Dream interpretation

Dreamed a guitar - the nuances of decoding sleep by dream books


You can find out why the guitar is dreaming in different situations and interpret the meaning of sleep. Usually, a guitar in a dream is interpreted as a pleasant, capricious and slightly frivolous woman. Playing the guitar usually means flirting. Guitar on the wall or within the limits of availability means the theoretical possibility of flirting.

The connection of guitar and flirting is noted in almost all dream books. Perhaps the value has the shape of a classical guitar, reminiscent of a gentle female camp with a pronounced waist. In teenage dreams, the guitar always has a romantic and erotic overtones. In more mature age, the guitar can mean tender and sensual affection, passion. In any case, regardless of the realization of sleep, guitar means your need for love and a vivid expression of your feelings.

How to understand a dream with a guitar

It is important whether you hear the sound of music. To hear sounds in a dream is to experience quite vivid impressions in real life. Music, sounds, show involvement in the process, the intensity of experiences. Guitar busting in the distance means anticipating love feelings. Bass guitar, electric guitar solo - love can be a serious shock for you.

If you play the guitar perfectly in a dream, even if you don’t know how to play in reality, you are confident in your abilities and success is quite likely. You have grounds for self-confidence and you have been given certain signs that your subconscious has caught - perhaps smells, head tilt, gestures. Trust yourself and boldly go forward - the road is clear.

Do not forget about free will. You do not have to bring the flirt to the end, even if you feel a strong attraction. In some cases, a fairly strong emotional experience. Attraction from the opposite side is also just attraction, not obligation.

There may be various circumstances that allow you to flirt, but not allow you to develop a serious romance or even a full-fledged adventure. The guitar can mean a strong passion, but it has a physiological basis.

Maybe you should not doubt and make yourself a gift? Even one secret night of love with an object of true desire can become an exciting and rewarding experience necessary for the development of a personality. To decide only you.

Basic values ​​of a guitar in a dream

  • If you take the guitar in your hands, but you can’t play or hear unpleasant sounds, an incompetent simple or fake melody is a sure sign that you can't play hard.
  • To see a guitar in a dream is a good reason to flirt.
  • Play the guitar - to lead a flirting, love game. Listen to the melody, it will show the true nature of your relationship.
  • If you hear a masterful game on a 12-string guitar in a dream, it makes sense to give up. They promise you an amazing adventure that you will not forget. Your chosen one is an intellectual and an esthete. The pleasure that you bring to each other will significantly replenish your piggy bank of memories.
  • Seven-stringed guitar, surprisingly, promises women career growth. In fact, a woman who managed to recount the strings in a dream deserves a serious salary increase. These are personal qualities that can not manifest just like that.
  • To listen to a guitar is to receive compliments, perhaps undeserved, but pleasant. Beware of cunning and flattery in the style of "what feathers, what sock" from subordinates. Some of them are obviously aiming at your place.
  • Torn strings on a guitar are vain hopes, a clear lie, deceit.

Dream Guitar

  • The simplest dream books interpret the vision of a guitar as the fulfillment of desires. If you are 16, then with some corrections and amendments, you can even agree with this interpretation. We are talking about the secret desires of the body, which are not too difficult to implement in a pleasant company.
  • Classic erotic dream book promises that a guitar in a dream means a lot of love, cheerful company. Girls who heard the guitar in a dream should be careful. You will hear a lot of flattery, you will have to resist imperative persuasion and obsessive courtship. Do not give in - and you will save your reputation, and soon you will find true love.
  • Freud's dream interpretation interprets playing the guitar as the envy of others' success in love. It is possible that not everything is all right on your love front and you would like to replay the situation.
  • The female dream book promises sadness and a lonely evening alone with the rending of the soul passions. Maybe you should not be sad? After all, you are welcome and know about it. A little flirting has not hurt anyone.
  • The Dream Trader interprets the guitar as a woman's body, playing the guitar as making love. A little straightforward, isn't it?
  • Dream Miller promises a complex range of feelings. According Miller dream guitar means the possibility of starting a serious relationship. Playing the guitar, the strings on which are torn and burst - hopes will quickly give way to cruel disappointment.
  • In general, the dream book tends to view the guitar in a dream as a warning sign. Do not be too carried away with promises and believe the oaths of eternal loyalty and love - they absolutely do not mean anything. To see a guitar in a dream, according to Miller, is the carnal pleasures on the dangerous verge of revealing.
  • The apostolic dream book considers the guitar as an adventure, a journey with dangers, carnal temptations.


Guitar in a dream - a clear sign of flirting, which will be as free as you allow. But you wanted to develop the situation? Do not lose control and do not lose your head.

Sensual flirting is fine in some cases, but there are situations in which flirting can seriously harm your career and personal life. Guitar in a dream shows your willingness to rush into the pool with his head, discarding any rational arguments. Sometimes such actions are carried out happily.