Dream interpretation

Dreamed the sea - decoding sleep for various dream books


What is the dream of the sea? Dream interpretation will help us find the right answer to this question.

It symbolizes infinity and greatness. In most cases, such visions are explained positively. The final result will depend on the details of the dream. How calm was the reservoir, the state of purity of the water in it and its size. Emotions during sleep will also matter.

Interpretation of various dream books

Dream astromeridian

  • The sea is a symbol of infinite being.
  • Stormy Sea - talks about the need to learn to understand the origins and causes of their difficulties.
  • Just look at it - to news from distant relatives.
  • To stand on the shore and watch the surf - all adversities will pass by themselves without your participation.
  • Calm water promises mental languor, the blues.
  • The boundless sea is a sign of great opportunities in front of you. You can choose any business that you like.
  • Raging and huge - the dreamer predicts life difficulties. Overcoming them, you will achieve success in life.
  • Seeing the waves is a confirmation of your worries.
  • If at the same time the water was clean - your plans will come true. Dirty water speaks of bad foreboding. Maybe it is a quarrel with someone.
  • Seeing its purity from afar - the dreamer seeks to escape from the hustle and worries in reality. He wants peace without emotion.

Psychologist A. Meneghetti

A dream with such a scenario symbolizes limitless perspectives.

Children's dream book (only for children)

Calm sea - to prosperity, stormy - to a variety of events, good and negative.

Female dream book (for women only)

Sliding over its surface with the beloved promises the realization of the cherished desire.

Gypsy dream book

Seeing him quiet - to well-being, raging - failures in business, sadness and loss.

The interpretation of the witch Medea

The blue calm sea dreams to complete pacification, stormy - you will create problems with your actions.

Family Dream

Admire the quiet sea on the shore foreshadows a quiet life, to see raging - to trouble in seed life and in professional activities.

Erotic dream book

  • Calm on it promises excellent relations with a loved one.
  • Big waves foreshadow temporary separation. The reason for this is jealousy.

Explanation of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Stroll along its shore - to news from afar.

Opinion psychologist Z. Freud

  • Seeing him from afar - the dreamer now finds sex inaccessible to himself. He considers this a consequence of dissatisfaction with his appearance.
  • If the sea was calm at the same time - you need to rest.
  • Seeing a bathing person in him promises a solution to an important problem.
  • Bathing yourself is a sign of your great well-being.
  • Attempting to enter the seething sea foreshadows a passionate intimate night.

Ukrainian dream book

Pure calm sea dreams of wealth and health.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Float on it foreshadows life changes, the road. Talking about the possibility of becoming a rich man.
  • The troubled sea dreams to loss. Fall into it - to danger.

Small Veles dream

  • A quiet calm sea is a sign of successful business, fun and profit in the business sphere.
  • Big waves foreshadow failures and problems.

Spring dream book

Such a plot dreams of divorce in family life.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

To see him calm and beautiful - to the execution of ideas, satisfaction.

French dream book

  • Slightly undulating sea promises to overcome obstacles.
  • Too calm or stormy sea foreshadows the dreamer difficulties.
  • Fall into it - to good health or healing for a sick person.

Opinion psychologist G. Miller

Hear the sound of the sea surf - unfulfilled dreams and life in solitude.

Polish Dream Book V. Kopalinsky

The calm sea dreams to prosperity, stormy - to failure.

Persian dream book Khubayshi Tiflisi

Seeing the waves on it foreshadows the experience and painful state of mind.

Sensible dream book

Sea without boundaries promises a difficult problem. You will need the help of loved ones.

Autumn dream

Admire his beauty, standing on the beach - to search for a loved one.

Summer dream

The vision of a calm sea - to the beautiful weather.

Noble dream book N. Grishina

  • A quiet and serene sea in a dream foreshadows calm and joyful feelings.
  • Stormy Sea - to experiences.
  • Fall into it - to the accident.
  • Surf dream to a peaceful and carefree life.
  • Seeing with a lot of sea foam - to unfulfilled dreams.

Interpretations from other sources

  1. The stormy sea in a dream for girls foreshadows a tiff with a loved one.
  2. For guys, this dream promises a sexy splash. The reason for this is prolonged abstinence.
  3. Complete calm on it - the lack of urgent and important matters. It was a period of gray everyday life.
  4. A stormy state promises unexpected trouble.
  5. Its dark color foreshadows quarrels in the family.
  6. Its blue color promises victories in the near future. Possible new profitable projects, revenue growth.
  7. His black and troubled state for business people is a precursor to the onset of an unfavorable period in business.
  8. Azure color and in clear weather - it promises a wedding to the girls in the near future. For students - the successful end of the semester.
  9. The water in it was covered with ice - to cool the relationship between people in love.
  10. The cold sea - foreshadows the loss of spiritual intimacy with the beloved, a complete rupture of relations is possible.
  11. Warm sea in a dream - a sign with a positive color. For business people it promises success at work, spouses - family happiness.
  12. To see him with dirty water - to quarrels and showdowns for the dreamer. There may be problems at work.
  13. With clean and clear water - to complete well-being in all activities, muddy - a warning that someone is not happy with the dreamer.
  14. At this time, even the waves have risen - expect trouble from your enemies. Nayavu be careful when communicating.
  15. Seeing him drying out - to the upcoming financial problems and troubles at work. Show calm and endurance. Do not panic. You can still get better.
  16. See it at night. If your heart was calm - to the successful completion of important matters.
  17. If this vision caused you anxiety and fear of something, then small family problems and troubles at work are possible.
  18. To see the tide on the seashore - to profit and financial stability.
  19. Low tide symbolizes unexpected cash spending.
  20. A girl to see a beautiful sunset on it foreshadows a marriage proposal from an unfamiliar guy.

Rest on its shore

  1. Such a vacation is a desire for freedom from all duties. Forget all thoughts of work.
  2. Spending time on the beach is due to the harmony of the dreamer with the environment.