Dream interpretation

In a dream, look out the window: interpret correctly


The habit of many citizens not to curtain the windows of their apartments greatly enriches the life of curious onlookers, and just a passer-by. Wait a few minutes in front of a multi-storey building, and a piece of someone’s life flashes before your eyes. Looking out the window in dreams is also not uncommon. Why such a dream, prompt all-knowing dream books.

You cannot look back at the window of the whole world, a general interpretation

Looking out the window is a very symbolic dream. This is, first of all, the desire to shed light on existing problems, get answers to accumulated questions or see concrete solutions. Such a sign often comes to those who have a situation that does not tolerate delay and there are ways for self-realization.

Window openings can show openness or closure of the soul, characterize the behavior and intentions of the individual, his position on the world around him. This is a subconscious search for a way out, as well as a symbol of spiritual longing and disappointment.

Remembering the details and the emotional color of the dream can be explained more fully and accurately the picture of the night plot.

When a woman's door is open, there is nothing to climb to her through the window

Such a dream for a woman personifies hope, change and the beginning of a new life period.

Watching how the shutters are opened in front of you means getting rid of parental care or graduating from school. You are ready to build your life strategy, but do not yet know where to start. To feel fresh air passing through the open door, to get rid of someone else’s influence, which immensely burdens you. You are fanned by a series of good changes.

The closed window space on the contrary is about your stagnation (stagnation) both professionally and in your personal life. The lack of realization of your old intentions reminds of itself. Perhaps all your time is spent on parenting and household chores. But the role, exclusively, of the housewife does not suit you any more. Remember: there is a way out everywhere, for that there is a door.

Another interpretation speaks of a chosen one who does not justify the hopes you pinned on him. This will cause in the soul a feeling of resentment, despair and hopelessness.

Sitting on the windowsill and looking down - a warning about the danger of the greatest folly, the victim of which you can become. Your recklessness and frivolity will allow you to break your life. Think again and choose another road.

Contemplate broken glass in a frame - personifies your personal or family disappointments and tiffs. Perhaps cheating on a partner and the ensuing quarrel will be the cause of separation from a close and dear person.

Looking into the windows of others, passing by someone's house and seeing old and unsightly things, to failure in a project that you have been working on for a long time. You didn’t foresee everything enough, you have calculated and now you have found out facts that you didn’t guess.

There is no window in a man's heart

For men, associated with the release and the beginning of something. In some interpretations it is associated with birth and death.

To see a bird beating through the window is a bad sign that indicates its own illness or a relative’s illness.

The openness of the space and the filling of the room with fresh air foreshadow, just like the female scenario, only good changes and the beginning of a new cycle.

Contemplate someone knocking on the frame from the street - expect news.

I saw how you were standing in front of someone else’s stained glass window of a rich house - to unforeseen financial expenses associated with the waste and treachery of an imaginary friend or partner. Competitors want your complete ruin.

Broken glass in a window opening means your psycho-emotional exhaustion, emotional longing, disappointment.

The visible female silhouette behind the glass foreshadows a meeting with a mysterious stranger. The date promises to be romantic and enjoyable.

Talking with a woman through the window is a sign of misunderstanding with the second half. You can not come to a common decision or find a compromise.

Closed shutters are barriers to business and financial issues.

God willing, will give in the window, author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Looking out the window means moving away from your partner in real life. Your isolation and silence interfere with harmony with your loved one. In an intimate sense, you are too complex and conservative, you do not have enough romance and tenderness from your partner, but you do not dare to say this, fearing to spoil the relationship.

Contemplation of broken glass in a frame - nothing good in the love sphere foreshadows. Your close relationship is on the verge of a foul.

Gustov Miller

To look out the window in a dream is interpreted as a herald of the end of brilliant hopes, disappointment, the search for truth and asceticism, detachment from worldly vanity. Evil rock interferes in your affairs - so much unpredictable trouble can happen at this time.

Yuri Longo

Watching something from the stained glass window shows your insecurity. Your life is boring and uninteresting, because you value yourself a little. The development of these qualities will help to avoid the use of others by you for your own purposes.

I dreamed how to look in the opening and jump over the window sill - in real life you refuse to listen to someone else's point of view, what matters is what you think yourself. Own opinion is good quality, the main thing is not painful to fall, ignoring others.

See the window handle and try to open it in order to release cigarette smoke - in reality you urgently need to get rid of bad habits and bad influence.

David loff

Observing through the windows and contemplating what we saw through them in real life shows us what the world could be. He can be cunning or misleading, frustrating or promising protection from adversity. May symbolize a person or a situation in which they would like to be now.

If the situation on the other side of the eaves is hostile in a dream - the time has come in reality to overcome your fears and uncertainties about tomorrow's day. Such a plot can still mean the deceptiveness of life and the inscrutability of ways.

The themes of such night visions can serve as the beginning of a passage from this world to another. This can happen before a long illness or accident. This picture is common among those who are engaged in astral projection and believe in the supernatural.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Like most, the author presents similar versions of the interpretation of the dream. Watching the street - waiting for a change, from the street - a desire to expand one’s own horizons, to meet someone or something interesting; open, open window - getting rid of influence; cracks in the glass - no need to give up, give up, put up with the circumstances.