Dream interpretation

Dreamed pregnant wife - popular interpretation of the dream-book


It is difficult to determine unequivocally why a pregnant wife dreams. If the dream has an actual meaning, it is a normal reflection of reality. In the event that the wife is pregnant, but did not inform her husband or even does not know about the joyful event herself - the man has a highly developed intuition. A naked pregnant wife in a man’s dream means unconditional family happiness, love and acceptance.

Actual sleep value

In the dream we see reality transformed by consciousness. Sober-minded rational people who accept the world as it is, have realistic dreams. A pregnant wife in a dream in this case is just a wife in position.

Attention should be paid to the dialogues, actions - it is in them that the main meaning of the dream will be concluded. Dreams in this case can be specific - you need to buy a pram and a crib - in a dream you buy a pram, cot, toys, enjoy shopping and examine them, make repairs at the nursery, discuss colors of the walls and decor.

Great dream, showing a subtle attitude to reality. The mystical significance of such a dream is complete and absolute well-being. A child will be born in a happy family and will not need anything.

Basic sleep values

  • If a pregnant wife dreams of a woman, this does not always indicate her unconventional orientation. Rather, the woman is forced to solve many problems and serve as a support for other people. In this case, a pregnant woman in a dream is a sign of problems to be solved. Review your life position. You are not at all obliged to take care of and care for everyone.
  • If a pregnant wife in a dream complains, whines, wriggles in pain, falls, is injured, flies into the abyss or falls from the roof - this is fear and guilt, the inability to share a complex state together. Perhaps irritation and selfish desire that everything stops. Take a sedative. Go to a psychologist. A psychologist can help learn to accept reality without unnecessary struggle. Indeed, the struggle with fate is necessary in some cases, but it is pointless and unethical to fight against the wife’s pregnancy. It is not always possible to learn to accept the world on your own, especially if the child was growing up alone or in difficult relationships with brothers and sisters. You will become much happier when you learn to understand what you need to fight, and what should just be taken as a fact.
  • A strange pregnant wife in a dream or an unknown woman, of which you know that she is your wife only in the context of sleep, you should clearly define your interests and not solve other people's problems, especially if you are not asked. Or if the requests are too intrusive and impose obligations on you beyond your will. Helping people is a good deed, but not in the case when they count on your help, without taking into account your interests.
  • Childbirth in a dream is a sign of a favorable outcome. Everything will be fine and you are ready for it. Try to worry less, take care of your nerves.

Values ​​for dream books

  • Dream book Velesov assures that to see a pregnant wife in a dream - to gossip, scandal, discord.
  • According to Loff, pregnancy is a sign of creative maturity, readiness for independent creation. Your pregnant wife may be a brilliant idea that you are carrying in secret.
  • The English dream book says that a pregnant wife is in a dream - to the delight, the profits, the small spending on entertainment, and unexpected pleasant surprises.
  • Freud's dream interpretation treats his wife's pregnancy as fear in her infidelity, self-doubt.
  • A female dream book treats a pregnant wife as a uniquely happy event.

Pregnant woman in nightmares

If a pregnant wife dreams in a negative context, it is quite possible that this is a reflection of the man’s fears and a clear sign of rejection of a possible situation, a cooling down of feelings. It happens that a pregnant woman in a dream seems unpleasant and extremely unattractive, repulsive. This really happens and does not always relate to feelings for the wife. Fear of having children, responsibility, financial and emotional stress must be taken into account.

In this case, it is desirable to exclude the possible risks of pregnancy in the near future. If you are sure that you do not want children and never want to - do a vasectomy, this is a simple and safe operation that completely eliminates pregnancy. Such a decision may not be approved by society, but no one should reproduce by force, contrary to desire. This applies equally to men.

Women often complain that society puts pressure on them, demanding to give birth, imposes images of happy motherhood, carelessness and careless infantilism in relation to the means for the baby. Nobody puts pressure on men verbally; they are simply confronted with the fact that you will have a child.

If a woman has the right to brush off heavy thoughts and focus on her health, then a huge burden of responsibility falls upon a man, for which he is not always ready. Frightening dream with a pregnant wife brings out the deepest fears of men. It is the fear of not coping, the fear of changing the quality of life, the possible rejection of many joys, anxiety for the health of the woman she loves and the fear of losing her.

Secret fears that are not expressed out loud can become rampant in a dream. Men really better to visit a psychologist in this difficult period. Own experience and advice of friends and parents may not be enough.


To dream of a pregnant wife is a necessary stage of growing up and establishing relationships. You lose for yourself the possible situations and their development. This is a completely normal mind game. By your own reaction, you can understand your attitude towards future prospects, are you ready to continue the race and the appearance of the baby.

If the relationship develops rather on the basis of selfish considerations and comfort, each spouse will seek to take the place of the only infant in the family. The appearance of a real baby does not even out the situation.