Dream interpretation

Treatment of sleep with the queen of beasts in the main role


Understand you dreamed a female or male cheetah, leopard, tiger is difficult - the animals are very similar. With a lioness, everything is clearer, because she does not wear manes. But why exactly this inhabitant of savanna dreams? Dream interpretation will tell!

General interpretation of such an "African" dream

  • A lioness in a man’s dream appears to meet a lady, who may soon become the wife of his dream - the faithful keeper of the hearth and sensual mistress.
  • If the dreamer is a woman, the dream says: a passionate man will soon appear near you, a romance with which you will be considered the best in your life.
  • In the dream, did you see the royal family — the lioness and the lion? This means that you will be able to reach the golden mean by working successfully, and at the same time finding enough time to communicate with your family (or loved one / loved one).
  • If the dreamer stroked this animal, the dream warns of a dangerous rival. If she stroked the mothers who are feeding near the mother, the dream promises a "powerful world" that will help this woman.

How did she look?

  • Why dream of a white lioness? To a big victory, especially in the business field.
  • If it was black, the interpretation of the dream becomes just the opposite: prepare to bypass the “rakes” with which fate has paved the way to your goal.

What did the lioness do?

  • Hunted. As a rule, in the wild, lionesses attack the victim together. If you saw just such a dream, he promises success in business. If the animal was chasing the game alone, the dream warns you that you may have problems at work and in your personal life.
  • Sat in a cage. According to the dream book, the lioness in the "conclusion" is a sign that you will have an influential sponsor or patron.
  • If this cage stood in the middle of a zoo or a square, and everyone came to look at the beast, a dream warns: you may have to endure humiliation.
  • Two lioness fought? The dream says: your foe is working to make your family go bankrupt.
  • She attacked your child (children) and you protected them? Your enemies will be "on top" only if you temporarily loosen your grip or lose vigilance.
  • The lioness fed her little ones: you will be helped by a strong person (or someone older than you).

Was the animal with a cub?

  • Seeing a lioness with babies is a good sign. Dream promises that you will gush forth ideas, and they will all be excellent. However, this dream has another interpretation: do not try to put together a career (or get other “goodies” from life) on deception - you yourself will become a victim of such a scam.
  • If the "guys" sucked the mother's milk, it is to wealth.
  • If the dreamer is a young girl, the dream says: you will soon have a young guy in love with you (or maybe not just one).
  • Did the lions frolic near the mother, biting each other? You will soon have a patron.
  • The animals were white? This is to prosperity, wealth.

And how do they interpret the appearance of this animal copyrighted books?

Most often, popular dream books interpret the appearance of a lion in dreams. But what if it was a female? There are authors who have carefully studied this particular problem and are ready to share their opinions.

Dream Miller

  1. Most often, both the lioness and her "crowned spouse" dream of significant changes in life. The interpreter is sure: if a lion is a symbol of strength and victory, his female is a sign of family, love, relationships.
  2. The animal attacked you, and you are very upset in a dream? You will achieve success where you do not even plan.
  3. Before you pounce on you, did the animal make a terrible roar? The path to success life laid out such "rakes" that you can hardly get around. This dream warns: do not necessarily rush to power, choose another goal.
  4. Did she bite you? You may have an influential enemy who will "spoil" a lot of your blood.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

  1. Of course, Dr. Sigmund begins to interpret with the sex of the dreamer and this animal. If a man dreams of "love" with a lioness, it means that he is a hidden masochist. If an identical dream sees a woman, this is a warning: she will have to “wrestle” with a rival.
  2. If the dreamer dreamed of a lioness with a lion cub, this is a sign of future motherhood. All ardent feelings "saved" on a failed love can be spent on the child.
  3. If the dreamer is a man, the dream says: it is quite possible that you will have new sexual tastes.

Dreaming nostradamus

  1. Was she with one calf? The dream says: you don’t need to “pull” on yourself all the things with one armful - solve them in turn.
  2. There were a lot near the mother? You will come up with good ideas. Embody them in life without doubting.
  3. Did the animal feed them with its milk? Sleep promises a quick increase in the material state of your family.