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Varistsit - characteristics and magical properties of the stone


Variscite is often confused with turquoise, as there are instances of a pronounced blue tone. Variscite - a stone of beautiful structure, it is often called the Californian turquoise and love to make jewelry. What is the difference between variscite and other minerals, what are its features?

Characteristics of the stone

Varistsit is a hydrated aluminum phosphate, easily destroyed by high temperatures. The presence of iron and chlorine in the gem determines its color - from saturated blue to green with yellow tint. However, more often you can find a translucent variste green hue.

All minerals can be divided into two subgroups according to color:

  • amatriks - pebbles of green tone;
  • California turquoise - blue tone;
  • Chlorutolite - bright green.

Also, the variscite has several names that are outdated:

  • bolivaritis;
  • spherite;
  • lucite.

Lovers of gem varicos like more turquoise because of the beautiful overflow of shades.

Magic characteristics

Like all minerals, magical effects on humans are attributed to variscite. It is believed that the stone helps to clear the mind of the hustle and excitement. Therefore, it is used in meditation and magical practices. Varistsit helps to focus the mind on the main goal, to achieve peace of mind and calm.

These qualities of gem are also suitable for viewing the life of a person - the future and the present. The stone adjusts to the vision of the subtle plane, opens the visionary gift. With the help of the mineral, you can learn about your past lives, see the secrets of past events.

The mineral is able to attract material wealth to its owner, provides a constant flow of money, attracts good luck and happiness. However, the mineral does not promise a golden mountain. Varistsit opens to its owner not only material abundance, but also fills with a sense of harmony with the whole universe.

The stone is recommended to be worn by those who strive for self-improvement and spiritual growth. Thanks to him, a person can discover unrealized talents and abilities in himself. Spiritually undeveloped and fixated on their own benefit people variscite pushes away from themselves. People with positive energy protects against negative directional and accidents.

Healing Pebbles

Since the mineral was discovered relatively recently, all its healing properties have not yet been studied. It is noticed that the stone calms the nerves and provides a full sleep. With the help variscita can get rid of nightmares. The mineral also heals bedwetting. Lithotherapists claim that gem jewelery soothe the nerves and eliminate irritability.

Some healers are convinced that the gem improves potency and makes a man attractive in the eyes of women. The same can be said about the fair sex - the stone gives them charm. Also varistsit gives youth, as it restores the structure of DNA cells.

Astrological conformity

Astrologers are convinced that the varistsite is suitable for all fire signs - Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. The stone will soothe their natural impulsiveness and aggression. Thanks to the varitsita, fire signs will gain balance and become more accommodating and patient with people.

Contraindicated stone Pisces. Variscite will enhance their natural sensitivity and softness, which will make of Pisces victims of the will of others. The kindness of Pisces will be enjoyed by everyone. Therefore, to give jewelry from a mineral and buy it for this sign is absolutely impossible.

The same applies to Cancers: their natural inclination to care for their neighbors may acquire the features of obsession, which not everyone will like.

Talismans from this mineral should be chosen by those whose profession requires perseverance and calm calm. This applies to public people and those who on duty communicates with a large number of customers.


The properties of the mineral have not yet been fully studied, so caution should be exercised when interacting with virzitsitom. Watch your well-being, the reaction of the stone to the events in your life. If you feel discomfort, just get rid of the mineral in any way.

It is proved that gems have an independent character and can influence a person against his will. If a stone is in harmony with the energy of a person, then he begins to help him in everything. If the vibrations of the stone do not correspond to the vibrations of a person, the opposite happens - the mineral either “is silent” or begins to attract the negative.

Variscite is a stone of responsive and patient people. These properties can be useful to many. But do not forget that excessive responsiveness and patience can play a cruel joke. This applies to those who are endowed with these qualities from birth - the variation of them will increase several times.