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Dreamed a newborn girl: interpretation of the dream


Favorable sign, if in a dream a newborn girl is healthy and beautiful. Usually such a vision promises positive changes or pleasant surprises. Dream about the birth of a baby in general is deciphered as a symbol of the onset of happy change and good luck, which will accompany in all your endeavors. But there are other interpretations - let's find out what the newborn girl dreams about. The answer to this question will give a dream book.

Why dream of a newborn girl

  • First of all, sleep symbolizes a positive ending to an unpleasant business, success in work and other things.
  • In the dream to be present at the birth of the baby - wait for happiness and joy.
  • For a young girl, such a dream means fun, parties, dances, or mother's experiences because of her. Try to limit yourself to wishes.
  • To see a newborn girl and hold her in your arms, to calm or lull - means that in real life you will need strength for some important matter. As a rule, this is a matter that was postponed for a long time “for tomorrow” and then completely forgotten. But, there is a possibility that the forces may not be enough.
  • To feed the newborn baby in a dream - wait for the trouble, but be calm, because they will end positively for you.
  • Bathe a girl means that you will find the best solution to a particular problem. And if only a girl born into the world is still healthy, this is a very good sign.
  • Strolling with a newborn in a dream - you are waiting for an unexpected surprise or a meeting that is somehow connected with the road.
  • If in your dream you managed to lose a newborn - wait for the search for the meaning of your life in reality.
  • When in a dream you see someone else's child in your arms, it means that someone is using you, using gullibility, and for the most mercenary purposes.
  • Dropped in a dream baby - wait for the failure in their affairs.
  • For a married woman, such a dream foreshadows the birth of a daughter, or a possible illness of herself or her family member.
  • If the expectant mother dreams of a newborn girl - you need to prepare for premature birth. In this case, it would not be superfluous to ask for help from a qualified doctor who can quickly resolve the problem. After all, with the help of sleep, the subconscious mind is trying to tell you that something is wrong in the body, and at the level of some superfine matter, in a dream, a person feels a lot.
  • To nurse a newborn girl - wait for deception from the dearest person.
  • To see the birth of an ugly girl in a dream - beware of unhappiness.
  • A bad sign is to see yourself in a dream, taking a sick baby in your arms. This dream promises sadness, suffering and anxiety.
  • If a newborn baby cries in a dream, your efforts for the sake of something will end up in vain.

Dream interpretation: newborn girl, what to prepare for?

A dream in which a newborn baby cries, dreams of worsening, unfortunately, as well as disappointment.

If a newborn girl in a dream was in diapers and sucked the female breast - in reality, you are threatened with a disease.

If the newborn girl was dirty - you are waiting for family scandals, disassembly.

A crumb in a dream is often a sign of the future, impermanence, anxiety and anxiety.

Favorable may be a dream in which you receive the news of the birth of a girl. He promises a "mega" profitable transaction or the successful completion of a particular case.

For an unmarried girl, such a dream can be considered a prophecy of future well-being, as well as the possible creation of a family.

Other interpretations

What do popular dream books say about this?

Dream Miller

According to Miller’s dream book, seeing a baby in a dream means hoping for something. If the girl is crying, the dream promises anxiety, maybe it is connected with your loved ones.

A crumb in a dream does not promise anything bad in life, but on the contrary, it is considered a sign of pleasant cares, joy or success in business. A girl in a dream will bring positive changes in your real life, consider them as a gift of fate.

Dream Vanga

Dream Vanga explains this vision as the appearance of small problems.

If you dreamed of a little daughter, it is recommended that you give more attention to your children. If you dreamed about the birth of a girl - wait for the positive news. Think about it.

Freund's Dream

According to Freud's dream book, if a woman saw a girl in a dream, then in relations with the male sex she does not have enough sincerity and tenderness, and perhaps these feelings are completely absent.

If the little pussy dreamed of a man, Freud explains this dream as an irrepressible desire to try the forbidden fruit. The dream speaks of an insufficient number of bright sensations and emotions in real intimate life.

On a note

A newborn baby in a dream can talk about the need for attention or care for someone. Many women often have this dream to become the harbinger of their own pregnancy. But for the representative of the stronger sex, a dream about a newborn child can speak of great anxiety, fear, or, conversely, a great desire to become a father.

A dream may be associated with an unexpected trip, a journey. If a newborn girl cries in a dream - wait for trouble, very annoying interference. A newborn baby in a dream, if she is unusually healthy and beautiful - it is worth waiting for joy; dirty or sick girl - it is worth waiting for unexpected worries, all sorts of trials, etc.