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The prophecies of the youth Vyacheslav: the opinion of the youngest seer about the fate of mankind


The prophecies of the young man Vyacheslav have been of keen interest for several years. Remarkable is the fact that the boy, who uttered predictions, lived only ten years. But he managed to reveal completely non-children's information to the world. Consider what he was talking about.

Who is the boy Vyacheslav?

Vyacheslav Krashennikov was born in 1982 with the mother of the housewife and the father of the military. At an early age, the boy was overwhelmed with a serious blood disease - he had practically no chance of surviving and living a full life.

The sick child was still sent to kindergarten, but he did not attend school. A lot of things about Vyacheslav’s personality were told by his mother: the boy was unusually kind, willing to help, efficient.

The mother of the lad was confident that the soul of her son was sent to Earth to convey to people the messages of God, the prophecies about the world and the fate of humanity. According to his prophecies, people in the future will have to face terrible times.

That fact is remarkable that, according to contemporaries, Vyacheslav was able to heal other people from diseases, but practically did not use the gift. For him, it was more important to convey messages to people who in the future will help escape from evil.

The most important prophecies

Based on the life of Vyacheslav, they made films and wrote books. But the attitude to his predictions has always been ambiguous. People were not so much surprised by the non-child prophecies of a very young boy, as they were frightened by ominous omens.

Key predictions:

  1. The world is close to collapse. There will be some destructive event, as a result of which only a few will be able to escape
  2. But even those who will be saved will have to face many serious ordeals that are almost unbearable for a person.
  3. Evil on earth will win, and dark forces will take over the people, the devil himself will reign in the world and will do terrible things. People will obey him, because he will be hiding under the guise of a divine messenger, to act very slyly and cunningly. Under the powerful field of his negative charm will fall almost all
  4. Only sincere believers will not fall under the hypnotic influence of Satan, they will eventually be the only saved ones.

Vyacheslav gave specifics: he claimed that the devil would appear to the world, saying that he had moved the mountain. However, this will be only an illusion, but people will believe under the influence of powerful hypnosis.

The Prophecies of the Last Times

The mother of the boy Vyacheslav is sure that some of his predictions have already come true.

The fulfilled prophecy of the young youth is as follows:

  • Vyacheslav talked about some kind of "devilish piece of paper" that would be a great temptation for people and at the same time a great test. The mother of the seer is confident that the talk in prophecy was about vouchers that were common in the post-Soviet space after the collapse of the Union
  • The following prediction about recent times is about the "issuance of attractive papers," the same passports. People will begin to receive them, after which a devilish trio will appear on their forehead and right hand - the number 666.

As a result, most of the population will be stamped. At first, the devilish sign will be hidden and hidden, but in the future the mark will be put on public display.

This will cause people to give up their souls and prefer material benefits to the rest.

Implications for humanity

After the accession of the Devil, unenviable times will come on earth. But not all people will agree to submit to evil, they will seriously suffer from it.

What are the implications of dissent:

  • People who refuse to “stamp” the three sixes will be in dire need. Without the devil's mark they will not sell a single product.
  • Due to the inability to make purchases of dissent, famine awaits. At first, more loyal relatives will share food, but the body of believers will not accept the devil's gifts, will reject unwanted food.
  • Those who disagree will be hunted by the authorities, wishing to forcibly subordinate the new system of government. Therefore, the believers will go into hiding, they will go into the forest, they will be engaged in subsistence farming and gathering.

Vyacheslav argued - time will pass, and God will take care of those who did not succumb to the Dark Forces. But you need to stock up on everything you need and take care of shelter to survive difficult times. He especially insisted that it would take supplies of "metal and fabrics" - these things would be impossible to get.

Watch the video with the latest prophecies of the lad Vyacheslav:

About the Russian Tsar

The boy also predicted that the “new king” would ascend to the Russian throne. Mention of a powerful ruler is found among other seers, so they can not but attach importance.

Vyacheslav believed that a certain messenger of God would receive power and direct the country along the path of spiritual development. The ruler will take on a huge responsibility. True, for a long time he will consider himself an ordinary person and not believe that he is destined to rule.

The new Russian tsar has to make extremely difficult decisions: he will start a fight with traitors. With the hands of this man on earth, God himself will act. It will help make the country great, and also protect the whole world from the Dark Forces.

The prophecies of the young man Vyacheslav sound truly fantastic, so whether to believe them or not is a rather controversial question. But if the interpretations are not interpreted so literally, one can find a rational kernel in them. After all, now we really are witnessing the fall of spiritual values ​​and the obsession of people on everything material.

Perhaps the main message of the predictions of the young seer is a call to turn to God, to recall morality, morality and the soul. This is a call to think about what is truly important to man, to reduce the significance of material goods and not to succumb to the “devilish” temptations, live in love, strive for spiritual harmony.