Dream interpretation

In a dream you saw the clear sea - what can it mean


I just wanted to enjoy this dream ... But what if it is not good? What dreams of the sea as from an expensive resort, how does the dream book look at such dreams?

General interpretation of this heavenly dream

  • What dreams of clean, clear sea? It is the soul, the state of the inner world of the dreamer. Sleep means: you are pure in soul, there is a special light within you.
  • Esoterics interpret such a dream as a family dream: absolute harmony reigns in your love and soul relationship.
  • Sometimes interpreters (for example, Flowers) see something different in this dream: a future meeting.
  • If in a dream you had a chance to see a clear, transparent sea, you just stood beside it and peered into the distance: the news would come, and from another country.
  • Do not forget your own emotions left after sleep. Joy means a happy dream. If even the most beautiful sea inspired fear, horror, or even anxiety, be careful: there will be danger lurking somewhere in life.

The beautiful details of this dream

  • Night sea with a moonlit path: your life is very smooth, peaceful.
  • See the tide. Dream prophesies you new opportunities. If you have a dream, it can come true.
  • Waves, rolling on the bank: in life is now a peaceful period, and at this time it is very desirable for you to take care of yourself spiritually. For example, enroll in a personal growth seminar.
  • Troubled waves: the subconscious mind warns that a troubled period is coming in your life.
  • Ripples on the water: to everyday problems.
  • Calm, that is absolutely windless weather: good sleep, promises peace and tranquility in your family.
  • You have seen the bottom to the last pebble: you are in excellent relations not only with yourself, but also with those around you.
  • At the bottom there was a lot of clean sand: to the money. Did you scoop it up with your hand? Money will flow into your pocket!
  • The sea was very deep: a dream for future anxiety or spiritual emptiness. Also, sleep can mean a disease of the stomach or intestines.
  • You looked into the clear water and were afraid that the sea monster lives somewhere very deep? In fact, you are afraid of yourself, knowing that low-lying instincts are hiding in the secret corners of your soul.
  • Watch the sun's rays pierce the water: a dream says that you have great "weather in the house."
  • The beach where you go past the purest waves: the road is waiting for you.
  • Peace and quiet turned into a storm: sleep promises problems. Perhaps the scandals will start in the family, and you even have to part for a while in order to cool down separately.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Swam, bathed: your dream will come true, or you will meet your "prince" ("princess").
  • If a young girl or woman in a dream swims in the clear sea (ocean), fish frolic around her, moreover, she swallows water and feels how salty she is: buy a pregnancy test.
  • You dived: a dream reveals your character. Namely: you like to be in the center of the company or events.
  • Diving from a tower, a very high bank: you dream that you are swirled by passion, so that someone will “spoil” you a little.
  • Bathed in a pair with his beloved (loved ones): your sexual relationships can be envied.
  • We walked with our beloved (loved ones) along the beach: fortunately in my personal life.
  • In the dream, you walked with your beloved (loved one) with towels along the beach, choosing a place for "parking" and swimming in the perfect water: you will make an excellent married couple.
  • Riding on a ship, or simply sailed on a ship from the coast: a dream for big changes.
  • Tonuli: a dream foreshadows problems.
  • You hurried to the sea and saw from afar how transparent and clean it is: you dream of an ideal relationship.
  • You looked at the beautiful sea from afar together with your beloved (beloved): it would be nice to “talk in real life” with this person to be honest. Something in the relationship bothers you, something needs to be corrected.
  • You were fishing near the purest water, you got a fish or something from it: a dream promises “profits” and good luck.
  • You saw a ring in clear water: you will be called to marry (you will find the perfect girl, and she will agree to marry you). If you are on the contrary in water, you will lose the ring, instead of the past partner, you will quickly find a new one, and you will not regret this "replacement"

Were there any dolphins in the dream?

  • According to the dream book, the clear, transparent sea in which these cute creatures were splashing around is not such a good sign. Perhaps he says that you do not give yourself the will, blocking feelings and emotions inside the soul.
  • This dream has another interpretation: the change of power, leadership. Or maybe soon the mother-in-law will come to your house with a long-term visit?
  • Ride on transparent waves riding a dolphin: you are infantile, it's time to look at the world more realistically.
  • Dolphins locked in an open-air cage: you are not allowed to express themselves, each of your steps and sighs are controlled.
  • Dolphins jump through the ring, stand in front of the audience: you constantly wear masks. And by the way, the artist of you is useless - many have already guessed that you are insincere with them.
  • Dead dolphin: dream prophesies loneliness, and it is quite possible that not just long but eternal.
  • To see this animal during a rising storm, or angry, attacking you with the aim of harming - also a bad dream, warning of future problems.
  • A dolphin suffering in a stormy sea in a man’s dream speaks of dreamer complexes, because of which he cannot establish normal communication with the opposite sex, and therefore, find his soul mate.
  • Finally, if you see a shark at sea, the dream becomes Freudian. He says you have a strong sexual attraction. It is also interpreted a dream in which big fish swim near you, you touch them, play with them.

And what will experienced interpreters say?

In contrast to the old dream books, modern authors deal not with beliefs, but with the revelations of their clients in psychotherapy sessions. What do they think about your dream?

Analysis of "sea" sleep from Miller

  1. A clear, transparent sea in a dream (as well as an overcast, dark) is not the most favorable dream. He says: constantly chasing bodily pleasures, you will still remain "hungry", but - to spiritual, moral wealth.
  2. If a girl dreamed that she rolls on the sea with her beloved (the type of transport is not important), the dream is excellent - he spells harmony in a relationship.
  3. Not to see, but only to hear the sound of the waves: the dreamer has a bland, dull life. Better fill it with communication with friends, new impressions, choose a goal for yourself.

Denise Lynn is sure ...

  1. The quiet sea is the power that is sleeping in your soul. There is harmony within you, and you can kindly envy the possibilities hidden in you.
  2. If in a dream the sea suddenly became agitated, it became noisy: long work on yourself “shines” you.