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Affirmations for pregnant women: examples and recommendations


Affirmations for pregnant women are positive attitudes for a happy pregnancy and easy delivery. Consider examples of working affirmations, and also share how to properly apply and formulate them.

Examples of positive affirmations for pregnant women

Best of all, if you learn to formulate affirmations yourself. This will be the most sincere and honest option. And also as effective as possible, because your emotions and creativity are invested in it.

But not everyone can immediately come up with the right wording, so first you can use ready-made. Choose the appropriate statements depending on the goal you want to achieve:

  • If you dream of getting pregnant: "A child grows and develops inside me." "My body is completely ready for conception, bearing and giving birth." "I look forward to the birth of a healthy baby"
  • So that the pregnancy proceeds without incident: "My pregnancy is excellent, the baby grows and develops." "I feel great." "I am happy and happy to see the birth of my child"
  • Universal: "I enjoy my pregnancy, I feel happy and harmonious." "I calmly accept all the changes that are happening to me"
  • If there are fears about parenting and responsibility: "I am a great mother, I have a raised, happy and developed child." "I am capable of motherhood." "My children love me and consider me the best mum."

By analogy, you can create your own affirmations and repeat them daily.

Music for reading affirmations

Affirmations will work better if you pronounce them with pleasant, calm, peaceful music. Especially good are the melodies with certain positive vibrations that favorably affect the energy of a person.

It has long been proven that classical music has a positive effect on the body of a pregnant woman, and on her future baby. Therefore, it is useful to repeat the positive attitudes to the sounds of the works of the great classics.

What does music affect?

  • Stimulates active brain development in the fetus
  • Improves mental processes
  • Relaxes and relieves stress, negative emotions.
  • Improves well-being
  • Causes pleasant positive emotions.

Classical music, more precisely, its vibrations, resonate with the energy shell of the human body, literally healing the aura and harmonizing the work of all seven chakras. Therefore, it is very useful to use it as an addition to meditations and affirmations.

Three whales of working with positive attitudes

When dealing with positive affirmations, it is very important to put emotions into them. Mechanical repetition of the proposals you have made will have no effect. There are several key factors without which affirmations do not work:

  • Emotions - you must feel what you are talking about. You can add feelings to the text, for example, "I am happy because my baby grows healthy", "I am happy to feel and notice the changes that occur in my body"
  • Creativity is an optional parameter. When you come up with the formulations of affirmations yourself, use your creative abilities. It enhances the magical effect.
  • Faith - if you do not believe that the Universe hears your requests, positive statements will not work.

If your setup will contain all three of these parameters, the effect will be enormous. But it is equally important to formulate positive statements correctly.

Wording rules

In order for the Universe to hear your requests, you need to create an affirmation text in accordance with its laws. They are simple and easy to remember.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Formulate your request in real time only. So, as if it already happened. Not: "I want to be healthy", but "I feel great" or "I am completely and completely healthy"
  2. Avoid denial, negative wording and not a piece. Wrong: "I have no problems with analyzes", correctly: "I have excellent analyzes"
  3. If the statement concerns only you, you can not back it up with emotions. If other people or unborn child, emotional feeding is required. That is, not "my husband also wants a child," but "I am happy that my husband is looking forward to the baby"
  4. Remember that a thought that has been spoken only once has no power. Only a multiple repetition of affirmations will have an effect. Therefore, practice daily. Train yourself to spin positive statements in your free time.
  5. You will reduce all efforts to zero if you continue to broadcast negative into the surrounding space. For example, if you are accustomed to arguing, criticizing, condemning, often thinking about the bad, affirmations will not be useful. First, get rid of bad mental habits, train yourself to love, gratitude, trust and compassion, and then practice

Watch a video with examples of affirmations for pregnant women:

It is important: it is necessary to pronounce affirmations only from the first person, on its own behalf.

Positive practices for pregnant women

In addition to affirmations, you can use other ways to work with the subconscious. For example, such energy practices:

  • Yoga. You need to do it only under the guidance of an experienced trainer who understands which loads are useful during pregnancy and which are contraindicated
  • Meditation Just choose light and positive options, without deep immersion "in yourself" and work out the old negative
  • Communication with nature. Visit the water, in the forest more often, if possible - visit secluded places and fill with the energy of nature

The most important thing is to carefully monitor your condition and not to allow even the slightest discomfort.