Dream interpretation

I dreamed that the purse was stolen: interpreted by different dream books


Before the appearance of wallets, money was kept in corsets, folds of hats, behind the bootleg, where clothes and imagination would allow. What a dream in which the purse was stolen, we find out in verified dream books.

There is a lot of money, but there is nothing to put

A stolen wallet is always an unpleasant story. After all, a wallet is a powerful conductor, a generator of monetary energy. Such a sign can warn the dreamer not only against similar problems in reality: the loss of money or other material values. But to personify the general state of affairs of the dreamer, the exhaustion of emotional, creative potential, the loss of inspiration.

Theft of a purse in a dream - in reality can call for restraint, prudence, prudence and modesty. Do not brag about your victories and fees to unfamiliar people, much less drink alcohol with them, marking your success.

A lot can tell the color of the wallet, which they saw in the dream. It was necessary to lose a black or dark brown wallet - this means a loss of reliability and consistency with people close to a conservative person with established lifestyle and traditions.

Yellow color indicates a threat to relationships and quarrels with loved ones. You are a very sublime and spiritual nature, not focusing on enrichment. Therefore, disappointment in love will be a great loss for you.

Allow to steal a white or silver money bag - to lose the comfort and abundance that has accompanied you throughout your life for so long.

They dragged the red coin box - your senses become cold, and your passion subsides, turning you into an infantile, indifferent nature.

Those who are experiencing financial difficulties, a good interpretation promises a dream, where you saw the theft of your old empty wallet. In the near future, by chance, you will be able to solve material problems, get rid of debts, payables and other financial obligations. Successful time - to strengthen their position by investing in real estate or a large investment project. This will help to reach a new level and acquire a high status.

Sometimes women's advice is more expensive than a wallet.

They stole a purse with banknotes - beware of obsessive and arrogant suitor in reality. The dream warns against meeting with those who at the expense of you wants to adjust their situation. If there were not a lot of banknotes, everything will be easy for you to fall in love with, and parting with a cheat will not be painful.

Saw how they steal and try to prevent theft - in reality you are trying not to miss your chance. You try not to go with the flow and control your own destiny. Experiences are not in vain - at any time you can throw off opportunities from the boat and send to the bottom.

What else dream of stealing a wallet:

  • search for stolen - to try to fill the spiritual emptiness;
  • regained the loss - remember forgotten obligations to someone;
  • found, but already empty - expect prosperity and well-being;
  • returned with copper coins - you will find true and reliable friends;
  • returned a stranger with money - to get dubious profits;
  • lost without banknotes - get rid of additional costs;
  • fell out and picked it up - to parting with your loved ones because of your fault;
  • throw out the old one - to the new clothes in the wardrobe.

Men are more expensive than money

For a man, a purse is a symbol of influence, power, wealth, high self-esteem and self-esteem. His loss or theft can mean undermining the authority, betrayal, lies and deception of those whom he trusted.

Having lost the old, to admire the new, beautiful - to strive for change and not to dwell on the old failures. The hardships are over, and you are on the path of a beautiful and happy life.

The thief who stole the large notes was recognized - fearfully, whoever tries to impose large debts on you. Try to cancel everything that had to be signed with this person. Otherwise, one cannot avoid large payables and losses.

Losing a red wallet with a small amount of money and not trying to look for it is to part with the one that has ceased to arouse interest in you and inspire you to exploit. Life with her has lost her passion and inspiration, and it seems dull and monotonous to you.

A purse with a large amount of money has disappeared - to lose confidence in the future, male power and authority. You are afraid to trust someone and thereby further aggravate the situation. And the fear of losing everything and immediately overshadows your mind and inhibits the adoption of an important decision. You should calm down, focus on the problem and not experience the consequences that you may be able to avoid.

What other moments foreshadows the theft of the wallet, depending on the crime scene:

  • in the park - be careful on vacation;
  • in a public place - do not succumb to the influence of others and the opinions of others;
  • at work - you should be more careful and reasonable in matters and documents;
  • in institutions - carefully read the contracts and important financial papers that you are going to sign;
  • on passport control - try to travel without bulky luggage.

Who does not have money, that the purse is not needed - the author's dream book

Gustov Miller

The predictor is most interested in the identity of the thief who stole the money. An unknown robber indicates the appearance of a person who can dexterously graft into trust and get everything he wants from you: valuable information, new knowledge, your ideas, developments, and credit cards. This seemingly pleasant and beautiful person will try to penetrate into your soul and leave a deep wound there, from which it will be hard to recover.

David loff

The interpretation draws the dreamer's attention to the one who stole the purse. If it is someone from the inner circle and you clearly remember the face of the thief, in real life this person is deceiving you, pretending to be a friend and ally. It is necessary to be careful of impudent treachery, and as a result losses, losses and unforeseen expenses. Not only your reputation and credibility, but also your financial situation may suffer.

Sigmund Freud

Personalizes bills in a wallet with the number of sexual partners, the more banknotes, the more connections. Theft means that your diverse and rich intimate life can be darkened by illness or other problems in this area. You will have to pay long and hard for their lustful pranks and frivolity. If you managed to return the purse, but without money - in reality avoid problems and change your lifestyle, being content with constant serious relationship with your spouse.