Dream interpretation

Measure dress - the prediction of popular dream books


In the wardrobe of a true woman, there are always outfits in which she can pass any obstacles, captivating them with her femininity and beauty. Why dream of measuring dress, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

The dress personifies the feminine principle, reflecting the essence and energy of the beautiful half of humanity. For a dreamer to try on a dress is a good sign, if the clothes were clean, new, beautiful, it fits well and very much goes to the hostess. This holds great promise for the future. Changes will be not only in his personal life, career, but also to touch the external image, the image of a woman.

Those who see a bright and frank outfit in their dreams will conquer the public with their courage, audacity and energetic character. Having shown leadership qualities and having fascinated by external data, you will manage to win over many influential people who will believe in your strength, luck and promises. During this period, more than ever you need to try to realize yourself in business or pursue a creative career, in any case, you will be supported by loyal admirers and sponsors.

To see oneself in light, flowing, expensive fabrics, such as chiffon, silk or satin, is in reality to strive to get rid of the heavy burden of everyday affairs, the monotonous domestic fuss. You will distance yourself from everyday difficulties, problems with lack of funds, you will get away from boring gray everyday life, feeling lightness, lightness, ease and freedom.

Dreamed of measuring dress light and bright colors - an excellent occasion for celebration. After all, white color is a symbol of celebration and joy, it expresses a certain completeness and perfection, expresses freedom for all possibilities, confirms the adoption of an absolute and final decision.

For young people to try on a classic white outfit - in reality, this promises an approximation to the long-awaited goal of getting married. Applied to the bride, he expresses innocence, purity, openness and tenderness, the feminine image men dream of. The longer the trail in a dream, the marriage will be longer, stronger and happier.

For those who have already gained their other half, white color symbolizes the beginning of a new life, a trustful attitude towards the sign of fate and people who will meet on the way.

Dreamed of dark clothes in the wardrobe - a sign of the dreamer's dull, busy and gray life. It suppresses the mood and kills the desire to focus on a promising goal that would change your existence. A lot of time and effort takes the main source of income without bringing decent remuneration and moral satisfaction. You can avoid depression by taking a little vacation. During this time you decide on the plans and choose the right tactics.

Seeing yourself in a dirty, ragged dress in reflection is a bad omen. There comes a time of trial and failure. It is necessary to beware of large expenses and rash purchases, as you may need money for something more serious. There may be health problems, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Those days when you should not flattery, risk your life for the sake of a stupid argument, test your will and test your character.

To find a large spot on the sleeve in a dream - in reality, someone is trying to undermine your authority, respect from others. Detractor is beneficial for you to give up and stop acting. Bypass scandals, gossip and slander, do not participate in a public clarification of relationships. This not only does not change the situation, but also exacerbates your problems.

A long dress in a dream promises greater financial gain and material stability. And the short one is opposite to monetary difficulties, the feeling of hopelessness and depression. Black mourning attire in most cases does not promise something good. It is rather a warning sign of emergency danger and anxiety.

But if this is a cocktail little dress, then be ready for a romantic evening or a blind date. The date promises to be enjoyable, memorable and the first on the road to a long-lasting serious relationship.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Dress reflecting the feminine essence, personifies her body. Trying on a dress that is small in size or is already worn and outdated - this means that in reality the dreamer feels discomfort about her appearance. The approach of old age, excess weight, poor physical fitness affects the regularity of sexual life and sexual activity.

A dream in which you reconcile a dress of your size, it really suits you and you like it - it means you are a self-confident person. You know what you want in intimacy and trust your partner. Sex for you is a reason to relax and feel like a woman.

A man standing in front of a mirror in a dress - in reality, be attracted to same-sex relationships. For people who hide their orientation, such visions reflect their discomfort and feelings. Understanding their antisocial behavior, they are afraid of being rejected by society and close. Sex with the opposite sex is just a cover for them.


For an unmarried woman to measure a new dress is to enjoy your triumph in the near future. The success of the dreamer awaits in all. You will have a lot of strength and opportunities to realize all desires. Family and work will bring joy and enjoyment.

Old clothes are a precursor of material difficulties and health problems. Putting it on first, then come to your senses and throw off - it means to hold the blow tightly, to cope with all the difficult circumstances.

Gustov Miller

A beautiful dress in a dream is a dangerous omen, in the opinion of the interpreter. A woman should expect a strong rival, which will interfere with her love relationship. You should not relax for a minute, because at any moment she can show her perseverance and lead her lover away.

You see a beautiful outfit in the window, but you have doubts that it will suit you - the dream reflects your uncertainty and stiffness. It is necessary to straighten your shoulders and open up to the world, especially since you will have a reason to wear something for the holiday.

Wearing someone else's expensive clothes - in reality trying to seduce a man who has long been bound by marriage. Do not waste time, the lover can promise a lot, but still will remain with the family.

To desire an exclusive brand outfit, but not to buy - in reality, this reflects the desire to achieve what you can not do. Your high ambitions do not coincide with the possibilities. In fact, it is worth reviewing priorities and paying attention to the invaluable things you already possess.