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Feng Shui wealth zone in the apartment: design rules


Feng shui wealth zone in the apartment is located in the south-east side. If you activate and equip this sector according to all the rules, you can easily receive and give money, increase your income and solve financial problems.


According to the rules of Feng Shui, the wealth zone should be equipped in the southeast of the apartment. Use the compass to determine which room corresponds to the money sector.

According to Eastern philosophy, monetary energy can be activated by the proper organization of space. To do this, you need to know in what color scheme the interior is made, what kind of money charms enhance the energy of wealth. By following simple rules, you can easily set up a financial sector that allows you to solve material difficulties.


Before you can equip the space in the room, the wealth zone needs to be prepared, cleaned of negative energy in order to allow the positive to freely circulate around the room.

What do we have to do:

  1. Get rid of excess rubbish and things that have not been used for a long time. It is believed that all this contributes to the accumulation of negative energy, establishing financial blocks. Therefore, put in the trash items that are stored in cabinets for years.
  2. Do general cleaning. In the room should not be a speck of dust. Look at all hard-to-reach places, free space from dirt, debris and dust. Air the room to let in fresh air.
  3. In the end, a cleansing of the room on a subtle plane is required. To do this, go through it with a wax candle, light incense. The most "monetary" flavor is patchouli essential oil. Cleaning can be done with prayers or mantras - their sounds increase positive energy vibrations.

And only after you clear the space, you can begin to arrange it.

What should not be in the zone of wealth

For each item in the apartment for Feng Shui is assigned its own place. It is very important not to store the following things in the wealth sector:

  1. Antiques. Antique objects used by several generations of people are the accumulation of their energy. You may not know how supportive she was. Therefore, it is better not to put antiques in the wealth sector. Suddenly he used to belong to a poor man?
  2. Bin. This is a cluster of negative energy that will “slow down” the appearance of money in your life. The trash can, like a black hole, will “suck” in itself the positive energy of space, leaving you no chance to get rich.
  3. All broken and spoiled items. They are generally undesirable to keep in the house. Either repair or discard. Get rid of the habit of keeping different stuff for a rainy day.
  4. Herbariums, ikebans, wilted flowers and cacti have dead energy, which will not allow to activate the wealth zone in the house. They can not be kept in the apartment, so as not to incur financial problems.
  5. Fridge. If there is a kitchen in the wealth sector according to the room plan, try to move the refrigerator to another place. His energy will freeze your financial capabilities.
  6. Fireplace - a symbol of fiery energy, which can positively affect your life, but not in the zone of wealth. Fireplace is more suitable for the sector of love or career.

If you do not have the opportunity to get rid of all of the above, you should at least neutralize the negative energy of objects with the help of oriental talismans, which symbolize the water element. These are decorative fountains, pictures with sea landscapes, an aquarium with live fish.


To start the zone of wealth "work", it must be activated. It is important to consider everything: the color scheme of the interior, the location of the furniture and the decor.

The recommendations are as follows:

  1. The money sector should always be well lit. Fine, if the windows overlook the sunny side. Otherwise, you need to take care of the acquisition of bright lights. Change burnt bulbs in time.
  2. If there are mirrors in the room, they should not reflect the front door. Reflection will send the energy back, not allowing it to circulate freely.
  3. If there is a bathroom or toilet in the wealth sector, this is an unfavorable sign in terms of feng shui. Money in such a family will flow into the toilet, without lingering for a long time. To neutralize the negative, hang crystals, bells or winds over the bathroom door.
  4. A bedroom in the money zone is an excellent option. In this case, the wealth sector is activated automatically. Also not bad if the money zone falls on the living room.
  5. The color scheme of the room should be arranged in green, purple, blue or gold tones. It is believed that they attract money to the house, help to find new sources of income.

How to strengthen the elements

The zone of wealth is dominated by two elements - Water and Tree. To activate the money sector, you need to decorate the space with appropriate symbols.


  1. To activate the energy of the Tree, place flower pots in the room with live plants. The ideal option is a money tree. If you do not like to care for flowers, you can replace them with paintings with flower arrangements or still lifes.
  2. To activate the energy of the Water room fountains and aquariums with live fish are perfect. These items must be kept in perfect purity.
  3. As a last resort, simply place a glass container filled with clean water in the wealth sector. Regularly change the water so that it does not stagnate and does not clog up from room dust.

You can complement the interior with various oriental talismans with Chinese coins, paintings depicting elements of the Water element (waterfalls, seas, rivers and oceans).