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Calculation of numbers Feng Shui by date of birth: the definition of his element


Eastern philosophy feng shui by date of birth allows you to define the element that dominates the life of a person. Knowing your prevailing energy will help you live more harmoniously, understand yourself and find happiness.

Calculate the number of Gua

Each person, according to Chinese numerology, has his own personal number of Gua. If you know him, you will be able to determine the most favorable directions for development, find your vocation and place in life.

What affects the number of guas in a person's horoscope:

  • Helps to find inner balance and come into a state of harmony and abundance;
  • Know your inner world and learn the laws of the universe;
  • Identify the most favorable directions for spiritual development and improvement;
  • To bring in the balance all life spheres, to secure success, luck and support of the Higher forces;
  • To find peace and quiet in the family, to establish relationships with others, learn to love and accept people as they are.

The algorithm for calculating the elements by date of birth is as follows:

  1. Write out your birth year. Chinese chronology is different from the traditional. Therefore, if you were born after February 20th, subtract one from the year.
  2. The last two digits add up to get one value. For example, if your birth year is 1993: 9 + 3 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3.
  3. Women add five to the resulting value, and men subtract it from ten. In our example, the female figure will be equal to 8, and the male - 7.
  4. If you count the number of Gua for a child who was born in the 21st century, then you need to add 6, and subtract from 9, respectively, for girls and boys.

The resulting value is your personal gua number. Talk about how to decrypt and use it.

Deciphering the number of gua

Depending on the resulting value, one powerful resource will dominate in your life:

  1. The odd numbers 1, 3, 5 and 9 are the eastern group. Such people live well, they are very lucky, always under the protection and patronage of the Higher Forces.
  2. Even numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8 are harmonious personalities for whom it is especially important to devote time to spiritual development and self-improvement.

There are four directions for the positive application of the Gua number. It:

  1. Shen-Qi - allows you to build a successful career, achieve success in work and achieve financial well-being. This is all that is associated with action, wealth, achievement of goals.
  2. Yan-Nan - the sphere of love relationships. It helps to build a harmonious happy family, to live in harmony and peace for many years without conflicts and quarrels.
  3. Chien-I - health sector. It enhances attractiveness, protects against diseases and gives longevity.
  4. Fu-Wei - develops intellectual and creative abilities, reveals the mental potential of the individual, gives luck and luck in all spheres of human life.

Feng Shui is a philosophy in which balance is very important. Therefore, there are negative directions that mirror the positive ones. There are four of them:

  1. Ho Hai is a sector of negative emotions. Acting in this direction, a person will get a lot of trouble, enter into the black strip of his life, full of disappointments and failures.
  2. W-Wei - negatively affects the social life of a person. Worsens the relationship with loved ones, provokes the emergence of fears, phobias and blocks in the subtle body.
  3. Jie-Ming - negatively affects the financial sphere of human life. Attracts failure, poverty, need, leads to bankruptcy and bankruptcy.

How not to get in an adverse zone? To do this, you need to know where it is located in your home. And then neutralize with the help of Chinese talismans, which destroy the negative energy and activate the positive. 1, 2, 3 and 4 sectors correspond to the north, east, west and south, respectively. Keep this in mind when arranging your home.

Watch a video on how the date of birth affects the fate of a person:

Element definition

The element of man determines his character and temperament. To find out which energy is prevalent in you, study this table:


  • 0 is the number of "metal" people with Yang energy. They are very resolute, persistent, endowed with colossal willpower and fair. But they can be unnecessarily stubborn and demanding, which complicates relationships with others. Intellectuals;
  • 1 - metal, Yin. Estets, the main thing for them is beauty and harmony of the surrounding world. They strive to improve, improve and decorate everything around. But they can be too arrogant, criticize people and consider themselves better than others;
  • 2 - water, Yang. Very active, lively people, inquisitive and curious. They are interested in absolutely everything, incorrigible optimists and livelihoods. Sometimes they can be infantile and live in a world of pink clouds, without seeing the true reality;
  • 3 - water, Yin. Refined and noble natures. They strive to be a part of "high society", to occupy a high social status. Prone to depression, badly tolerate stress;
  • 4 - tree, Yang. Very principled natures, stubborn and uncompromising. They live according to their own clearly defined rules, do not tolerate laxity and will never do anything like that;
  • 5 - tree, Yin. Very tolerant of others, any negative act of a loved one will be justified and explained, kind and compassionate. At the same time, they are very demanding of themselves, they strive to correspond to a fictitious ideal;
  • 6 - fire, Jan. Very energetic and active. They strive to try everything in life, often change jobs, place of residence, hobbies and friends. Fall in love often and also often disappointed;
  • 7 - fire, Yin. Careful and vulnerable people, very sensitive to negative, often offended. They do not know how to rest and relax, so they can live in a state of constant tension;
  • 8 - land, Yang. Conservatives adhere to strict moral principles. Very loyal and faithful friends will never leave a loved one in distress;
  • 9 - land, Yin. Soft, flexible, pliable person. Honor parents and family above all else. They love to be in privacy, do not tolerate noisy companies.

Knowing your element, you can understand how to live the energy embedded in you, harmoniously and correctly.