Dream interpretation

Chrysoprase stone - the lord of good luck and wealth


Chrysoprase is an exotic and rare stone of charming green coloring. Its mysterious smoky green hue of crystals has conquered the hearts of gem lovers for a long time. It is considered a stone of wealth, success, power and luxury, accompanying the lives of representatives of the nobility, people successful and famous.

Mineral properties

The mineral is a member of the translucent chalcedony group. Despite its rare color, chrysoprase has never been distinguished by its high cost. The most valued specimens have a rich thick green color. Such a faceted gem can easily be confused with emerald.

The name of the stone is formed by two Greek words "chrysos" - "gold" and "prasos" - "leek". If you carefully look at the gem, you can see its similarity to the leaves of leeks with a golden sheen.

Since antiquity, chrysoprase has been considered the patron saint of wealthy and famous people who owned large capital. And its green color symbolized wealth, business success and high intelligence.

In medieval Europe, it was believed that chrysoprase helps to become wealthy and successful, so talismans with this gem were worn by representatives of the elite, businessmen and bankers.

Also, his qualities were valued by inventors and people of creative professions. After all, the stone awakens creative energy and inspiration, improves mood and causes bright emotions and joy to life.

The mineral contains the energies of Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter, and its astrological planet is Venus. Chrysoprase protects its owner from envious people and "bad" eyes, returns all the negative to the person who sent it.

The stone has an interesting feature: its color does not last long, it fades very soon. If you store the gem in a dry room or expose to sunlight, its color becomes faded.

But it is necessary to put the stone in a wet place or just wrap a wet towel - and its colors will again play with bright and fresh greens. Such an effect on the mineral has water molecules that penetrate into its structure.

Coloring chrysoprase

Gemstone is highly valued for its unusual and rare color, which cannot be confused with any other mineral. Chrysoprase is obliged to its rich green shade of nickel microparticles that are contained in the mineral.

Usually, chrysoprase has an apple-green shade, but the color can vary from bluish-green to rich emerald green.

Mineral Grades

Depending on the color and degree of transparency, the mineral is divided into the following varieties:

  • Top grade - the highest quality stone, having a uniform emerald green color. It is very attractive in appearance and almost translucent - it is translucent to 5 cm in thickness. It has very few impurities in its composition.
  • First grade - apple-green hue stone, having a uniform structure without a pattern. It is transparent to a thickness of up to 2 cm. Sometimes opaque spots come across.
  • The second grade is a stone with a pale bluish-green color with spots and opaque places. There are impurities of limonite and other minerals. Refers to semi-precious stones.

Mineral deposits

Chrysoprase deposits are located in Australia, Germany, Poland, USA, Brazil and Kazakhstan. Previously, stone was mined mainly on Polish deposits. It was these gems that served as the decoration of the royal crowns and chambers.

Today the leader in the extraction of this stone is Australia. The mineral is also found in the Urals, in Serbia and Romania, in Madagascar.

Gem magic

Chrysoprase has long been famous for its magical properties and is a powerful talisman. It is believed that the stone protects its owner from the evil eye and envy, deception, slander and the wiles of detractors. It provides support to innovators and inventors, helps people striving for perfection.

In addition, such magical properties are known:

  • The stone has a positive effect on personal relationships, is able to cause new feelings, to establish and strengthen existing ones. Used as a love potion.
  • It will help in the conclusion of successful contracts and transactions, improves the financial situation, protects against losses.
  • Protects its owner from accidents. It was believed that the gem even helps to save the person sentenced to death from execution.
  • The stone set in silver protects from dark forces and ill-wishers.
  • It is considered a stone that promotes communication - attracts new friends and useful acquaintances.
  • Improves oratorical skills, charges with optimism and improves mood.

But remember, if you want the stone to show its magical qualities to the full, be active and decisive, take the initiative. Chrysoprase does not like people who are lethargic and passive, floating with the flow and not wanting changes in their lives.

If a stone wants to warn its owner about the danger, it changes color and becomes cloudy.

Medicinal properties

For a long time, the mineral is used in the treatment of eye diseases, it improves eyesight. It is very useful to contemplate chrysoprase with pain and pain in the eyes.

In addition, the stone has a calming and anti-depressive effect, improves mood and helps to cure sexual disorders.

It is also believed that the stone has a positive effect on the heart. For this, it is necessary to apply the heated mineral for half an hour to the region of the heart chakra. This effect is enhanced by the combination of chrysoprase with another "heart" stone - carnelian.

Mineral is also used for water infusion. To do this, put a piece of mineral water and insist about 5 hours by sunlight. This water is used for colds.

Who is chrysoprase suitable for?

Astrologically, chrysoprase has a connection with the Air and protects Aquarius. Representatives of this sign, wearing an amulet with chrysoprase, will surely fulfill their dreams and desires, succeed in all undertakings. But the mineral provides its support only to people who are honest, fair and merciful, who are able to think not only about their own interests.

Jewelry with chrysoprase is very useful to wear Taurus. He will help them to overcome laziness and sluggishness, will encourage them to take action and unknown actions.

The mineral will provide energy support to Pisces and Capricorn. It is useful to wear it to Cancers, Sagittarius, Virgins and Twins.

Representatives of Aries, Scorpios, Libra and Lviv will give the mineral an excess of its own energy, which they cannot put on track.

It should be noted that chrysoprase is a very peace-loving mineral. Therefore, almost all signs of the zodiac can wear it, it will help all kind-hearted and sincere people.

Chrysoprase loves to be worn constantly. From this his colors become brighter and more expressive. And all forgotten and abandoned, it fades and loses its magical properties.

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