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The Nostradamus Prophecies of Russia and the World


The prophecies of Nostradamus are a collection of predictions, many of which have already come true. But you can learn about the events that may occur in the future, according to the great soothsayer.

The Nostradamus Prophecies for Russia for 2018

The predictions of the great soothsayer are enclosed in short quatrains - quatrains. The earliest of them belong to the year 1550. Scientists and esoteric continue to decipher the prophecies of Nostradamus. There are a great many, consider the most famous.

They are as follows:

  • The central part of the country will suffer from drought. In Russia, strong heat will fall, which will last from June to October. This will lead to the burning of forests and peatlands. People will struggle for a long time with the elements, and they will manage to completely put out the fires by September. It is very important that the authorities follow the neutralization of negative consequences.
  • Eastern Russia in the spring may suffer from the water element. Spring floods occur due to heavy storms and hurricanes. Large settlements will suffer, because of which their residents will be forced to move to the south
  • It was possible to decipher the prediction, according to which the strength of the two powers, Russia and the United States, is equal. This will lead to a powerful confrontation of states. The rivalry will be long and will reach a completely new level.
  • In 2018, the birth of a new civilization will begin on the territory of Russia, but the process will become practically imperceptible to the inhabitants. Close cooperation will also begin with China, which will significantly strengthen its position in the world.
  • Due to the fact that natural disasters will rage in the world, many people will suffer because of natural disasters and begin to seek refuge in Russia. An unprecedented number of refugees will appear in the country.
  • In the southern regions it is getting warmer, the land is suffering from drought, a crisis will come for the harvest
  • The peoples of the Far North will suffer from new chemical weapons and, perhaps, some of them will disappear from the face of the earth. Those who survived will choose large settlements as permanent residence.
  • There will be some serious dermatological disease that will be incurable for a long time.

And the most significant prediction is that Russia will become a member of the third world war. But not for long - just two and a half years.

Predictions for the whole world

The prophecies of the soothsayer, which could be interpreted, tell about the fate of the whole world in 2018.

The decoded predictions speak of the following:

  • A man will be born, physically unhealthy. In the future, it will bring a lot of misfortune and misfortune for the entire population of the globe. There will be some serious congenital mutilation in his appearance.
  • People will become extremely cruel, aggression will grow, mass destruction of their own kind will begin. Nature will also rise, which will send many natural disasters to Earth.
  • In summer it will be incredibly hot. This will lead to huge fires in Europe, due to which many civilians will suffer. Especially hard to those who live in the southern climate. People will seek to move to where it is cooler.
  • Some researchers interpret the prediction of "sizzling rays" differently. They believe that the cause of the trouble - not a strong heat, but some kind of chemical weapons, which will be used. Probably the aggressor will be the rulers of Eastern countries professing Islam.
  • Residents of the Nordic countries will come into conflict with the Asian countries, which can lead to wars. Military conflicts between Muslims from the Middle East and Northerners are also likely.
  • After the outbreak of war, Orthodox will start joining them. Nostradamus predicted some significant event that will force Muslims to rebel against Christians and lead to war on religious grounds

Most of the predictions are negative, but there are more positive prophecies. For example, the great soothsayer believed that the rulers of developed countries would study the ocean and the depths of the sea. Scientists will create powerful, new mechanisms that will allow them to dive to a depth that people have never been to before. Many discoveries will be made. It will be possible to create underwater settlements.

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Prophecies that came true

Find out how accurate the predictions of the future, while it is impossible. But you can compare them with the prophecies that have already come true in the past.

For example:

  • Nostradamus predicted the Chernobyl disaster. In his prophecies, he pointed out that the earth was formed, which would be "dead" for many centuries in a row. "Stinking" air will destroy human bodies and kill the mind
  • In the prophet's quatrains there were references to the destructive tsunami in Japan. He spoke of a strong flood in which many people would die in 2011.
  • Nostradamus wrote about the huge beautiful ship, which is destined to go to the bottom with the passengers. Researchers believe that this prophecy concerns the death of the famous "Titanic"
  • Nostradamus was able to predict the birth of Hitler. The soothsayer wrote that in the West of Europe a baby will be born who will grow up and raise people to conquest
  • It is believed that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was also predicted. The quatrain states that the young ruler of the abundant land will suffer death at the hands of a stranger while traveling with his wife

To interpret the predictions of Nostradamus is incredibly difficult and impossible to say with certainty which prophecies have already come true and which will come true in the future. But researchers are making every effort to give the maximum possible decoding.