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Guessing a loved one: online and free


Guessing at the tarot on a loved one will help to understand what to expect from a relationship with him, to understand the feelings of the elect and his plans for the future. With simple layouts, you can lift the veil of the future and become a little happier in love.

Before online fortune-telling on a loved one, you need at least a couple of minutes to forget about current concerns, sit down in silence and think about it. Try to mentally imagine a loved one. When you are ready - draw 5 tarot cards.

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Re-divination is better to do in 5-10 minutes.

Tips and tricks

If you are going with the help of Tarot to find out what is in your heart from a loved one, consider the following recommendations:

  • It is not necessary to be a professional fortune teller and study the values ​​of Tarot in detail. You can guess yourself, but use the decoding and interpretation of card suits.
  • Correctly formulate a question before fortune-telling: it must be clear, specific, unambiguous. Avoid spatial and ambiguous formulations.
  • Abstract from extraneous thoughts, concentrate only on fortune telling. It is advisable not to worry, not to worry, to be in a calm and relaxed state. Meditation can help bring the mind to rest.
  • In one day, make only one alignment. You should not guess several times in a row - there is a risk of receiving incorrect information from the cards.

By following these rules, you will receive the most accurate and true prediction.

Tarot balance on a loved one

Start your first fortune telling on your tarot cards with a simple traditional layout. It involves ten cards. Lay them out on the table in this order:

  • The first four cards are in the top row.
  • The second four cards are in the bottom row.
  • The last two cards are in the center, between the rows.

Before shuffling and alignment, relax and mentally imagine the image of the chosen one. Then proceed to the interpretation:

  • 1 - the map in the first position will tell you what the lover thinks about you. Are you in his thoughts, imagination
  • 2 - what the elect feels towards you. Does he have love or sympathy, or perhaps he has only friendly feelings
  • 3 - the question, whose solution worries a loved one at the moment most. He can relate to both your relationship and any other affairs.
  • 4 - causes of excitement chosen. What influences his emotional state now
  • 5 - that in your relationship is sick to him. What are the critical moments can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings
  • 6 - Does he see you in his future? What are your plans - just to meet, marry or leave soon
  • 7 - position of receiving or giving: what is your chosen one? Also, this card will help to find out who the couple loves a partner more.
  • 8 - secrets and "skeletons in the closet" chosen one, which you did not even know. The dark side of his personality
  • 9 - what actions he will do in the near future with respect to you
  • 10 - the fate of your future relationship

Take a close look at the tarot - this alignment on your loved one gives the most complete and accurate picture of your relationship.

Alignment on 5 cards

The five in the tarot system is considered a symbol of love. This magic number, so it is often used in divination, especially in the layouts on the relationship. Just shuffle the deck and then randomly draw five cards. Spread them in a row.

Explanation of the layout:

  • The first map is a lasso, indicating the current state of affairs in your relationship with a partner
  • The second card is what your partner feels for you, how sincere are his feelings, are they anyway?
  • The third card - what's on the mind of the chosen one. These are all his thoughts, aspirations, desires, intentions
  • The fourth card will predict the near future. These are the events that will occur within a few days after the fortune-telling. They may concern your personal life as well as other events.
  • The fifth card - what will lead your relationship, their outcome. Is the separation coming or will the wedding end

Important: for this method of divination, use only the senior arcana classic Tarot deck. Pay attention to the fact that a card that has been turned upside down takes on a negative meaning.

Watch a video on how to tell fortunes and find out what is in the heart of a loved one:

If you are in a fight

Use this method if you have a quarrel and a quarrel with a young man. Maps will help to know how the conflict will end and what to expect in the near future from the relationship with the chosen one.

You need to get eight cards from the deck and put them on the table in the shape of a heart. The numbering of the arcana starts from the upper left corner and continues clockwise.

The interpretation of the layout:

  • The first card will indicate the cause of the conflict. Get ready for surprises - perhaps the one you suspect is to blame
  • The second card is a symbol of your feelings for the chosen one. The tarot will help you find out if your emotions are true, or if you have hidden some negative inside.
  • The third lasso is the feelings and emotions of the chosen one towards you. The map will help you to understand whether it has cooled after a quarrel, whether it is worth starting to put up, or if you need to wait a little longer.
  • The fourth card will tell you whether the beloved is ready to go to reconciliation, or he has other plans for you so far. Maybe he wants to break up
  • Fifth map - interference for your relationship, which must be eliminated. They may also be indirect causes of the current conflict.
  • The sixth card will indicate possible ways of reconciliation with your beloved
  • The Seventh and Eighth Arcana will predict the distant future. What to expect if you manage to keep the relationship

This alignment can be done on ordinary playing cards. But provided that you understand their meaning. But the prediction will be clearer and clearer.

The value of tarot cards can be very multi-valued. You will never get a clear concrete answer, so you will have to interpret the alignment, relying on the feelings of your own soul. Which of the characteristics of the card is most responsive in your heart, that one should be chosen.