Dream interpretation

Dreamed a conversation: how to interpret according to Miller and Freud


What is the dream in a dream? The reasons may be many. It will help us understand this dream book.

General interpretation of conversation in a dream

The reason for such night visions lies in your emotional state, experiences at this stage of life. In order to more accurately explain such a dream, many factors must be taken into account. Who was your interlocutor, what was the conversation. A more accurate answer can be found by reading the dream books.

Interpretation of various dream books

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

A conversation in a dream announces the imminent illness of a relative. At work, there may be trouble.

Dreamed loud talk of people. Beware of accusations of invading someone else’s life.

It seemed that the conversation was about you - to the unkind attitude of the people around them.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

  • In the dream, there was a conversation about what was not clear - it is a sign of sexual intercourse.
  • The content of the conversation mentioned specific things. It is necessary then to look in the dream book about these things.

Female dream book

  • Talk in a dream with someone. Someone from relatives can get sick.
  • To trouble at work.
  • Dreams of loud people talk. You may be accused of interfering in the life of another person.
  • Discuss you in a dream. People around you are unhappy with you.

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Talking in night visions tells of your excitement.

Ukrainian dream book

  • Hear clear and clear conversation. It promises you a profit.
  • The conversation was about iron - someone in the family would get sick.

Dream Dream Prince Zhou - Guna

  • The conversation wore for you a pleasant character. Predicts trouble.
  • The conversation was about death. This promises you health and long years of life.
  • Someone called you from the street. Foreshadows misfortune.
  • In the conversation you heard a ban on something. This is fortunately.
  • The conversation was conducted with a disgusting man. Spats, quarrels are waiting for you.

Esoteric dream book

Mumbling in a dream - to the disease.

Small Veles dream

  • A conversation between dead people, gods, parents, elderly people - would mean exactly what they said to you.
  • The conversation of other people, animals - experiences, deception.
  • In the dream, they spoke to themselves - care, dissatisfaction.
  • A clear conversation promises you a profit.

Slavic Dream Interpretation

Talking in a dream speaks of your excitement.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Conversations in a dream - to unpleasant news about the illness of someone from close people, business problems.
  • Loud talk promises to you accusations of invading someone else's life.
  • Hear the conversation, but do not see the people. Talking about the cunning of these people.

When interpreting dreams it is important to know with whom the dialogue took place in a dream.

  1. You did not see the interlocutor's face - to the possible loss of your friend. Be careful when communicating with him.
  2. A married woman was talking in a dream with a friend. Marital relations threatened to break.
  3. A conversation with a mother in a dream of a married woman talks about the welfare and peace in the family.
  4. The woman was talking in a dream with her husband. This suggests that he has a claim to her, a misunderstanding.
  5. A conversation with a former husband in a dream predicts tensions with the current elect or his illness.
  6. If this conversation was on the phone, then you are tired. You need to be alone. Try to understand what worries you and what you are concerned about.
  7. The girl had a dream in a dream conversation with his rival. Take only thoughtful actions and decisions in relation to your loved one. Otherwise, she will be ahead of you.
  8. You talked in a dream with your enemy - to his unkind intentions.
  9. If the conversation was peaceful, without mutual threats and accusations - the conflict between you may end. Otherwise - the enmity between you will continue.
  10. You can dream and talk with death. A dreadful dream will help you learn about your wrong actions and deeds in life, to avoid repeating mistakes. You can better predict your future.
  11. A conversation in a dream with the deceased brother informs you that one of your relatives needs your help and support.
  12. You had a conversation with your mother in your dream. In the family misunderstanding reigns. Quarrels and disassembly of relationships are possible.
  13. All conversations in a dream with dead people promise you a deterioration in health. Business people - a sign of your workload. In order not to fall into depression and not get sick seriously, you need a reasonable mode of rest and sleep.
  14. The conversation between a guy and a girl in a dream is about losing faith in her. Straight talk in reality with her darling can correct the situation.
  15. Disappointment and lack of prospects for the future broadcasts a conversation with the president in a dream. The reason lies in emotional fatigue.
  16. For a man talking in a dream with a woman predicts trouble from her jealousy.
  17. The girl spoke in a dream with a man. You and your guy have a lack of communication.
  18. A conversation in a dream with the boss means a disturbing state, an abnormal atmosphere in the work team.
  19. Talking with a friend is about the need for help, understanding between you.
  20. A conversation with a father is a sign of the possibility of financial independence, a decent salary, and success in your career.
  21. Talk guy with an ex-girlfriend - comparing it with the current lover on a subconscious level.
  22. The girl had a conversation with her ex-boyfriend. This means that he often remembers and thinks about her.

Subject or topic of conversation matters

  1. A conversation about children in a dream for married women talks about an early pregnancy, childbirth.
  2. A man dreams of such a dream about small problems at work.
  3. All the talk about money in a dream - to financial difficulties.
  4. The desire to have children on a subconscious level tells a young girl talking in a dream about pregnancy.
  5. Talking about a wedding for a woman means meeting with her future husband.
  6. The man promises such a dream in vain.
  7. A conversation in a dream about death - a sign with a positive color. Speaks about a new stage of your life, overcoming all obstacles on the way to your happy future.