Dream interpretation

I see myself in a black dress in a dream, how to find out the interpretation


Coco Chanel's little black dress is the most revered, versatile and practical thing for a woman’s wardrobe. Such an outfit is ideal for work during the day and in the evening for publication. To see yourself in a black dress in a dream is very strange. Why dream of such a plot, find out in the dream.

It is not a dress that makes a man, but a person a dress

The first thing that comes to mind from the memories of a dream about a black dress, will not in the near future comprehend grief and mourning. But it turns out that such a cocktail dress has many other interpretations. The black tinge of a person’s appearance characterizes him as a very restrained and constructive person who has the gift of foresight and is motivated for a specific goal in life.

Such an image on a woman contains a promise or hope that everything will be fine. But on the other hand, black color delays the one who is depressed, riddled with silence, calmness, he, like death, speaks about the end.

In mythology, this is the personification of mystery, uncertainty, hard work and self-knowledge.

The predominance of dark shades of clothing in a dream is a lack or lack of something important and necessary in life. A person subconsciously shuts off unnecessary questions of others, sometimes challenges, trying to free his essence.

Philosophers who prefer the dark mantle, argue that each person must go through black to understand how much white is in it.

For a woman, a friend is better than old, and a new dress

A young girl trying on a too short dark dress - will experience the disappointment of loved ones. They always expect more from you. But you do not try to justify their hopes. It is not necessary all the time to prove to them their abilities. Strive to be happy and the best just for yourself. They will soon change their mind about you.

The lock on the back was dispersed - get ready for unexpected troubles. Do not push aside the support of friends, it will be very useful for you now.

A dark woman may foretell a quarrel with a spouse and a showdown in a married woman. Accumulated claims and grievances emit your emotions. The end of the scandal may be a divorce.

Unmarried person such a dream promises separation from your loved one. Your employment and complete autonomy hint to him about his uselessness and your indifference. If you do not try to change the feminist views, to be more gentle and attentive to the guy, you will be left alone.

If someone gives you a chic black outfit - get ready for a decent income. But the method of earning income will not be satisfied and will not solve all the problems, but will only bring to the heart experiences about your reputation.

A business lady with a black suit and bright accessories will help you avoid problems due to your professional qualities. And too open neckline promises good dividends from the impending deal. You can not only make good money, but also double your capital.

Closed long cloak of dark shade predicts grief and loss.

For a bride to be in a dark wedding dress is a good omen of new ways and opportunities for self-expression. And if suddenly the white dress at the wedding turned black - a bad sign. In reality, there are significant reasons for the cancellation of the holiday.

Who dreams of a black dress?

  • daughter - a reminder to you of parental love and care for her. Perhaps right now you need your good advice or material assistance;
  • Mom - get ready for the complaints and convictions of your lifestyle and actions. Your views do not coincide for a long time, but she really wants to see you happy;
  • girlfriend - to the strife and recriminations of someone who was close to you before. Great to stay without a companion.
  • stranger - speaks about your illegibility in people. They are trying to get you into trust and you do not notice any ill intent in this. You can suffer materially from someone else's cunning and deceit.
  • the acquaintance persuades him to be clothed in black - in reality look at this man, he is clearly not the one for whom he claims to be;
  • they bought it themselves, without fitting - in life they got used to acting alone, trusting only their experience, intuition and abilities.

Wise men do not look at the dress, look at the mind

To see your woman in a black dress at a party where everything is saturated with color and colors - a dream hints that she lacks your love and attention. Your relationship has long settled down and from the category of romantic moved to a more relaxed and everyday. She feels your slight indifference. To show how to value a spouse is to avoid betrayal.

A man in a female image, dark shade - an indicator of their own dissatisfaction. There is growing dissatisfaction with the activity, level of earnings and manipulation of your leadership. But you do nothing to change the situation. It's time to learn to make decisions yourself and take responsibility for your own destiny.

The dress is black, but little conscience conscience, author's dream books

Gustov Miller

Black appearance in a dream does not promise good and positive news in reality. Most likely, fate is preparing the next test of strength.

In contrast to this interpretation, the white shade of the dress is about the beginning of bright events. White is the color of babies and brides. Such a dream promises the joy of marriage, or of replenishment in the family.

The white-black dress assumes the neutrality of events without undue excesses of good and evil. These colors quench each other. By suppressing the original information, they do not allow for the intervention of energies.


Trying on a dress means seeing a rival and feeling her interest in your spouse. Different shades of outfits speak about the variability of mood and eccentricity of the dreamer. You are plagued by doubts and a migraine, and the frequent change of mood makes it difficult to concentrate on specific matters.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The black colors of a woman’s or man’s wardrobe caution against unnecessary spending. Soon you will have to tighten the belt tightly, as hard times are coming due to losses and the loss of large sums of money. Ruin does not threaten you, but it is possible to save even the most necessary.

Try not to tackle a new promising project during this period, it is more prudent to complete all current issues.

Sigmund Freud

The black silhouette in the mirror personifies loneliness and the absence of intimate connections. Once you enjoyed your retreat, secrecy and isolation. But now you want to change, you are growing up and experiencing sexual desires that require implementation. It's time to go out of your cell and open up to people. You will find a new taste and joy to life.