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Line of luck on the hand: photo with decoding


If a person has a luck line on his arm, this is a very auspicious sign. The luck will accompany such lucky in all his affairs and undertakings. Let's talk about how to decipher this line in the palm of your hand correctly.

Line of happiness in the palm - sunny sign

There are several lines that, from the point of view of palmistry, promise a person great luck and luck in everything. The most common of them - the line of the Sun, which runs through the palm vertically: from the ring finger to the wrist.

Features of this mark:

  • It is called the line of the Sun, but in different cultures the name may change. Palmists called it a feature of Apollo, a line of talent or success, happiness or good luck.
  • Pronounced and clear is quite rare, but even if there is a weak line of the Sun on your palm, you are lucky. Even a hint of the "sun sign" says that in many ways a person will be lucky
  • The longer the line, the deeper it is, and the more pronounced, the less effort will be required to achieve its goals. If it is not there at all, it is better to rely only on your own actions and efforts.

The rarest case is when the line of the sun, connecting with other dashes, forms a star. This means that a person is not only lucky, but also endowed with a multitude of talents, realizing which, will find happiness.

When the line of Destiny indicates success

To understand how lucky a person is, you can also explore his line of fate or Saturn’s trait. It runs from the middle of the wrist to the gap between the index and middle finger.

How to decipher:

  • If the line reaches the index finger, it means that the person is very lucky in everything connected with money. He easily achieves material well-being and easily solves financial problems.
  • If at the end the line forks, the person has every chance to occupy a high position in society. This is a great manager, manager. He is able to lead people behind him and create some useful business.
  • The line of Saturn does not directly indicate great luck. But she says that a person, if he sets the right goals, can achieve them easily and painlessly.

Examine this photo with the decoding of all the palm lines, and then try to determine for yourself what the forecast is:

Also, palmists separately consider the feature of Mercury as the main one, which allows characterizing the health and success of a person. If it is double, nothing to worry about. A person has not only strong immunity, but also all the chances to become successful in all spheres of life. Such a sign is on the palms of the real lucky ones.

Other signs of success on the palms

Some palmists believe that recognizing the hand of a truly successful person is difficult at first sight. It is necessary to analyze all the lines in general in order to understand how successful he is in life.

Signs that can talk about success:

  • If the lifeline branches upwards, this is a favorable sign. In the life of a person, there are always some circumstances that make him literally catch his luck by the tail.
  • If the mind line goes towards the index finger, it means that success awaits a person primarily in his personal life. He easily meets his love, is able to build a happy and harmonious relationship. This sign also indicates a high level of vital energy.

It is also worth paying attention to the small lines crossing the main lines. They can tell about the obstacles waiting on the path of life:

  • If there are small lines on the lucky line that form peculiar islets, it means that at the appropriate stage of life, a person will drop his hands. He can become depressed, lose the desire to live and achieve success.
  • Lattices say that at a certain stage of life a person will come a protracted black stripe. Problems and troubles will come down in one continuous flow, and it will be difficult to resist them. We'll have to gather all the strength and cope on our own, because there’s no way to wait
  • The cross is another unfavorable sign. He points out that in the environment of a person there are personalities that hinder his success and development, do not allow him to move forward. These are real energetic vampires that draw vitality. They need to get rid of, changing the environment to more positive
  • Moles on the palms talk about karmic debts. Until a person fully lives and fulfills them, there is no need to talk about success. It is important to understand its purpose and mission

Positive marks may look like this:

  • Squares say that a person is very rational, soberly looks at life. He has a well-developed sense of proportion, so he will never commit spontaneous actions that can adversely affect his life.
  • Round or oval lines indicate the presence of talent to be developed. It is in the creative field that success can be achieved. If you do not realize the innate gift, luck will leave
  • The triangle says that a person has a very strong guardian angel who sends powerful patrons into his life. Help fate will always come from the outside, from other strong people
  • The star indicates that a person has every chance to get rich without much effort. He will easily find a job he likes that will bring good money and give opportunities for further development.

If there is no luck line on your hand, it does not mean that you should not hope for the help of Destiny. Just to achieve the goals will have to try a little more than others.