, you can use incense or essential oils.

Developing awareness is not easy, but regular practice will help take a step forward. Here are some ways:

  1. Meditate. Learn all sorts of ways to meditate. It will teach you to relax your mind and concentrate on the right thoughts.
  2. Do not let negative thoughts into your life. As soon as something bad creeps in consciousness - immediately start thinking about the good.

Runes for weight loss proven patterned

And now the most "tasty" - the characters that are endowed with healing power and help you find a dream figure.

Important: work with runes for weight loss in the period of time when the moon is in a descending phase.

Here is a list of runes that are effective in achieving your goal:

  1. Isa is a rune that helps to “freeze” weight in one place. The extra kilos will cease to appear, and the other runes successfully complete their work.
  2. Runa Yera helps to direct the energy of your body for healing. Due to sufficient energy potential, health problems are gone, which could be the cause of excess weight.
  3. Runa Soula fills a person with bright solar energy, helps to restore the energy balance of the body. It promotes the accelerated splitting of fats and their removal from the body
  4. Runa Halagaz also works on fat splitting
  5. Berkana allows you to achieve a slow, smooth weight loss that does not harm the health, in contrast to the cardinal methods
  6. Dagaz helps to concentrate weight loss on those parts of the body that do not suit you.

But the proven runic combination of symbols for weight loss:

But do not forget that the runes are not a panacea. No magic will help to lose weight if you continue to eat hamburgers, washing them down with harmful cola. Therefore, follow the basic principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle:

  • Keep an active lifestyle. More often be in the fresh rest, go in for sports, walk on foot, run. Choose the sport you like best
  • Watch out for food. Eliminate harmful foods from the diet, eat healthy and diverse, keep a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Beauty lives in the details. If you radically reconsider your lifestyle, adjust a comfortable and useful diet, runes will speed up the process of losing weight many times.

Watch the video on how to lose weight with the help of runes:

How to write runes for weight loss

It is very important to correctly apply runic symbols on blanks:

  1. Put marks on paper, wood or glass
  2. Use only red and black colors.
  3. Visualize the end result you want to achieve. Imagine while working with the runes your slim, beautiful, toned body. Mentally draw images, how people around you admire your new forms.

Runic magic is a very powerful and effective means to achieve everything that you can wish for. But remember - it works only for those people who believe in it. It is faith that is a peculiar engine and activator of the magical properties of ancient signs.

And do not tell anyone better that you lose weight with runes. You risk incurring a wave of criticism, condemnation and mockery. This will interfere with the result and cause you to doubt the healing power of the runes. Therefore, keep your intention a secret. At least until you get a slim figure.