Dream interpretation

Why dreamed of blood - the interpretation of the image for women


It is unlikely that someone would call blood a pleasant sight. Especially for a woman. But dream books rarely interpret such a dream with a negative meaning. It is necessary to understand the question of what dreams of blood for a woman, so that the woman could be prepared for all the surprises that fate is preparing for her.

Dream Interpretation: blood in a dream for a woman

  • If a woman sees her lover coughing blood, then your chosen one is not completely sincere with you. Perhaps he is hiding something about his past or has sex on the side. Dream books recommend not to make a request with prejudice, but to take measures to eliminate this problem. Do sports, start self-development, change the image, spend more time with your beloved and more. Only such an approach will help not to lose a husband;
  • To see blood on the head - to unpleasant conversations and news from the second half. This will be a conversation about partner dissatisfaction. Perhaps he will offer you to change the image, express discontent regarding your appearance or the conduct of household affairs. It is worth listening to the advice and take the necessary measures. Perhaps, not only he thinks so, but most people from your environment;
  • If you happen to see the flowing blood from the eyes, then wait for betrayal and deception from a loved one. Also, the girl who saw this image, should look closely to their surroundings, as even the closest friends can dispel rumors and build machinations against you behind your back;
  • And the blood from the ear is an auspicious sign. It marks success in all affairs and undertakings. But you should not listen to the words of flatterers and those who once deceived you, as this may not end well for a sleeper;
  • Blood comes from the abdomen or navel - to family problems. Perhaps your partner has started a relationship on the side. Also dream books predict great health problems in the family. This image is strengthened if you can see the blood from your abdomen during pregnancy;
  • Feet in the blood. This image reminds you that you have a lot of unsolved cases, but also haste can only make it worse for further growth along the career ladder. This issue should be approached very responsibly and with great care;
  • Menstrual blood in a dream is a symbol of cleansing and release in reality. If an elderly woman sees the menstrual blood in a dream, it means that many more happy years await her, and her health will not fail. And for a young girl, this image marks good health. Also, the girl who saw this image is subconsciously ready for pregnancy, but she is ready to have a child only with the person with whom she is currently in a relationship;
  • Blood on the pad. This image indicates that there is a certain person who loves to poke his nose in other people's affairs. This person can significantly ruin the dreamer's reputation;
  • If a pregnant young lady was seen in night dreams that her period began, it means that the future birth will take place quickly and without serious consequences, and the child will be born healthy;
  • Blood at the time of birth. Such a dream speaks of your fear of having a baby. This is connected not only with childbirth, but also with the future upbringing. You are not morally prepared, and the appearance of your baby is very scary. Dream books recommend discarding extra doubts and prepare for a very important life stage;
  • If in night dreams you had to drink blood, then in reality someone could harm your family budget. It is necessary to protect your savings and not fall for the tricks of fraudsters;
  • Blood transfusion in a dream marks the illness of a loved one. It will take him a long time to recover, and you will need support, both moral and financial;
  • To donate blood - in reality you are too sentimental, you are trying to help everyone, even if this help can harm you. You tend to take the blame for the offense of even an unfamiliar person. Be careful that someone would not use your kindness for their own selfish purposes.

Interpretation of a dream by Miller’s dream book

Clothing in the blood marks the emergence of serious enemies and competitors. It is necessary to prepare to fight them for a place in the sun. War can not be avoided, your task will be to get out of it with minimal losses. The more blood you saw, the stronger these enemies will be.

Seeing the blood on yourself - to the big problems, both in your career and in your personal life. You should not immediately respond to a marriage proposal, in the future your fiancé may change and cause great pain. After that you can lose faith in yourself and in people forever.

Blood loss - to health problems. The dream interpretation reports that problems with genital organs can begin. If you do not take action in time, you will forever lose the opportunity to have children.

Blood: Freud's interpreter - interpretation of the image for women

The psychoanalyst argues that the blood in a dream - to break the relationship. Freud advises to listen more to his second half and be more compliant to avoid it.

But the bloody stains on clothes - to treason. Perhaps your husband is missing something in the intimate life, but he does not want to talk about it in order not to offend you. The interpreter recommends first to start talking about it in order to avoid betrayal on his part. Free girls who saw blood on their clothes will soon meet their soul mate.