Dream interpretation

I dreamed of crossing the road: interpretation of popular dream books


The longest road in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is the Pan American Highway. And what dreams to cross the road in dreams, we learn in the famous dream books.

Where is the road, there is a way

The road represents life, movement in space, travels and changes in the lifestyle of the sleeper.

Trying to cross the road for a sleeper means overstepping a certain border, going beyond something, overcoming what previously seemed like an impregnable wall. This is always accompanied by the release of a new level of existence or the election of a completely new destiny.

To cross means to overcome a certain barrier, which can be both psychological in nature and be a real obstacle.

A positive interpretation awaits those sleeping, whose road in the dream is smooth, wide, smooth. If broken, too tortuous and dangerous - prepare for difficulties and trials. The one and the other paths will go to you for the benefit, checking which side you can step over, and bring you to the truth.

If the dreamer calmly, without sudden movements and hesitations, passes the way, then he is determined and decisive in his desires and actions. There will be success.

But excessive caution and the cowardice of a sleeper in reality can turn away fortune. You are plagued by constant doubts, suspicion and mistrust. There are two explanations for this: either you have something to lose and your intuition tells you to stop, or you are afraid to make a decision and make a choice.

To do this, you need to remember exactly what was behind your back and where you were going. Because it means events that you want to leave in the past and what you strive for.

Woman's straight road is the shortest

For a young girl, crossing the road means leaving the parental influence, guardianship, finding freedom and delineating the boundaries of what is permitted. For someone it is a move to study in another city, marriage or registration for the first and responsible work.

The road was a country road, not asphalted, from one village house to another, - little will change in your life, most likely it will be a train of petty turmoil.

If, crossing the countryside direction, you hit the urban environment, you will fully satisfy your ambitions and achieve your goals by conquering the megalopolis.

A city pedestrian crossing for a dreamer promises a change in attitudes, one’s attitude to something, a successful search for a new job or a man.

Men are not afraid of off-road

They crossed the road to a red light, but no one and nothing prevented you - a good sign for a purposeful man. Your actions will lead to success in spite of circumstances, other people's opinions and watchful onlookers.

They switched, as expected, to green - you have no equal now, everything is on your side, even a traffic signal.

It is impossible to move to the opposite side - wait for the test.

A married man to cross the road in front of his house - put an end to the relationship and get a divorce. You run across to get in the car to the girl - the reason for the divorce in real life will be a runt.

You are escaping from the gangsters, crossing the transition - to forced and decisive actions. These troubles will create problems from which you will emerge victorious by making an important decision.

Cross the rails - change the place of residence or citizenship.

The hardest road is the one you don't know.

Gustov Miller

To cross the stony segment of the unexplored road - you will be touched by new things, everyday chores that will bring more pleasure and useful experience than the loss of time and trouble.

We saw trees, rose bushes and wild rosemary on the sides of the road - on your way you will meet good luck and a future chosen one. If you go along with a companion - create the perfect married couple, which will become for those around you an example of love and loyalty to each other.

To stumble when moving is to make a mistake in solving business issues that will affect your financial condition, and, possibly, health.


Zigzag road - this is not always your right way of life. While there is no understanding of the meaning of your existence, you are in search of earthly infinite riches, dubious pleasures and glory. Your thoughts and actions make you want something better, and wise advice for you is an empty sound.

Trying to turn into a straight path, without difficult bends - your life will be decent, albeit difficult. The realization of true values ​​and your vocation has come, which means that a well-paid job, a loving family and the respect of loved ones will soon appear.

Paving the road through the roads - thanks to the strength of character, diligence and perseverance will achieve a tremendous career jump and a solid position in high society. The only danger is your vanity, it can ruin your relationship with relatives and turn away your loved ones.

Keep your way through the dusty terrain - beware of intruders who will try to harm you by defaming a good name with false lies.

An empty track somewhere in the desert - you are gnawing a lonely life. It seems that no one cares about you, and you simply don’t even need your own parents. This is a deep delusion that will be questioned, thanks only to a call to relatives and heart-to-heart talk with the mother or father.

Paved cobblestones, instead of a smooth asphalt pavement, indicate the thorniness of your path. You will achieve everything thanks to hard work and the desire to be the best. As soon as you think of a hack, postpone the case for later, you will immediately give up their positions, losing importance and material dependence.


Destination without cars and people - your secrecy is a problem that worries you and makes it difficult to live peacefully. These cases require outside intervention, you alone can not cope.

Curve and dusty track says about your instability and confusion. Someone domineering and powerful is trying to exert a bad influence by luring you into his sect or a banned organization. If you tried to turn and leave - then the series of troubles will end and you will return to the usual course of events, but with the outlines of goals and aspirations.

A narrow track ahead - in reality, do not be afraid of difficulties, they will only benefit you, tempering your character and giving courage and strength of mind.

Sigmund Freud

The deserted highway is a symbol of various phobias and personal intimate fears. Fork in a dream - a sign of your torment and confusion about the choice of sexual partner. Uncertainty betrays your inexperience, and you are afraid of the grin and contempt of your beloved.

The crossroad of roads speaks of a number of major changes in life, but not all of them will be joyful and spiritual.