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Black Onyx Stone: Properties and Applications


The black onyx stone is a very rare mineral that is highly valued for its decorative qualities and properties. It is believed that it is endowed with magical properties, therefore it is often used for making amulets.


In ancient times, people believed that black onyx was endowed with magical and healing properties. According to an ancient Greek legend, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, patronizes the stone, it was from the tips of her nails that the mineral was formed. The Greeks believed that onyx can be found only by a highly spiritual and pure man in his aspirations.

Here are some other beliefs of different nations:

  1. In the tenth century, jewelery with black onyx were popular among the Georgian aristocracy. It was believed that the stone protects against enemies
  2. In the Caucasus, it was believed that onyx protects people from war and devastation
  3. Black onyx is imbued near the entrance to the sacred place - the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, as well as in the corner of the Kaaba. It was believed that Allah himself bestowed on people this magical mineral
  4. The peoples of Egypt, France, Italy and Israel were decorated with onyx luxury items - perfume bottles, wine goblets, furniture and decorations
  5. But in the East and in India, onyx was treated with caution. He personified the eyes of a dead beauty and was a symbol of sadness
  6. The Indians believed that onyx kills love, while in China they refused to mine the mineral and tried not to visit the place where it was found.

But in the modern magical world, the stone is quite popular. Let's talk about its magical properties.

Lithotherapy: the healing properties of onyx

In the civilized world, minerals are in most cases used as a decorative element. Only a few know that each stone has its own, special energy. Healers treated onyx hemorrhage, dementia, joint pain, prepared from the stone pounded into powder healing supplies.

Onyk black stone has the following healing properties:

  • Favorably affects the psycho-emotional state of a person. Makes the character more calm and balanced, gives its holder generosity and the ability to restrain emotions in a critical situation.
  • It soothes nerves, which is especially useful if you lead an active, eventful, busy lifestyle.
  • The mineral has a beneficial effect on the health of elderly people - with its help, you can stop depression and insomnia, calm the mind, disengage from problems and difficulties
  • Onyx is the patron of students. If you wear jewelry with it, you can develop logical thinking and attention, learn to concentrate and better memorize new information from textbooks and lectures, get rid of the stress on exams
  • The stone helps to eliminate the negative qualities of the personality: to give the weak to strength, to lazy to endow with workability and to fill with vital energy that will go to good ends
  • Improves the ear for music and develops creativity.
  • Helps to cure diseases of the throat, nose and respiratory tract
  • Helps relieve headaches, quickly eliminate dizziness and weakness
  • If the jewelry with onyx is made of silver, it will favorably affect the cardiovascular system

Important: the stone literally absorbs all the pain, negative energy and illness, so it must be regularly cleaned. Make it easy - just rinse the jewelry well under clean running water.

Who is black onyx suitable for?

Not everyone can be useful black mineral. There is an easy way to check how favorable the impact of the stone will be on your personality and health.

Tie a small onyx to the left shoulder from the outside and go to bed:

  1. If you have a nightmare - a stone does not suit you and can only have a negative impact.
  2. If you don’t see sleep, the effect of onyx will be neutral, it is suitable as a normal decoration.
  3. If you see a good, happy dream, onyx is a wonderful talisman for you.

Watch the video about the magical properties of black onyx:

Ways to use onyx

You can choose the most suitable method of onyx application. For example:

  • Take the stone in your hands, close your eyes, turn on the relaxing, pleasant music. Enjoy a state of calm and peace. It will be a kind of meditation that can be practiced for 20 minutes daily.
  • Attach the stone to the sore spot and rotate it counterclockwise. Soon the pain will subside. Stone helps heal wounds or diseases of the joints
  • Make an imaginary stone massage. Movement should be done at a distance of ten centimeters from the body. Rotate the onyx clockwise. This method helps to relax, be filled with positive energy.
  • Put a stone in a glass of clean water and leave overnight. In the morning on an empty stomach drink some water from a glass. This drink will charge with vigor, improve mood and well-being, positively affect the health of the intestines.

The magical properties of black onyx

As for the magical properties - a lot of them. For example:

  • Onyx is the patron of businessmen. Attracts financial success and helps to achieve success in any endeavors. It is important not to overdo it - if you put on the amulet too often, you will find yourself in the grip of greed and thirst for profit
  • If you are engaged in extreme sports and recreation, constantly wear an amulet with onyx. It will protect from danger and help avoid accidents.
  • People who often speak in public, onyx will help develop eloquence, establish contact with the audience

A person who constantly wears jewelry with onyx on himself receives colossal magical protection. He is inaccessible to spoil and the evil eye, disease and life difficulties. You can also put black statuette or candlestick at home to protect your home and loved ones.